Ard fires 2 cops; looks for new handler for 'Justice'

The following is a statement from Nicole Ard regarding her recent decision to dismiss two Sandusky police officers.
May 1, 2012


The following is a statement from Nicole Ard regarding her recent decision to dismiss two Sandusky police officers.

RE recent police personnel matter (Smith & Ritterbach)

"This was an unfortunate situation. I wish both gentlemen well in their future endeavors. The FOP Union representative has indicated that both former employees will be pursing arbitration of their April 27, 2012 dismissal. Out of respect to both men and their families, and the potential arbitration, additional comment regarding their employment or dismissal would not be appropriate. 

"The City and Police Department are moving forward.  Justice, our crime-fighting canine officer, will continue to be housed with a trainer. Originally purchased via grants and supported by community donations, Justice will be receiving on-going training to keep his skills sharp. Since Justice is extremely mission-oriented in finding drugs and criminals, and is not as friendly as other dogs, Justice cannot be adopted or "fostered" by a non-trained person.

"Existing staff will be evaluated for potential assignment as Justice's partner.  Once selected, the training is rigorous. Justice deserves the best as we use and continue to develop his skills to keep him, our staff, and our community safe. This will be Justice's third human partner. The City must provide Justice with a good partner and good quality of life in return for his service to the City. In the interim, K-9 support will continue to be offered by other agencies." 

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I am glad they were dismissed.  It is best they both go, as they obviously cannot control their emotions and have no business being in the work as police officers. 

It is unfortunate that the union will intercede on their behaves in any effort to restore them to their jobs.  This will just add more pain to an already painful situation for both officers and their families and involve the officers wife as well (she will obviously have to be involved). 

I think it a great disservice to the city of Sandusky that the Union would even consider and arbitration about this matter given what has happened.  If these men are smart, they will take their firings and leave the area to take jobs elsewhere.  Perhaps Ms Ard would be willing to write one or both a letter of recommedation for one of the men (if she can keep a straight face long enough) and be done with this mess. 

Other than that, I see no reason for the populus of this city to be burdened with a police officer with which any of us could have respect or honor after this little fiasco of events has come to light.  It would not be fair to the office either. 

This is one time the union should know they should cut bait rather than fish.  


Ms Ard...............look into your heart and listen to a lot of the people of this town.   PLEASE 

1.   Fire Sams and fire Lang.  (Move the Lt. into the interm chief's job.) 

2. Call Nussee and get her back here pronto.   She already is familiar with the department.  (Offer her a settlement equal to 1/2 of what we owe her paid over the next five years in addition to the chiefs salary.)

3.   Hire some of your part time police officers and make them full time or whatever Nussee wants 

4.   Speak up more often at the Commission meetings.  we want to hear YOUR voice.  

Your yard looks're takng really good care of it.     A neighbor!!!!      

Armand Gravel

It would be refreshing to pick up The Register and not have to read about the inappropriate conduct of its police officers. Where are they doing their recruiting????


You wouldn't believe how often this has happen in the work place, in two instances, all 3 worked together husband and wife and a 3rd individual (also married), man the drama and problems it brings to the work place along with the danger when the husband finds out. The afore mentioned was just where all 3 worked together, not the other affairs going on at work, and the mess they cause when one of the parties decised to move on or break it off, then all of a sudden it's sexual harrassment time, it becomes very ugly indeed and the company has to deal with it.


Good organizations do not  hire husband & wife.          However some do marry after being hired; & yes things get tricky.


The dismissals happened three days ago and the city is just now getting around to announcing it to the public?  I like how the city announces it very late in the day so they don't have to field calls.  

Uncommon Sense

And so begins the learning process of another city manager.  They'll be back after the arbitrator restores them to their positions.  In the meantime, Sandusky would be better off to just contract with the sheriff for law enforcement in the city.  SPD is going to be out of officers soon at the rate they terminate.  It also makes you wonder what the real problem is:  The officers or do the brass just want too much control and too much perfection out of humans?


Either retire the poor dog, or give him back to the previous handler. Justice has to be soo mixed up by now that he can't see straight. The city also better look to hiring some cops fast. They have to be about 7 short now.

