City commissioners to launch hunt for new police chief

Sandusky city commissioners said Monday they're gearing up to assemble a committee of residents and commissioners who can spearhead the search for a new police chief.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 24, 2012


Sandusky city commissioners said Monday they're gearing up to assemble a committee of residents and commissioners who can spearhead the search for a new police chief.

Said commissioner Pervis Brown: “For us to move forward and to get a continuous, unified organization, we need to have the people in place. It’s the first of the year and it’s a new commission, so we have to get this going.”

Commissioners haven't chiseled a time frame for the search process, and they have yet to select members for the search committee.

Jim Lang has served as the city's interim police chief since September 2010. His $85,000-a-year contract expires Jan. 11, 2013, but commissioners said they hope to find a new chief before then. City manager Nicole Ard would ultimately be responsible for choosing the final candidate, as she directly oversees that position.

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about time they get someone to straighten this disfuctional house up!!!!


It doesn't take a whole year to look for a police chief.  Lang has a whole year left on his contract and he states he will go on his own terms, but it doesn't look that way.   It looks like the city will be buying out his contract.  As for Nuesse, she is appealling her case and last we heard was that she wanted her job back.  I hope they don't put the new police chief under contract.  I don't think a police chief should be placed under contract.  Next thing you know, the fire chief will want a contract and everybody else heading up a department will want a contract.


How about Pervis Brown representing the Commission on the search committee. After all, he is the liason to the Police Department. Deidre Cole is the last person that should be on there. It is obvious that she has issues with the PD, and it is no secret that she has a hand picked candidate. The idea of a selection committee is great, but make sure there is non biased experience on it.


Nicole is ultimately responsible for the final decision.  Some commisioners have undoubtedly been smiling in her face....I hope she is no fool.

Woody Hayes

In the paper, " a 5th street residant asked if Kim Nussee would be considered a candidate". What part of FIRED don't you understand? If you miss her that much, jump in the mothership with Tin Foil and fly down and visit.


A selection committee including residents?  Really?  If this is an attempt to make everyone happy, I got news for ya:  Nothing makes everyone happy.


A new principal that will put up with no BS from the kiddies at the precinct on Meigs Street is exactly what is needed.  Don't let the door hit ya in the A$$ Jimmy !



Yogi Berra would say:  "It ain't over till it's over".

Or as the saying goes: "It ain't over till the fat lady sings".


Julie R.

It took the Huron River Greenway property owners going all the way to the Supreme Court to get JUSTICE. Had it stayed in Erie County with the joke Toledo 6th District Court of Appeals, we all know they never would have received it.

The point I'm trying to get across is ----  better not give up on Kim Nuesse just yet.  


Ya know, with the issues at SPD right now - dishonesty by the officers - cops with repeated accidents - criminals fleeing from officers - the place is a disaster. They managed to railroad Kim out because she was trying to fix the problem, what makes anyone think that anyone who is selected that actually tries to do something up there will last any longer???

The best thing would be to just forget the past - get Kim back in there - just because she was fired by someone who is no longer there anymore doesn't mean she can't be hired back - unrelated ot the lawsuit (she will most likely drop the thing in this case and possibly save the city money) - and just for once stand behind her in her agenda to fix the place!

I honestly don't see what this would be any different than bringing someone else in that will be railroaded out as soon as they exert any pressure on the officers and hurt their feelings.


 Talk about dragging your feet. This should of been happening back when the commisioners were fighting with Nuess, They run her out of town and still havent done anything to replace her.. Talk about a slow moving comission.... Just like the Mayor subject, seems everything gets put on the back burner with these commisioners. Good Luck Sandusky, you'll need it!

Woody Hayes


As I said in an earlier post, she was fired. Saying that, would she be the best candidate for this position? Is there anyone in Sandusky that you would trust to make an unbiast decision( without hidden agendas or pick my buddie motives)? Your town is going down the tubes, but nobody wants to fix it, people just want to beat their own drums and point fingers at others and blame them for all the problems. Sandusky used to be a good place to visit and shop, but now?   


Woody - unfortunately, I'm not sure that the commission will allow anyone to come in and fix things.  The new chief will be required to police the police - and commissioners do not want this to happen or there wouldn't have been an issue with Kim.

The SPD surely doesn't want this to happen.  I say - Kim is the best choice at this time and the only one that may have a chance to actually do it.  Other than her, not a single other person will succeed because the commissioners will be in their business constantly and sticking up for the looser cops on the force that is making the rest of the good ones look bad.

Not sure what the city manager's take is on this - but I'm going to bet that if she actually looks at the transcript of the year long hearing on her case, the city manager may be laughing as well.  Or she may want to throw up at some point.

Offer the job back to Kim and tell her you will support what she does and give her a chance to fix the mess - otherwise nothing will happen.

