Sandusky city manager takes leave

Nicole Ard informed city commissioners in an email on Monday she was taking a leave of absence to attend to a family emergency.
Aug 7, 2012


Nicole Ard informed city commissioners in an email on Monday she was taking a leave of absence to attend to a family emergency. 

"She's still going to be available by phone," Sandusky city commissioner Keith Grohe told the Register. "She's going to  take a few days off to take care of a family emergency." 

Ard, who was appointed city commissioner late last year, said she was traveling to Dayton to assist family members undergoing medical procedures. Law director Don Icsman — the former interim city manager — will be available to assist city employees in her absence, city officials said.




And this is NEWS how. We all have family emegency at one time or another. Lets  focus on major issues. Why was the Hazmat team at Kalahai


This is real bad, bad timing when the city is about to start doing police chief interviews in a few days.  How long does she expect to be away?  There is more than one member of the family who is sick? 


AKA.... she has a job interview.


The people that seem to be upset by this are the same people that hold this city back.  Really people, it is a leave of absense for a sick family member, it is not like she is on vacation or on a retreat to some swanky resort attending "seminars".

The Bizness

 It is disgusting that a public employee can't take a sick leave or personal leave without the register putting it out in the news. How about next time a register employee takes a sick leave we have a headline letting us know, maybe if it is the editor(s) we would know why there are always so many mistakes.


So what?  Is is this really news?  So she is attending to family business.  Why is this news?   Isn't she entitled to do that? 

I feel as "The Bizness", next time any reporter from the Register gets time with a family member it should go on the front page.  That should be news as well. 

@Darkhorse.....if you are so naive to not know who the next police chief is, you really need to go back to school.  Once we saw who was in contention for that job it was a done deal.  Come now.  That decision was already made.  She need not be here. 

Amythe K

 Haaaha@ Its Me too funny


No, a public official taking a leave of absence for ANY reason is legitimate news by virtue of what it is they do for a living. What's NOT legitimate is criticizing that leave provided it's for an accepted reason and is thus approved. Family medical emergencies are among such accepted and approvable reasons for leaves. YOU'D take a leave, too under those circumstances!

car 54

    Would one of the city council members tell us about the new city hall plans?  I hope Battery Park and the Sandusky Sailing Club are in the mix.


 The difference between the city manager and an employee of the Register is that one is a public employee and the other is not.

Public employees are paid by taxpayer money. The taxpayers are her boss. The Register is informing the public (her employer) that she is away for a family emergency.

As a public employee your records, your vacation, sick time or other personnel issues are open to public record. 


Speaking on the new police chief issue. Does anyone feel it is kind of ironic that 2 of the members on the selection committee have criminal records? One for multiple Domestic Violence offences and the other for Theft in Office when he was employed by the City of Sandusky's Muni Court. Don't believe the previous statement, check the record.


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