Sue Meredith

I'm shocked the SR hasn't been blamed for this yet.


I read your comment that the city may be around 7 officers short now....but, who would want to commit career suicide and work for the city.  Don't get me wrong, Sandusky police is a good department, from what I can see with the current political climate I don't know any officers that would want to take that chance.  It's almost to the point where they are getting in trouble for doing their jobs.  The register wants to plaster the officers over the front page and keep it running for weeks on end.  Have some respect for the officers that are out there 24 hours a day that will take a bullet for you.  

The canine should probably be retired and get a new dog, it's not good to keep switching handlers like Sandusky has been doing.

Just my 2 cents


Either retire the poor dog, or give him back to the previous handler. Justice has to be soo mixed up by now that he can't see straight. The city also better look to hiring some cops fast. They have to be about 7 short now.



Kottage Kat

Who got fired? I do not plan to waste my money to buy a paper. Thank you.  Kat


Perspective - "its almost to the point where they are getting in trouble for just doing their jobs."  Seriously, give me one example of this happening.  Or "almost" happening.




This is long overdue.  The police like any other employee has to do the job they have sworn to do.  It is not their job to take a bullet for you and I doubt they will.  The SR is a newspaper just doing it's job when it prints these stories.  I hope more removals are forthcoming. 


Get Nuesse back?  You cant have a leader the troops wont respect!  Respect is earned and cannot be demanded from a leader.  The committee will find a good fit for a Police Chief.  Give them a chance!


@chriscraftseahag.......but the NEW one is going to get 'instant" respect, right?  How does that work?  If you brought Nussee back, wouldn't she be able to get the chance to "earn" the respect if given the chance?  With the "group" gone, perhaps she would now, wouldn't she? 

I would think the committee might take into consideration what some of the residents think as well, wouldn't they?  Or don't they care what the residnts think any more than the commissioner do? 

I take it you must be on that committee?


Where is the e-paper???  Monday's paper is still up on line instead of Tuesday's e- paper paper.



 Thank you for your disrespect to the law enforcement community....Did you forget Andy Dunn already? It is law enforcements job to "take a bullet for you"

why don't you go through 6 months of rigorous para-military training, put on some uncomfortable hot body armor, strap a pistol to your side, hang a shield from your chest, and go out to deal with the death,despair, and destruction they deal with everyday.  Try doing a death notification, or chasing after a criminal with a gun, jumping fences in 25 pounds of extra gear, and completing the pile of paperwork that needs done before the end of your shift.  

The fact is these officers are doing this everyday, and you take them for granted.  I already know what your going to say (those officers chose that career field, if they don't like it they can leave) your right.....but then, whose going to do the


This is long overdue.  The police like any other employee has to do the job they have sworn to do.  It is not their job to take a bullet for you and I doubt they will.  The SR is a newspaper just doing it's job when it prints these stories.  I hope more removals are forthcoming. 


"Who got fired? I do not plan to waste my money to buy a paper. Thank you. Kat"  RE recent police personnel matter (Smith & Ritterbach)

Kottage Kat


Thank you for the information.    Kat


@Frugalspender.....I think, besides the two cops and then the young one, they were talking about a married couple at someone's workplace having an affair.  They got fired. 

Hey, thanks for the post, too, about the kid.  Appreciated it. 


Interesting how so many people have "expert opinions" on who and what a Police Officer should be?Even to the point where there is "doubt" that they would take a bullet???Like they really have a choice there??Police Officers are human,make mistakes, and have family problems like anyone else. Only difference is these officers are willing to give their lives for complete strangers.These experts on here have the answers? World problems solved if we would all just listen????????????????


Sad ending.  It would be nice to not see the 2 men drug through the public streets anymore.  If you do, why isn't she being drug through as well?  Why isn't she being ripped to pieces and judged?  Afterall ~ what does she do for a living?  What are the moral and professional expectations of her job?

