Lang contract re-upped as Sandusky police chief search drags on

While an ongoing search for a new top cop progresses, Sandusky officials extended police Chief Jim Lang's contract.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 17, 2013


The move effectively represents a stopgap measure, extending Lang's contract 45-days from its expiration date on Jan. 11.

The pay rate, at about $40.87 per hour, is identical to what Lang obtained in his original two-year contract inked in January 2011.

The renewal agreement ends in late February, coinciding when city officials expect to hire a new full-time police chief.

Click the PDF below for a copy of the contract extension.


Editor's Note: Due to a late press change involving Wednesday night's shooting, this story will appear in Friday's Register. Please pick it up for an update on the police search committee and more on this story.


Just Thinkin

Why not keep him? just a question not looking for arguemnts


There is absolutely no excuse for anymore delays in obtaining a Police Chief. The delay in appointment has now been extended until March. Everytime you think the city is close, the group extends it another month and another month. I think a lot of politics is being played in with the selection. No one can make a decision. A whole year in the making and still no Chief. A lot of things do not add up and they don't make any sense.


Remove the Interim from the contract. You have the team in place that will move this department forward.


Is that why all the rumors about merging Perkins and Sandusky into ONE Community police Department from the Lake to south of Bogart Rd? IT twould be one Police department for North Central ERIE county, not just the city of Sandusky, or the Township of Perkins, and to boot the Sandusky Police Department can move into that nice new Township Building in Perkins!


I first heard that "rumor" in 1973.


Jim Lang is a proven asset for the Sandusky Police Department. It bothers me considerably when one commissioner in particular degrades Jim during a public meeting by announcing how this commissioner cannot wait for a fulltime chief to be named. Yet this same commissioner is directly involved in the haphazard manner of naming the replacement. Jim has stepped up and handled some very awkward happenings within the organization, and quite frankly has set the ship sailing in a positive direction. His leadership will be missed, in my opinion. Thank you Jim for your dedicated service.


I agree. I've know Jim Lang for many-many years and he has always been a class act. Always above the fray.


No need to make this a blind item. Name the Commissioner!!!




It's government. Lets kick the can down the road.


Just where IS the committee on this police chief matter ????? It seems to be one thing after another with them. I defended this group time after time, but I, too, am getting rather impatient with this process.

If there are, as some have suggested, politics being played here, then it needs to come out in the open for all to see. Hasn't the SR stated again and again the TRANSPARENCY they want for the "community"?

So who are the people in this so called political game if it is going on? And who is this "commissioner" that states they cannot wait for the new chief to be named and yet remains nameless? Come now, we are all adults here.

I was at the meeting when the feathers hit the duck about he committee not being what it should be and do not recall ANY member of that commission making untoward comments about Lang.

There are people who thank him for his interim work, but that is all he was hired to do....interim work. It was never meant to drag on THIS long. Many people cannot "wait until the new chief" is announced, but it has nothing to do directly with Chief Lang.

Many are waiting to see if this commission can even FINISH ONE program they start. Right now, even I am beginning to wonder.

Swamp Fox

Sandusky's problems with police chief selection, city manager issues, the best argument for a strong mayor council form of goverment. Strong mayor must face the voters every four years and display strong leadership skills, along with day to day management. Council, not micromanaging and working on specific issues facing their wards. Example, civil service test of police chief candidates, mayor chooses from top three candidates, personalities, politics reduced from selection.


I wouldn't mind seeing that if the commissioners that were elected were ASSIGNED a particular part of the city with which to deal. IE: finance, parks and recreation, streets and lighting, etc.

Leadership skills need to extend farther down the food chain than just the Mayor. Without the commissioners or council being equally good at THEIR jobs, nothing gets accomplished.

I disagree with your analogy however of allowing the Mayor to chose all of the lead positions within the city such as the chief of police. Perhaps the Mayor can do the interviews and review the test scores WITH The commissioner (s) assigned to Police and Fire, and then present the final three to a commission meeting for a vote (which is discussed in executive session only...not the vote part). Then they could have no problem. Same with the fire chief, engineer, etc. BUT......

That should be a joint effort between the council and the Mayor.

Without a cooperation between the Mayor and the commission you will end up with exactly what we have now in Washington: ineffectiveness. snipping and absolutely NOTHING getting done. We have too much of that everywhere as it is.

T. A. Schwanger


I may have previously addressed your mentioned issues so I apologize for redundancies.

Each Commissioner is apponted by the Ex-Officio Mayor to be liaisons to City boards and commissions. At one time, each liaison Commissioner gave a report on there liaison activities during the City Commission meeting. No longer does this happen.

I have commented in the past regarding the protection of the City Charter. Under the Charter, the City Manager APPOINTS the Police Chief. Now, if you would like to change the Charter there are ways to do it and I will help assist you. One step further, I would suggest you contact your favorite Commissioners and solicit them to appoint a Chrater Review Commission this year to go over the entire Charter.