Sandusky police chief candidates narrowed to 7

Sandusky officials have once again selected several people they deem worthy to serve as the next police chief.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 5, 2012


The city's five-member police chief committee — comprised of city commissioner Pervis Brown and four volunteers — at a meeting Tuesday chose seven candidates as finalists for the soon-to-be vacant chief's position.

Officials settled on the seven from a list of about 30 candidates who submitted applications in the past few weeks.

This is the second time the committee conducted the search this year.

For more on this story and a Q & A on what went wrong the first time around, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.

The seven people vying to become Sandusky's next police chief (to see the candidates redacted resumes, look below):

                                (Most recent position)
Mark Anthony           Portsmouth (Virginia) police lieutenant
Terence Calloway    Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, Tenn.) police chief
Bryan Jarrell            Southfield (Michigan) deputy police chief in the investigations division
Brian Miller               Hammond (Indiana) police chief
John Orzech            Sandusky assistant police chief
Craig Stone             Columbus (Ohio) police lieutenant
Robert Ware            Portsmouth (Ohio) interim police chief



I used to live around Portsmouth Virginia, any officer tough enough to survive down there for 17 years is tough enough to lead the SPD. Porstmouth, VA makes Sandusky look like a cake walk.


Okay, the field's been narrowed to seven who are "deemed worthy." But are they qualified under the City Charter? Has the Commission Committee finally bothered to READ the rules under which they've been charged to perform? I would assume so, except making that kind of obvious assumption where most of our Commissioners are concerned does nothing but make an A$$-of-U-and-ME!


I agree with MrSandusky.i use to live down that way 17yrs down there and he still doing what hes doing gotta give um props being a chief n sandusky would be a peice of cake..

Woody Hayes

I did not see Dumpster Don, Juliebeth R, Rufus or the dog from 5th street on the finals list. Are they not worthy enough for this position?

Julie R.

Are you trying to pick a fight with me, Woody Hayes? If so, shame on you. (chuckle-chuckle)


why would anyone without at least a bachelor's degree be considered . to lead i believe you should have at least some degree of education . orzech doesn't even have his associates degree yet others have master degrees and bachelor's this should have been one of the qualifications.anyone can say they will get an education but few do... if he really wanted a degree why did he wait so long?


because the charter doesn't mention a degree so it isn't a consideration. When this is all said and done, the commissioners really need to consider re-writing the charter to this city and perhaps others to update them to the 21st century, don't you agree?


I believe, and I am sure I will be corrected if wrong, any change to the charter must be done by a vote of the city residents.


The selection of seven doesn't make any sense and no one knows why or the reasoning behind the seven that were selected. How did the group come to select these people? How does Lang get overlooked when he has been acting chief and already holds the job? What was the reasoning behind selecting Orzech over Lang? Maybe too many personal agendas? The fact remains how the committee rated the way they did.


I believe Lang applied and then they told him he was not eligible, I believe because of his "retirement status" and he withdrew his application. It was in the paper last night.

Only the committee knows how they selected the men they chose. I guess the committee is just going to have to put their entire list of how they picked in the paper because no one seems satisfied and people are still upset with the process.

It was my understanding that the committee had the right to make the choices based on their guidelines. So to give everyone answers they are just going to have to list what they did.

But remember, the commissioners gave the go ahead to this AGAIN so whatever this committee did, it was their right to chose, no one elses.

They were charged with the responsibility of picking these people and they know what to do now, as it was explained to them.

Why so concerned with how they came up with the seven names? They were given their instructions. Lang's comments were in the paper. Just read the story. As for Orzech, the was passed by the investigator as qualified, and I disagree with him but the investigator says he is so that is that.


Having read all the resumes above, the three most impressive people of the seven are Stone, Jarrell and Callaway. All have EXCELLENT training, educational skills and excellent backgrounds. They have what it takes to make a great chief. I think, in fact, they would straighten out a lot in this city within a short time

I mean absolutely no offense to Orzech, but he really hasn't been able to stop what has been going on here in town and he is right here. Lang has done little to nothing and crime is on the rise. Orzech is second in command already and little to nothing is being done, so what makes anyone think he would do any different in the top spot. I have little to no confidence that much would change if he were the chief. Sorry, but my confidence in the leadership down there is pretty much gone after seeing what is going on around here. We need some new blood as the leader.

