Sandusky police chief candidates narrowed to 7

Sandusky officials have once again selected several people they deem worthy to serve as the next police chief.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 5, 2012

The city's five-member police chief committee — comprised of city commissioner Pervis Brown and four volunteers — at a meeting Tuesday chose seven candidates as finalists for the soon-to-be vacant chief's position.

Officials settled on the seven from a list of about 30 candidates who submitted applications in the past few weeks.

This is the second time the committee conducted the search this year.

For more on this story and a Q & A on what went wrong the first time around, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.

The seven people vying to become Sandusky's next police chief (to see the candidates redacted resumes, look below):

                                (Most recent position)
Mark Anthony           Portsmouth (Virginia) police lieutenant
Terence Calloway    Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, Tenn.) police chief
Bryan Jarrell            Southfield (Michigan) deputy police chief in the investigations division
Brian Miller               Hammond (Indiana) police chief
John Orzech            Sandusky assistant police chief
Craig Stone             Columbus (Ohio) police lieutenant
Robert Ware            Portsmouth (Ohio) interim police chief


T. A. Schwanger

Please allow me to point out the order in-which the names appear on the list are not the order in-which they are ranked in education, experience, etc.




Based soley on the resumes my vote would be for Miller. Give him a 3 year contract and let him do his job. The Commissioners need to understand that change is hard and when some officer comes behind the chief's back (which they certainly will) to consider the situation and source. The first reaction should not be to assume there is a problem.


I think Jarrell and Calloway are more qualified than he is but Miller isn't too bad. He is just as educated but I like the experience the other two have to go with their educational backgrounds.


I would disagree about Calloway, all experience is not the same. Being in charge of a small University is not like being in charge of a city. Unfortunately no matter who they pick, there will be undermining to avoid real change. The commissioners need to be educated on what to expect when someone comes in and revamps a department, which is what SPD needs in my humble opinion. There should be clear expectaions and an action plan should be put into place.


OK, but his training and education is wonderful. You may be pleasantly surprised at what he could do with this city. Then go Jarrell, Miller and Calloway. That order.

The other two would be my top choices. Sorry, I would cut Orzech out completely as my choice for top job. I just do not think he is ready at all.

I agree with what you say about real change. I feel sorry for Ms. Ard. She has been putting out fires just keeping her own job as well. (that's another story), so making this decision I feel she should consult with the commission as well and have them WITHOUT the commissioners input after the meet and greet and their input.

(Make them stay away from her completely and sit down with the committee to make a full decision. IMO, that would be totally fair when they get to the three. Keep the city commissioners away from her once they say who they like then put an end to their mouths flapping at her). SERIOUSLY.


Just so everyone knows once officers arrest criminals its up to the judges to put them away which never happens in erie county its a five dollar fine and out the door....therefore its out of orzech's control. Also an education doesn't always make you a good leader. With that being said i dont know who is the best option thats why its not up to me to decide


And if anyone doesn't think im right feel free to take a seat at the muni court and watch for yourself

G George I du kno

It is obvious after reviewing each of these applicants that Stone is the most qualified candidate on the list. This guy mananged an internal affairs unit at Columbus PD that had as many guys in the unit as Sandusky PD has on the department! With all the problems at SPD this guy could help get to the source of the problems there!!! Secondly, he has worked on accredidations and served on the board which Sandusky needs accredited! It saves money and tells the officer's exactly how things should be handled compared to their current chaos.

car 54

Who put Commissioner Brown in charge of the search? I can see round 3 coming around May.


There are some very good candidates this time. I am suprised that some of the canidates could not even write a letter and separate thoughts by using proper paragraphs.
However, my thought is to bring in an outside guy to eliminate the inside old school ways.
Good luck to all, again some very qualified people.


After they get a new chief they need to get a new city manager.

Just Asking

Curious as to whether Ms. Cole's candidate of choice (Matthews) was in the second group of thirty?

Or were either of the PPD officer's (Hilton and Hastings I think) that she claimed were unfairly excluded considered?

T. A. Schwanger

Please allow me to point out the order in-which the names appear on the list are not the order in-which they are ranked in education, experience, etc.


As much as I like Orzach on a personal level, I also do not think he is ready for role of Chief. He's a great, stand up guy and an excellent detective, but would benefit from soem more years of experience and education.

My personal choices would be Stone or Miller. Ware seems ok, but Portsmouth OH has a LOT of crime, especially drug related (I live near this city). He has not done nearly enough to turn his city around.


It states Portsmouth, VA, Scientist. It shows that you are from Southern OH.