I hope they DO NOT hire from within. The problems from within will never go away. That's a fact. Look for an Authoritative Individual with a big city attitude. Like it or not, we do have big city problems.

I was just curious why they don't elect a Chief like we do the Sheriff ???  Is it a city/county type of issue maybe??


 Im predicting it now, with certain city commisioners, new city manager and naacp crying, the next chief will be Black. Wait and see.


Huron guy: I think you may be 100% correct... what about the "Marlboro Man",or "Dirty Harry"..or ????


How about that guy from Gunsmoke.  Walking up and down Meigs St. with a rifle.  Or whats the guys name with the wielby gun that shoots thugs.  He'd do just nice.


Better yet - we need Sheriff Buford Pusser from Walking Tall.  No more guns needed - just a huge big stick and a scarey stance.


Woody Hayes

Dumpster Don and a whistle. Or Juliebeth and the vaporizer from the mothership. 


Will Teasle would make an excellent chief for Sandtown.   Perhaps, Lone Wolf McQuade, better yet jean claude van damme!  


Could Andy make it clearer why Sandusky needs to vote yes on the City Charter amendment.  The only thing he didn't do is connect the dots.

He tells us

 “Nicole Ard would ultimately be responsible for choosing the final candidate, as she directly oversees that position.”
He tells us

“…commissioners said… gearing up to assemble a committee of residents and commissioners who can spearhead the search for a new police chief.

Why would the commissioners stick their noses into something that is the responsibility of Ms Ard?  The Ms Ard the commissioners so needed immediately they gave her a contract knowing the petition for a charter amendment was being circulated.  What could more blatantly state the commissioners are already interfering and attempting to control administrative process?  Vote yes on the City Charter Amendment.

FruGalSpender  how about chuck conners? i like the way he gives that look.


Does Aaron Voltz still have LE certification ? He would be able to get all witnesses to recant their stories wich would result in charges being dropped - which would then assist in solving the problem of our over crowded prison system. It's a win-win situation !!!

Julie R.

How about your Erie County prosecutor, Kevin Baxter? That way he wouldn't have to complain anymore about the Sandusky police chief not keeping him and Sheriff Lyons informed of secret drug raids!


Someone better ask TIMMY, SHARON and of course BOB & RUTH who the city can hire or we will have another election on the taxpayers dime.


I got it.  Dave Waddington.  Remember he was once one of the strongest men in the world.  Put a vest on him, give him a sawed off and a big stick.  Settled.  Lets go Dave.

Julie R.

How about Sheriff Lyon's brother? Isn't that who Baxter & Co. wanted to begin with instead of Kim Nuesse?


The judges offered the job for the second time to former Sandusky assistant police chief Gary Lyons, and this time Lyons took the judges up on their offer. the second time? really? he said no the first time? can i have that job?


Do NOT let the commission put Sams on the list for chief.  No more of him. 

And don't let the commission put Julie Farrar on the decision making committe.  She has an axe to grind...remember her complaints about the entire police department.   

Some of you say Diedre Cole shouldn't make the decision.  So who is left?  

WOW..not many. 

Ok, so maybe we should run and ad.  Then have three commissioners and three residents pick several candidates, say six or seven .  Then have a public meeting for those who make the cut and have a debate.  Then the winners of the debate (say three) make the cut and have the same committe make a recommendation on two. 

Then pick two people who qualify and have the council vote and/ or the police vote. 

Or just keep Lang. 

But this should not be voted on by the people.  The sheriff is one thing, but not the chief of police.  I totally disagree with that one. 

Or just keep Lang

Dont Worry Be Happy

Why not do what most Departments do take qualified people in Law Enforcement to interview the candidates.  Put them through writen and oral test.  Who ever gets the highest score gets the job.  To hire a new officer they have to take a test etc so what would make it different for hiring a Chief. 


I can think of a good couple of questions:

1 - When creating an incident report, do you verify that the names of the people you are putting on the report along with their addresses are accurate, or just make something up if you are not sure?

2 - When you need to supliment information on a report - how much white out is acceptable so you can't see what you originally wrote?

3 - When accompanying a suspect you just picked up on a bench warrant to the hospital for treatment for a gunshot wound from which you still are not sure where it came from, do you leave her there to exit the hospital following treatment or do you stay with the suspect and take her back into custody after treatment?

4 - When something of vital imporance  develops in a case, such as finding someone who was at a crime scene now has a gunshot wound to her foot, do you wait a week to let anyone know about this to cover up the fact that she escaped from you, or advise the chief immediately and use lots of whiteout on your original incident report?

There are many other good questions for the test, but those will be good for starters.  Unfortunately, I think Lang would fail that test right out of the box.  Wonder what Ms Ard would think the proper answers would be to those questions?  If she is going to decide the next chief, then she should know those answers up front.