The three men that seem to have good resources and education plus their backgrounds would bring and infusion into the department that would bring assets into this community that we desperately need.

Its time for a HUGE change and we need one. Stop giving so much credit where credit isn't due and start looking at what we need, not what we already have. Its time to step up to the plate and make a change that is necessary.

Two of these guys are experts on gang control and drugs. We need that. They also have done a great deal in finance for the police office without making waves on overspending....that should make the city commissioners sit up and yell great news, as well as people who complain about money and taxes. As for the rest, they have nice resumes, but not so much on education, like Orzech or not the experience. I wasn't as impressed.

My vote goes to Stone, Jarrell and Calloway. They seem like the most likely three to make good Chiefs of police.


Like Car54 I am confuse with one of the commentors;;;WiredMama222---her many earlier posts on this topic had her appointing Lt. John Orzech. What's the deal?


What I said was, go ahead, appoint Orzech if you want to keep him so badly as he was the only one who survived the carnage of the last search committee and want him to be chief, just go ahead and appoint him.

Why is it that the committee keeps putting him on the list with so little training? Because the investigator told the committee he qualified. The commissioners want to keep him as well. That is why I said just go ahead and appoint him, it appears that everyone else just wants him so badly (sarcastically she says this).

If you look back, that is exactly my point of my posts. They want him so bad...appoint him and get it over with. He wasn't removed from THIS list either. So if they want him so badly, why go through with this charade again?

I bet you even money he makes the THREE cut. Want to bet? If you want to look back, that is what I said.

So while they had the chance to do what they wanted, appoint the good man when they had the chance, they did not do so, they went back in and found others. We are back to square one and he is still on the list.

Someone missed the opportunity to just get it over with an appoint him.


That's what you call waffling


I am not waffling. I said from day one and will say this again. The police department needs an outside source as the chief of police. Orzech isn't ready. The committee IMO, should not have his name on the list. He just isn't ready to be a chief.

They need an outside man to take with education and experience to run that office. Someone not so close to the good ole boys and their beliefs. Ozech is. Someone who can straighten out the department and get it running well, to impliment the report and get the crime off the streets.

That is what I want to see. The committee was able, according to the charter to take ONE to THREE people to Ard. That is what the charter reads. They had their chance. But some people in town didn't want was too obvious to just take Orzech's name to Ard. They missed their open window. Too bad. How much do you want to bet his on that three list? I bet he is, he was before. And he shoud not be. I bet the committee gets pressure to put him back on because he is from Sandusky.

That isn't right. He isn't ready. You have far better candidates right there. Why do you think people are screaming to see that list and some are mad because Lang got bypassed?

As for me, you don't recognize sarcasm, that's too bad. Next time I will title my pieces to satisfy your lack of knowledge. I am not in favor of this young man because his lack of education. He just isn't ready to be top cop. Go get your education and then apply. Not a problem. But you don't get the top job without it. That simple. And I am being deadly serious, not sarcastic.


Mama - I was just going to remind everyone that you had stated very early in this that there should be nobody from within the county appointed in this position. I agreed with you. The city needs NEW blood if there is anything going to happen differently. Everyone kept saying thru the presidential election - stop doing the same things and expecting different results - same thing applies here - doesn't it?

Keepin It Real

WOW based on your past presumption a bit hypocrytical...bite back but before you do go back and look at all your alleged prefrontal cortex thoughts and posts you have made...I mean absolutely no offense to wiredmama22 but you really have not been able to stop what has been going on here in town either after all we are all humans. You talk about Lang but I believe there was a time when he was "it" two hearing aids and all. If he was "it" why is Sandusky paying him top dollar when Orzech is doing his job. You criticize Huron's Board of Education all the time (which I am not saying is not the truth). However, there is no difference. It is sad really sad and I personally can not wait until the day I get out of here.


Keepin it real....the only reason I was on the website about the Huron Board of Education was because of the awful treatment of a man's civil rights being violated and the sunshine law being broken so badly. Two of my major pet peeves. I hate it when people in power break the law and use it to harm others. I really hate it.

You bet I criticised the Huron board's actions. I would do so at the top of my lungs to ANY board that abuses the rights of anyone. What that board did is disturbing and irreprehensible. 'nough said.

