Year in review: Ard fails to meet goals

A year ago, Sandusky commissioners assured residents they found a new leader, experienced and ready for the top spot.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 6, 2013

"I'm going to give it my all," city manager Nicole Ard said upon being hired in October 2011. Ard was in her city office at the start of January after numerous delays negotiating a contract with the city that pays her about $126,000 a year.

Fast forward to January 2013, and Sandusky's most pressing problems from 15 months ago remain just as pressing.

In fact, Ard's achieved arguably little-to-no progress helping advance Sandusky as a premier destination for both residential living and for tourists.

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• An analysis of Ard's performance based on goals set for her to complete in 2012.
• A timeline outlining the city's shortcomings in 2012.
• A Q & A with past city commissioners.

Click below for a copy of Ard's contract with the city of Sandusky.


J. Hartman

I did give them the suggestion 2 1/2 years ago. Where do you think their 5 things to do this weekend articles came from?

BW1's picture

It's called the marketplace. Producers offer what the customers demand. People are more interested in reading about scandal and controversy.

In any event, we don't need the media to tell us when a politician does something good - the politician will do it for them.



Are you basing your impressions of Sandusky on the city only or the surrounding community? If it's only Sandusky you might want to take off your rose colored glasses.

Seven murders in 2012. The acknowledgement of gangs by our police department. Over 75% of the home are rentals. Over 85% of the children on free or reduced breakfasts and lunches. A mass exit from the Sandusky School system. A majority of county entitlement is distributed within the city limits.

Where would you like to start? Based on your comments, "Hug a Thug". I got an idea. How about people taking personal responsibility for themselves. It's a old concept that still has merit in the surrounding area of the county.

Pastor Ron

Who negotiated for the city of Sandusky? When the job was posted the range was from 85 - 127K. So they gave Ms. Ard 50% more than the minimum? Why pay top dollar for a person who never held the position that they are apply to? If she didn't want the job at the low end it should have been offered to one of the other people who applied. To add insult to injury......6 months into the job she was elgible for a 5% pay raise (Over 6K)! The people of Sandusky deserve to know who is responsible for this travesty!


It's called T-H-E C-I-T-Y C-O-M-M-I-S-S-I-O-N.


She has failed us - Like the Browns --it is time for a new search. Sandusky is duped again..


AND take the commissioners who were responsible for her hiring right along with her since they put her there. That seems only fair.


Yep, Sandusky is duped again.

It's like we wear a sign that says Kick Me.


I would like to add that if the commission was run right to begin with, none of this would be happening at all and the Managers job wouldn't be such a nightmare.

The City Commissioners run around like chickens with their heads cut off duplicating jobs and letting other things alone because there are no special assignments to any one thing. If that were to stop, things MIGHT get done.

If each commissioner were given a specific task to do, then you might see some improvements happening.

Most smaller cities work that way, but not here....its every man for himself and that is why nothing gets done around here. What a shame.


I personally got a kick out of the hard copy article version where Brady donated the proceeds from holding the City hostage for the Cedar Point Causeway sign. I wonder if he realized his conflict of interest and the trouble he could face when a blog commentor brought it to light in another online article.


You lost me on that one, enlighten us please?


June 2012:::City pays Brady for 'stolen' sign concept


Wed, 06/20/2012 - 11:17am

How can Dick Brady be a member of the City Commission and less than a year later extort $7,000.00 from the city for violating the Ethics Commission regulations? ? This proposal was made while he was a City Commissioner. Erie County can not afford such back door closed smoke filled room deals with $130,000,000.00 of debt. Remember this incident when you go to the polls in November. The Good ol' Boys need to go!!.


I was going to say that mama - I thought that Brady was right with his argument. And that is over and done with anyway - why continue to argue about the past when there is so much to do for the future.


You know, its time to move forward. Every time someone looks back, they lose seconds. That turns into minutes and eventually you lose hours. What good does it do?

You cannot continue to live in a past when you are trying to work in the present to make things better for a future. It just doesn't work. But you have to be organized and fundemental in your work. If not, you have a huge problem. That is what you need to do with the commission. Its so simple, and they are making it far too hard. If everyone is jumping around and no one has their eye on the ball, or on one thing in particular, nothing gets done. In other words....each commissioner takes a portion of something to do within the city and works on just that.

It works very well. Things get done and everything moves forward. It isn't hard to figure out.

T. A. Schwanger


Sounds like what you are explaining and supporting is a Ward System form of City Commission government. There may be an effort in the makings to change the Charter to this form. Perhaps you would be interested in joining this effort if it moves forward.

And remember:::Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.


I heard the same rumor about the Mayor Ward possibly coming back up again.