Commissioner accused of tainting police chief search

City commissioner Pervis Brown Jr. defended himself against accusations he botched the search for a new police chief by excluding any officers with present or past associations with the Perkins Police Department from consideration.
Andy Ouriel
Aug 15, 2012


City commissioner Pervis Brown Jr. defended himself against accusations he botched the search for a new police chief by excluding any officers with present or past associations with the Perkins Police Department from consideration.

“I am concerned over the numerous phone calls I received this (past) week regarding the exclusion of certain candidates from a geographical location,” commissioner Diedre Cole said during Monday’s commission meeting, suggesting Brown excluded Perkins officers because the township department investigated or arrested Brown’s son, Pervis Brown III, on several past occasions.

Those incidents involving Brown’s son range from drug trafficking to suspected shootings in which he participated in, according to Perkins police reports the Register obtained Monday through a public records request.

Perkins police lieutenants Ed Hastings and Chris Hilton, and former Perkins police Lt. Al Matthews all submitted applications to be considered for the Sandusky police chief’s position, but none of them received any response from Brown’s search committee.

The committee recently narrowed a pool of roughly 50 candidates to the top five, which Cole said includes some candidates who do not appear to be as qualified as the Perkins officers.

Commissioner Brown tainted the entire search process by unilaterally excluding the Perkins officers, Cole said, adding she asked ex officio mayor John Hamilton last week to remove Brown from the search committee. Hamilton, however, declined to do that or discuss her concerns any further.

Brown, and commissioner Jeff Smith, responded angrily to Cole’s remarks and to similar concerns from commissioner Wes Poole, who refused to vote in favor of $8,000 in additional funding to pay travel expenses and other costs to bring in four of the five top candidates, all of whom live outside the area.

Sandusky assistant police chief John Orzech is the only local candidate advancing onto the final round.

“I don’t think it’s wise to invest our money in that fashion,” Poole said.

Poole asked Brown if he could provide any documentation showing how and why the committee chose the top five candidates.

Brown did not say whether he would provide any documentation.

“If you are not comfortable with the process, change the charter,” Brown answered. “To sit up here and second guess us after asking us to do this is reprehensible.”

Brown chastised Cole and Poole for accusing him of tarnishing the search process.

“If you had enough guts, you would have come up and asked me about this, but you guys are spineless,” Brown said. “We did the job that you assigned for us to do and it’s disgusting. We did not do anything but what we were supposed to do.”


Swamp Fox

Why would you want anyone from the McClung regime?


 Swamp Fox, 

     What a ridiculous question!   These three men are hard-working, intelligent public servants that put their lives on the line everyday to protect people.  Because their former boss was corrupt means that they are not capable employees?   That is just insane.  Are all of the teachers and custodians at Huron Schools bad people because their superintendent got in trouble?  Was everyone in Bill Clinton's cabinet involved in extra-marital affairs because Clinton was?   Most times you can not help that your boss is incompetant and these men should certainly not pay for McClung's misdeeds.


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And these are our leaders. 


A Vacationland Federal Credit Union ATM was stolen from the cafeteria at Firelands Regional Medical Center.  The machine was recovered and since fell off of the Sandusky maintenance departments truck.  Since this is a public facility and security is of great concern these days, why hasn't this been reported on for public awareness.  


Ms. Cole crossed the line in begging police officiers to file their resumes.  I think the Ethics Commission needs to look into this.  She has most definitely put the city in a legal bind by her accusations.


I urge residents to watch the entire meeting Monday at 5 p.m. on cable channel 81 to see more than this tidbit selected by the Register.

Commissioners Smith and Hamilton both reported having conversations with Commissioner Cole last November when she shared her plan to depose Chief Lang and replace him with her candidate.

Obviously, Ms. Cole is upset her favored candidate didn't make the cut.  Too bad !


indolent indiff...

Perkins officers: call a lawyer that specializes in this.   Take these commissioners to task.  also, nice job busting the younger Brown!



Where is the artical about smitty moving city hall? Didn't he say last meeting there are no discussions on this? How is the paid parking lot coming along? Next he will want to raise the income tax and hire more cops! 


It is irresponsible for an elected official to actually solicit another city's police department's personnel and try to grab them away to come over to Sandusky..  If the shoe was on the other foot and the Perkins Trustees solicited our officers, I would not be too happy.  We have to do mutual aid with other cities and I am afraid that Cole has disengaged the relationship. 