As for Lang...he wasn't "it" to me. He has done nothing as far as I am concerned. I thought he might do well, but has been a big disappointment as far as I am concerned. Orzech is doing all the work, but he has done nothing new and it makes me wonder why he hasn't. Perhaps it is the lack of education or that he isn't acting chief. Whatever the reason, he missed a good opportunity to show he can lead and come up with great ideas. He didn't use the opportunity.

What do you expect ME to do about what does on in this city. I am not a cop nor a city commissioner. If I were, I WOULD be doing something about this mess....especially if I were the chief of police OR his second in command. I thought I made it perfectly clear. I would be handling this gang thing for sure.

Yes, I wonder why we are paying either Lang or Orzech when neither does much. Didn't I say that?

There is a HUGE difference between the Huron BOE and the Sandusky police department. The PD in Sandusky isn't breaking any laws, they are not doing a lot to help enforce them at the moment with any new plans either.
While the Huron BOE broke some laws.

So your analogy of the two just isn't relevent to this situation, I am afraid. That's like mixing apples with pizza and trying to call it fruit salad. No way.

I, too, cannot wait to "get out of here". This is my hometown, but it has rapidly changed. Those who have tried to make it a better place have gotten over-ruled by do-gooders in wolf clothing with personal hidden agendas. You have certain sneaky council people with hidden agenda's as well with some nasty plots that get out. Yet they claim be serving the public and care so much. The entire time they are trying to sink others in the administration without even thinking of the consequences to the city. Yeah, right. They care. To what affect? No, not my cup of tea.

So I know what you mean. It sucks. No, it isn't worth it anymore. That is why most of the good people leave here. They get tired of it.

You sound like one of them. If I lead you to believe that I was being hypocritical in anyway, it is my mistake.

I never liked Lang, and perhaps you didn't get the sarcasam I had for hiring Orzech as a chief, when he isn't doing anything much either. Everyone ASSUMED he would be elected, and sarcastically I said "go ahead" He is all they wanted, appoint him, he is doing Lang's job anyway just give it to him....(SARCASTICALLY) there are a lot of people out there who don't understand sarcasm when they see it. Next time I will through it harder.

car 54

Darkhorse. Sharon, I thought you gave the staff and committee A plus for the 2nd round. Read thru your blog, then the city charter.

Keepin It Real

Please give a list of the thirty....


Why7 Why are you and other so anxious to see what the committee looked at? Do you think they overlooked a pal of yours or some youngster with no education and a few years on some force somewhere?

Why do you want to see all of the people who applied? Do you not think that this time they didn't do their jobs again?

What makes people think they have the right to ask for priviledge info? My goodness what a bunch of jackels live in this city to ask for people's applications so they can check them out?

What makes anyone think they have that right? To nose through them and act as if you have the right of something to which you have no right?

The committee is looking through private information for their eyes only, not yours, not mine. This information came into human resources and you think you have the right to it? Why?

If you work, do you walk into human resources and ask to see who applies for a job?

This is no differnt because it is for the police department. when the top cop job is filled, then you may ask about him, until then, you have no right to see anything one does.

Why does everyone think they have the right to see lists of people who applied like they are animals in a cage? They aren't.

You want to keep it real...there is the reality of it. Live with it

Keepin It Real

Sandusky 2012... If you have not figured it out yet.... Erie County as a whole does not want educated people in charge. Educated people now hold people accountable something you see clearly is not happening. If you see it happening that is when their services are no longer needed or their government is going is a different direction and that leader is let go. With that being said... If you have children encourage them to seek shelter elsewhere and you should follow.... This community is on a path of self destruction in more consolidating ways than one. Please note POWER is not earned it is GIVEN by you the people... In the end who is to blame? Not the one who was voted or given the power but the one who gave them it... This is simple math people if things are not changing the way you would like; then perhaps it is time for you to change and listen to what is out there locally. We have a lot of young willing to start at the bottom people and these folks are willing to sacarfice; not because of power or title but because they trully care. Think about it???


Wait, where are those "young people" when it comes time to run for offices and take responsibility for the offices that come available? They do not show up to run for office.

Some of those young people do not even vote. I was stunned during the last election to run into several "young people" who, at the ages of 26-32, voting for the first time in their lives. How do you explain that?

Also, power can also be taken, it does not necessarily have to be given by those who vote it to give it to someone else.

