Antonelli named principal at SCCS

Huron native will oversee students in grades 6-12
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 7, 2014

Sandusky Central Catholic School has hired its second new principal for the upcoming school year.

Dennis Antonelli, a Huron native with 12 years of teaching experience, will oversee students in grades 6-12, according to a Monday news release.

"I am excited for this opportunity," Antonelli said. "I believe in Catholic education and my work experience will help me continue the great traditions in place here."

Antonelli studied at Bowling Green State University and Ursuline College. His teaching career includes time in both Catholic and public schools.

He and his wife Jacquie have been married seven years and have three children, Benjamin, Jacob and Madison. They live near Cleveland and hope to relocate soon to the Sandusky area.

"Mr. Antonelli brings the necessary faith, experience, vision and energy that will keep our school growing and improving as we move into the future," said the Rev. Michael Roemmele, the school's chancellor.

Three supporters of Catholic education — Judy Monaghan, William Pahl and Denny Rectenwald — spearheaded a search process and recommended Antonelli's hire. Monaghan and Rectenwald are former Sandusky Central Catholic School officials. It was not immediately clear why these three individuals were called upon to help find the new principal.

Monday's announcement comes on the heels of school of two administrator departures and reshuffling of the school's leadership structure.

Earlier this year, Sandusky Central Catholic School's K-12 principal, Mike Savona, and president, Melody Curtis, both announced their intent to leave the school. Savona retired, while Curtis accepted a job as principal of Immaculate Conception School in Bellevue.

School officials recently hired school alumna Paula Roth as principal of preschool through fifth-grade students.

Roemmele replaced Curtis, while officials split Savona's responsibilities and created Roth and Antonelli's positions.

Note: Because Sandusky Central Catholic School is a private school and not funded by tax dollars, it is not required to release an administrator's contract or pay rate to the Register.


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Darwin's choice

Congratulations Dennis Antonelli Jr.! Good to hear you'll be back in the area!


Alissa, why do you keep saying that Mike Savona retired?

He didn't retire. He was only being nice saying that.

Everyone knows he is the new Principal at Toledo St. John's JH Academy. Check their website. It's there.

He's too much of a professional to tell the real reasons why he left.

Good luck to the new Principal. He will need it until some people are off that Board.




A disastrous religion.


It's pretty clear that Mike Savona is not retired. This is the announcement of his hiring at St. John's.


"Three supporters of Catholic education — Judy Monaghan, William Pahl and Denny Rectenwald — spearheaded a search process and recommended Antonelli's hire."

Seems odd to me to use three life long public school educators/administrators who retired with very large public pensions to spearhead the search. Their careers do not speak to consistent support of Catholic education.

In any event, best wishes and welcome to Mr. Antonelli and his family.

pigeon farmer

Rectenwald serviced during the Fr Gray years. He certainly knows how the catholic system works.


Yes, but he spent the bulk of his career in public education retiring in Port Clinton and collecting from the Public school system. He also was a master of gaming the public school system for jobs for his friends and family over more qualified people.

Julie R.

Isn't Judy Monaghan the wife of county commissioner Bill Monaghan and the sister of prosecutor Kevin Baxter?




Judy also had time in at SCCS. Such a wonderful lady!

Julie R.

Is she as wonderful as her brother?


YUP! she is just as AWESOME hahahahaha


LOL! Ask her about her equally AWESOME husband and why she didn't have children by him.


Judy was an awesome superintendent!


SCCS did not renew her contract but told everyone she retired just like putting the spin on Mr. Savona's resignation by saying he retired. The fact is there has been so much turn over at SCCS. In the elementary alone there have been at least 5 in the past 6 or 7 years!