As for Justice, as sad as it is, he will be fine.  As stated, he'll continue to be worked till he finds what will hopefully be a permanent handler.  A working dog like that isn't like Fido that lays on your bed.  A dog like that simply wants to work and are extremely work/reward driven.  He doesn't care who his partner is so long as the partner can work with him and he can trust the partner to handle him in a way that he gets his reward.  Good Luck Justice as you are the true hero here. 


@ perspective

You are welcome!   The extra 25lbs. is not gear, it's beer and doughtnuts.  Paramilitary?????   LOL!

Tru Grit

Nice looks like two more morons off the streets. Good to know goodto know. Now lets get some new fresh cops out there and get the repuation back that the cops are "all" good and none of them are drunk driving, wife banging morons, a guy who threatens black guys minding their business, and the idiot that are in charge of them. That is the bigger story how can a chief and his cronnies sleep at night knowing all the jack a$$ idiots under them.

@chriscraftseahag- Earning respect is one thing, getting it is another. I am sure she wouldn't have any problem regaining her respect. All the cops fired in the last few months were probably the ones behind her being pushed out.


@been-there-done-that, No offense we all get that they are human, make mistakes and have issues. Leave it at the door like everyone else does when they come to work. Stop making excuses for your buddies being morons and not being man enough to own up to their choices.



She is a nurse at Firelands Hospital.


Yes she is.  And I was told that her profession didn't matter because our tax dollars don't pay her wages?  Well.........when someone goes to the ER for a "headache" or the results of a knife fight and they're a resident of "the system" tax dollars are paying her wage!



Laugh all you want, make your snide remarks at the day you will need them and believe it or not, they will be there for you, extra pounds of doughnuts and all....  and just remember this wonderful conversation....then hang your head in shame


capital city perspective 


Agree with Uncommon Sense - the arbitrator will rule on the side of the union & the officers, and they'll be reinstated with back pay.

I'm just wondering why the SPD is so different than the Huron, Castalia, or Perkins Township polices forces.  Why are no scandals like this occurring in these precincts?  Or is the Sandusky Register just not willing to put these other departments under the microscope the way they do the SPD?

Just some food for thought.


So wazzup with the pill-peddling nurse? Charges pending? What about her "patients" (i.e., customers?)



@been there done that and perspective.......

ok, you think all of us out here are such 'experts" on the police and our opinions don't count.  We are on the outside of your 'thin blue line' and we are looking in.  We see what goes on and we all wondering  what is up with your department.  We wonder why the scandals?  We wonder why your little group of guys are acting so idiotic and childish?  Why they get drunk and act like fools ?   No sir, we don't have all the answers, but we can't help but wonder why we are putting out trust in these guys when we depend on them to protect us?  We expect them to act BETTER than us and find out they act WORSE than most of us.  Yeah, we are more than a little upset over that.  We expect them to be BETTER than us.  We expect them to act like dignified, qualified people.  When they are hired, we expect them and the people who hire them to be HONEST and ABOVE BOARD.  We do NOT expect them to be liars and cover up things they do.  We don't expect them to try and pull the wool over their eyes.  We don't expect them to go on drunken binges and blame other people for things they do not do. 

And while I am at it, it is as disgrace that you would even MENTION that ANYONE in this community has forgetten what happened to Andrew Dunn.  How dare you, sir.  How dare you even use his name in that fashion.  How dare you even expect anyone in this community forget the sacrifice that young man made in his duty to this community.  Don't use his name to make someone else feel bad.  The SPD isn't the only part of this community that suffered a lose.  So don't think the SPD has a corner on the market for grief where Andrew Dunn is concerned.  This enter thing with the SPD has NOTHING to do with him at all.....thank God for small miracles.  

Tru Grit


The details that were given to the public would have never gotten to the public if these two men would have taken care of it like men and not like children. So don't even try to blame the media or public on that, it rest solely on the those two men. They were fired because they lied, threatened a fellow officer, were insubordinate, and a couple other things from the other article about them being fired. What is underhanded is that these guys got to sit on paid leave while the slow city and moron's in charge down at SPD tried to figure this cut and dry problem out. I am sure like "beentheredonethat" you are friends either with the cops fired or friends of a cop and just have this whole thing against the paper now. Like it was said before by many people don't blame SR, blame the guy's doing the dumb s*** and acting like a bunch of foolish teenager's.










