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Sandusky police chief search committee pushes re-start button
Andy Ouriel
Oct 24, 2012


Sandusky city commissioner Pervis Brown Jr. and members of the police chief search committee agreed to step back and review the options after an attorney's report concluded the commitee failed to properly review the candidate field violating the city charter. 


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I'll say I told ya so.


start by picking a new committee; one whose members actually read the charter. this has gone on way too long now..............


Ditto, ditto, and ditto.

The current status of the hiring process is INEXCUSABLE. What Cole and Brown have been accused of is unethical at best and, if accusations are shown to be true, both should be summarily removed from office. But that in no way exonerates the now apparent ridiculously poor job done by the selection committee! We shouldn't have had to spend one thin dime having their report reviewed because those on the committee should have been at least remotely qualified to be there in the first place. Looks like none of them were, and that says something about some other Commission members, too, doesn't it?