Sandusky, while it has problems, is not on a path to "self destruction". I don't believe it is that bad. Sure, I will admit I would like to leave here myself, I think it has a chance to make something of itself again. I just want to move where it is quiet and peaceful for the time I have left...the country.

I don't know what you are looking for. I hope you find your safe haven.

entitled to my ...

In defense of "Wired",this list of candidates are more qualified than the first list. The first list clearly had Orzech at the top, this list doesn't. Keep posting Wiredmama 222, most of the time you and DG Mutley are the only intelligent bloggers on this site!


Thank you very much, how kind. Merry Christmas to you, and a Blessed New Year.

The truth is, I was being sarcastic when I said, by all means, elect Orzech. He was the only one left and there were tons of bloggers wanting just him to be the chief.

Personally I think we need an educated, experienced person for the new chief. That is JUST what we need around here to make some headway with the problems we are having because nothing is getting done and crime is moving up. Just my opinion.

T. A. Schwanger

Please allow me to point out the order in-which the names appear on the list are not the order in-which they are ranked in education, experience, etc.




Based soley on the resumes my vote would be for Miller. Give him a 3 year contract and let him do his job. The Commissioners need to understand that change is hard and when some officer comes behind the chief's back (which they certainly will) to consider the situation and source. The first reaction should not be to assume there is a problem.


I think Jarrell and Calloway are more qualified than he is but Miller isn't too bad. He is just as educated but I like the experience the other two have to go with their educational backgrounds.


I would disagree about Calloway, all experience is not the same. Being in charge of a small University is not like being in charge of a city. Unfortunately no matter who they pick, there will be undermining to avoid real change. The commissioners need to be educated on what to expect when someone comes in and revamps a department, which is what SPD needs in my humble opinion. There should be clear expectaions and an action plan should be put into place.


OK, but his training and education is wonderful. You may be pleasantly surprised at what he could do with this city. Then go Jarrell, Miller and Calloway. That order.

The other two would be my top choices. Sorry, I would cut Orzech out completely as my choice for top job. I just do not think he is ready at all.

I agree with what you say about real change. I feel sorry for Ms. Ard. She has been putting out fires just keeping her own job as well. (that's another story), so making this decision I feel she should consult with the commission as well and have them WITHOUT the commissioners input after the meet and greet and their input.

(Make them stay away from her completely and sit down with the committee to make a full decision. IMO, that would be totally fair when they get to the three. Keep the city commissioners away from her once they say who they like then put an end to their mouths flapping at her). SERIOUSLY.


Just so everyone knows once officers arrest criminals its up to the judges to put them away which never happens in erie county its a five dollar fine and out the door....therefore its out of orzech's control. Also an education doesn't always make you a good leader. With that being said i dont know who is the best option thats why its not up to me to decide


And if anyone doesn't think im right feel free to take a seat at the muni court and watch for yourself

G George I du kno

It is obvious after reviewing each of these applicants that Stone is the most qualified candidate on the list. This guy mananged an internal affairs unit at Columbus PD that had as many guys in the unit as Sandusky PD has on the department! With all the problems at SPD this guy could help get to the source of the problems there!!! Secondly, he has worked on accredidations and served on the board which Sandusky needs accredited! It saves money and tells the officer's exactly how things should be handled compared to their current chaos.

car 54

Who put Commissioner Brown in charge of the search? I can see round 3 coming around May.


There are some very good candidates this time. I am suprised that some of the canidates could not even write a letter and separate thoughts by using proper paragraphs.
However, my thought is to bring in an outside guy to eliminate the inside old school ways.
Good luck to all, again some very qualified people.


After they get a new chief they need to get a new city manager.

Just Asking

Curious as to whether Ms. Cole's candidate of choice (Matthews) was in the second group of thirty?

Or were either of the PPD officer's (Hilton and Hastings I think) that she claimed were unfairly excluded considered?

T. A. Schwanger

Please allow me to point out the order in-which the names appear on the list are not the order in-which they are ranked in education, experience, etc.


As much as I like Orzach on a personal level, I also do not think he is ready for role of Chief. He's a great, stand up guy and an excellent detective, but would benefit from soem more years of experience and education.

My personal choices would be Stone or Miller. Ware seems ok, but Portsmouth OH has a LOT of crime, especially drug related (I live near this city). He has not done nearly enough to turn his city around.


It states Portsmouth, VA, Scientist. It shows that you are from Southern OH.