Just cleaning up the SPD...In memory of

dig this

   Does anyone in Sandusky respect the police? Times up!

Erie County Resident

Pretty sad when a police dog that normally has a short career outlast 2 going on 3 handlers.

Not a very good statement on the affairs (no pun intended) of the departments condition.


tru grit - thank you - I think everyone here is in agreement with you and I on most of this - there are only a select few who, as you said, must be friends with a cop or one of the cops in trouble.  If I recall correctly, DG was upset about the firing of the part-time drunk cop who can't drive and then leaves the scene of accidents and expected to be a full-time cop with a suspended license no less.  And, let not forget about the other cop who lied (yes, another fine upstanding, dis-honest officer of SPD) who now has the city attempting to defend themselves because that stupid ignorant union (also couldn't follow proceedures properly) arbitrator has demanded they take him back.  Can't wait to see the outcome of that one.

One thing for sure, the city will win the first arbitrator's demands, and I'm sure this one won't get too far either.  I had serious doubts about this Ms. Ard person, but as time moves forward, she is finally catching up to things and if she continues, she may very well get control of that "dishonest" police department - and Lang as well.

I still stand on my suggestion the city needs to fire Sams before he starts retirement to prevent more wasted city money from being spent.

If you stand back and examine things, you'll find those in charge who are still doing stupid things are the same ones that didn't want Kim fixing the problems at SPD.  Funny how that happens huh?


Erie County Resident - maybe you shouldn't bring that comment to light - the cops will start blaming the dog on their inability to act like adults and actually do their jobs.  Although you are right on the money in what you said.

The tt's picture
The tt

I've seen the City Manager.  Justice isn't the only one who looks like he needs a handler.


TT........really, I have seen her, also.  I would venture to say I have not seen you.  But if you are any better looking then reveal yourself with a  TRUE picture before casting stones on another right here on this site. Otherwise shut up. That really wasn't necessary and pretty degrading.  Would you say that if she were a  man????? 


@DGMutley.....every time you and Been there done that open your mouths about the SPD and the SR you prove EVERYONE ones point right but your OWN. 

It would do you both good to be still and not say a thing more since you have both put your feet into it about up to the hip now. 

You cannot win a battle of wits with an unarmed man, gentleman. ( I am talking to Sanduskysteve and True grit).  The two of them do not listen nor do they comprehend).  They are both blinded by anger and fear.  You are right about the SS.  They are either current or ex cops....I think one of them may be Sams.....and they are fearful of what is to come or about to come.  Neither can take the heat nor get out of the kitchen and they do not know what to do.  They see their friends going down in defeat and it is killing them inch by inch.  But you reap what you sow and that is what they did not see coming. 

Good job guys.  You are both, Sanduskysteve and TGrit, an honor to the City of Sandusky and to the human race.  Honorable men in the face of bigotted liars and terrible people who would uphold those who are. 

Tru Grit


Thank you for your kind words it is greatly appreciated. I am times talk out of my butt with some things on this site, but when I do put some and emtions into a post I feel like I am un-biased and honest. DGmutley and beentheredonethat, whether friends, actual cops, or just people with a chip on their shoulder to protect the men for making very poor life choices do still not see the point of all this. No one is casting a judgement on these men because of them being police officers. The judgement comes and now is the the time to read carefully DG BTDT, they brought a non-work conflict into work. They could not resolve this outside of work and brought it into work. This becomes work related if you ask me. Whether it was 38 pages or 2 pages it was document material needed to determine the whole situation. These men were good cops, no one is going to deny that, but they made the choice to not be men and to be little boys and let this get into there work and it ultimately cost them their jobs. These guys let a love triangle control their thoughts and actions. It may be personal to them, but when you bring it in the work place, make it a problem for everyone in the department you have a serious problem. The SR found out about it, did was a paper should do, inform the people and they did. I don't always agree with the SR on their conduct of writing and position but that's reality if you don't like it read one of the following instead. Lorain Journal, Norwalk Reflector, Columbus Dispatch, etc, etc. Serious problems are happening at the SPD, the guys and girls doing their job have no worries, but the ones not and they know who they are. A time will come when they meet their maker and have to answer for whatever they have done. By the way as someone that has been arrested before and knows what it is like to feel ashamed about your self for making a poor choice the police that dealt with me were respectful and one actually sat in my holding cell with me and gave me inspiration that people can make a poor choice, but they can always make up for it.