Swamp Fox

Slacker the one candidate that Ms. Coles favors was a close associate of McClung and joined him civil litigation filed against a trustee.



   Yes, I understand that.  Again, however, simply because you are involved in litigation (which I believe they won by the way), it doesn't mean that you are incapable of earning a promotion or earning the respect of others later in your career.  Simply put, a dispute shouldn't ruin you or your career in all cases.


Ya know this whole process is messed up!! Everyone who is a local should not be in the process. The issue with SPD is the fact that it is nothing but a good ol' boy network. It does not matter who or what local dept. you are from, its nothing but a network of pals. Everyone knows everyone and that is where the problem lies. Bring in someone from the outside and clean this place up once and for all!! There will be in fighting and other issues from the rank and file when and if the city wises up and starts to clean up!

As far as the councilman who excluded the perkins guys, he should have never been on the commitee to begin with. Again, just another fact to confirm that the process is screwed up!


 Time for Pervis to step down after using his position to self serve his family.


I have no idea which candidates are the top of the line and which are not. But it's pretty clear that Mr. Brown should never have been on the selection committee in the first place due to an obvious conflict of interest, and that Ms. Cole shouldn't be a City Commissioner at ALL.

Every time I think I've seen the worst that Sandusky City government has to offer — and in my defense, there have been some pretty bad things! — the Commissioners or an administrative employee come up with something even worse. Add that to the inefficiencies of the City as a whole, and the only thing I can think of the fix everything is to start all over with an entirely clean slate!

44870 South

 Thank You to Mr. Poole for say NO to wreckless spending!!!


 Biased or not the right thing would of been to release yourself from the process so no one no matter which way the vote went could say there was biased in the decision.



 That's $8,000 saved that we don't have to pay for with a new tax on something like, oh, planting trees in your front yard or using white paint instead of green.  Good job, Mr. Poole!  Thank you!


 I wonder who from Perkins Cole is cheering for ?

Swamp Fox

Slacker, their case was dismissed against the trustee and he was McClung's right hand man.


There was more to the Register's video but they chose not to run it.  That part was the interesting part.  I think the public was cheated out of it.


thats funny how someone dont get elected for a job and they get mad and find every reason to blame someone because they didnt get the job if that was even the truth maybe its not just personnal maybe pervis seen first hand these guys really are behind closed doors so he figured they wouldnt be good canindates for jobs spd has enough problems so he might just be doing sandusky citizen a favor by not letting be in search cause maybe next time itll be you instead of his son.we just go off judging books by its cover not all the time do we see what people do in think in there personal lives to be able define them as a good canindate for ex( who know that that sheriff was part of a kkk ) we elected pervis to do a job and he been a comissioner for awhile so he must be doing something right so let him do his job.



It is not the job of the Sandusky City Commissioners to interfer with or to solicit people for the jobs in this city whether it is the police, the fire or any jobs.  Their jobs are to govern the city of Sandusky and franky that is their ONLY jobs. And you what ? 

The "ICE MAN " read them from THE CTY CHARTER what the committe was to FOLLOW in selecting the CHIEF and told the commissioners the committee was following it to the exact letter of the LAW.  (bowed heads from certain council members).  OUCH. She wanted Mr. Brown thrown off that committee and the Mayor said NO.  She has done EVERYTHING to get Al Mathews to be chief....and failed.

And ad was run, people knew to place their names in and they did.  Ms Coles big objectionis, that Mr Mathew's was not chosen for the final five and that set her off. 

She is unhappy that she did not get to select...I dont think you people get it. 

She wanted more say whose names were on the SHORT list and the names on that short list didn't suit her.  When she found out that her main selection didn't make it to the final five THEN AND ONLY than did she start complaining. If there were any compliants.....why did they not show up until then?  Because the short list didn't suit her. 

I distinctly remember seeing Ofc. Matthews NAME on that list of applicants.  So it is the short list she is complaining about not the whole list.  Can't you understand that?  Its the final five??? 

Those strange phone calls and complaints didn't come until AFTER the short list came out.  THAT is when the feathers hit the fan.  THAT is when the DOO hit the Lilly 

Come, now.  if you think about it.  The list came out and suddenly there are phone calls and there are complaints about perkins?   NO NO...Its the SHORT LIST.  And everyone knows it.  EVERYONE .