Elyria man weighs settlement in brutality suit against PIB police

Elyria businessman Bradley Ohlemacher is considering a settlement in a brutality lawsuit he filed last year against Put-in-Bay police, federal court records show.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 7, 2012


Elyria businessman Bradley Ohlemacher is considering a settlement in a brutality lawsuit he filed last year against Put-in-Bay police, federal court records show.

Ohlemacher alleges Put-in-Bay police violated his civil rights when they showed up at his South Bass Island home on July 18, 2010, and arrested him while investigating a noise complaint. The lawsuit says police drove his face into the concrete and dragged him through some landscaping before handcuffing him and taking him to the jail, where they then smashed his head into a wall.

Most of the charges against Ohlemacher were dropped and he was acquitted of a remaining charge of disorderly conduct.

Court records show Ohlemacher's attorneys are discussing a settlement with attorneys representing the police department, Put-in-Bay Village and Put-in-Bay Township. Ohlemacher is seeking $75,000 in compensation.

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Marcus M

If the photo is of him with Obbie, maybe he can just do a "beer summit" with the police.



Marcus M

horonres1, Your Village has issued an Amber Alert for you....


big dog aka bfrutie why does Obbie target the small business owner, aka the "rich" who creates the majority of new jobs. Internet back up in the "home" I see.....


@huronres1 - ALL cops? Your comment says more about you than the police.


Gotta pay for all the remodeling and landscaping somehow!!!

here in ohio

what does this picture have to do with this story ?????


The island police are one step up from mall cops, young cocky Kids just out of cop school and cops that cant get a job anyware else becouse they think they have a badge and are above everyone else. Kinda like one Sandusky cop that got in trouble on the island when he tryed to throw is name around, and is now unemployed.


Here in Ohio, Brad Ohlemacher is president and his brother Jeff is CEO of EMC Precision Machining in Elyria. After the drubbing the democrats took in the 2010 midterms Obozo decided to start a Mainstreet Tour. He toured the factory in January 2010. Why the SR ran this picture is to perhaps make Brad a rock star by appearing in the same pic as their savior, the annointed one.

The Big Dog's back

 goof, why do you hate small businessmen?


Don't hate small businessman, I was one, just Obozo!!! Comprende Brutie.


I know which one isn't Brad..............................But which one is? All these dudes look like they're about six sheets to the wind..............Red faces and all! I'll bet not one of them is under .20 on the old richtor scale...................Even Obama.

Wonder where lunch was?


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Tru Grit

 smile1234, i work on the island and them cops do a good job at keeping the peace when you have some rowdy bar patrons. This guy is a tool. 




Jealous cause Brad inherited more money than you did?



Maybe I didn't express myself accurately but I don't hate anybody but Obozo and a few nameless bloggers. I didn't inherit any money just my dazzling good looks.  Mr. Ohlemacher have a case? That's not for me to decide, that's what courts are for.


There are always two sides to every story and not being present I don't know what happened. Did alchol play a factor, probably so because knowing both parties, they seemed to exhibit irrational behavior.

I guess events like this never happen over there in Catawba.
























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Amber alert?  They're comming to take me away.....ho ho he he ha ha.......they're comming to take me away.  No respect for any of them!

Marcus M

huronres1, your comments clearly from the back seat of a police vehicle.  How many time have you been referred to as defendant, person of interest or suspect?

Dinghy Gal

Hey Tuff Nutts,

 Better watch it. He might sue you for slander.


 Their faces are pretty red..and Obama's lips look purple...That is the only intelligent thing I can say right now, due to me huffing whipped topping...lmao



                  Sometime in the past your comment would be understood as totally negative.  In taodays world there is no way I can chastise you for that comment especially if you are in the younger generation.  I refer to the younger generation in this scenario solely as a different age group.  Those of us in the older generation remember the old time cops who job it was almost to solely serve and protect you.  What we have come to witness is the trickle down effect that starts with the highest offices in government and trickles down to the cops who arrest you.  It goes even lower,  In a lot of communities respect is all but forgoten and just about anything is acceptable.




Re:but I don't hate anybody but Obozo and a few nameless bloggers

Re: hate

That's a strong word.

Re: nameless

How about we start with you using your real name and see how many follow.


You still on the Island?



Kimo, nope down here in a right to work state for the winter. Hate might have been a strong word , but my  infamous reputation would have leftists paying for the information of my identity LOL!!! I've lost alot of things in my old age but I draw the line at a government taking away the freedoms I've enjoyed my whole life.

Kimo, you're not advocating me host a beer summit are you? You know that being a republican it will be Milwaulkee's Best, Good beer is reserved for my friends!

And by nameless, I meant I wasn't going to rattle off all the screen names they use. I'm all for their right to privacy as well as mine. Here's a hint, not a fan of Brutus for one LOL



Ferry started the season early.

Jumped on the boat for lunch at Tippers.

Sat down at bar and ordered lunch, guy walks thru door, asks who owns the car out front with the "Vote Democrat" sticker on the back window.

Told him it was mine, the SOB walks over and starts to try and convince me republicans are nice people. That's putting a "good spin" on his comments.



Kimo, did ya enjoy lunch?  About a couple of months ago Tip hired a very good local chef, only hope he stays until I get back. Contrary to popular opinion there are alot of democrats on the rock. Depending on the time of day, I could probably guess who it was.LOL


Brat special, yummo.

over and out.



I wanna get rowdy with the police and see if I can get a settlement.  Maybe if I act and dress like I have money they will buy it.