I have friends who work for both the SPD and PPD. I am all for the police in this town. If you ask me, we need more of them. I go to places like "The Pump" great place but the conduct that goes down their and many other bars and places in this town has gotten worse and the amount of crime is just unbelievable. I read the daily log everyday and I am seeing kid 9-16 geting disorderly conducts, unruly, you name it. I see kids 18-25 getting OVI, DUI, posession, abuse, domestic's. I don't know whether it is parenting or kids just not caring about the choices they make. Minimal amount of kids these days want to put forth an effort and its just sad. I was at the pump last night shooting pool hanging out with a friend of mine who lives in Columbus and sure enough by about 1:30 a fight broke out and they shut the bar down, that's just one bar in sandusky with many.


@true are every so welcome.  I meant every word of it.   (maybe I should change my name to weirdmama222 as most people think I am anyway.....lololol)  


DG Mutley......I have no intention of insulting you PERSONALLY, it is your ideas for which I have no use. 

First of all, when you fail to even take into account ANY of the other people's points of view but your own, you are lost before you start.  Many of us have taken into account that perhaps these two may have had a right to be upset....but you do NOT bring your personal life to work.....never. 

Firstly, professional people just do not do that.  I would think you would understand that. 

Secondly, if you are having an affair with a co workers wife, you would not handle it in the manner in which this guy did.  Come on, are they in high school? 

Thirdly, when is lying EVER correct? 

Fourthly....these guys are supposed to be filled with the stuff that heros are made of.....where is that honor now?  One threatens to kill the other, one is a liar.  I don't call that hero at all. 

So you see, you have closed your eyes to what most of us see and expect us to forget all that and see only what YOU want us to see and believe. 

How can we do that when there is so much evidence to the contrary?   It isn't all of us that is having the problem here. 

I didn't mean to insult you presonally at all, just what you are trying to change a collective mind-set that sees the truth.  With your point of view that isn't making sense, it isn't right..  Why would you want to do that?  When something doesn't make sense, you tend to dismiss it for what it is.....false!  You cannot blame the SR for printing the facts as they are.  And that is what is upsetting you and your friend.  You cannot do that either.  Why would you want to try? 

dig this

   Ard made the right decision to fire them.  Why did Sams take cover back in Huron? If you look at Sams real close he resembles ET.


Na Sam's looks like the kid at the beginning of the movie Deliverance playing the banjo.


Look, Judge, Lawyer, Officer. Cook, baker, candlestick-maker.  Each has a right to their personal lives. When they cross the line in to LEGALITIES of their job, yes, they should be held to the peramiters that meet their job policies. The managing or responsible person should handle that employee as determined by their forset rules.  I do believe that putting forth the personal issues that should stay inside of particular departments as to not tarnish the integrity of a "whole" should stay so. A gang mentality errupts EVERYTIME  you "soap-opera"-like put out information that creates a vision that one bad apple ruined the whole bushel. I would like to see re-structure, yes. But I also would like to know that the SPD that I CAN count on doesn't have such low moral support  it creates a levell of  apathy. I don't think that has ever been a problem, but I'm sure that it has opportunity when everyone wants to be the SHERIFF and decde how things should be done! I happen to believe that the city is to blame not the SPD!


And before anyone jumps on this...I am NOT a friend, relative or affiliate of a Judge, Lawyer, Officer, Cook, Baker or Candlestick Maker!!  Ok, well I know a bunch of cooks.....but other than that.....shiz!


"Na Sam's looks like the kid at the beginning of the movie Deliverance playing the banjo."  i just had to check out this statement. i think that there is a strong resemblance 007. who is that hilljack clogging in the movie?