Pay cuts for teachers at St. Mary

Officials from Sandusky Central Catholic mum; some long-time veterans say they feel betrayed
Alissa Widman Neese
Jun 18, 2014

Sandusky Central Catholic School officials are poised to implement a new, controversial pay scale for teachers in the upcoming school year.

The move would slice the salaries of the school's veteran employees by anywhere from 12 to 20 percent, while giving some less experienced teachers modest pay increases, according to affected teachers who spoke with the Register.

"None of us teach at a Catholic school for the money, but this is insulting and demoralizing," said one teacher, who did not want to be identified for fear of consequences.

Some fear the low pay rates could turn the institution into a "public school teacher training ground," said another, who also asked not to be named.

The Register obtained a copy of the pay scale Tuesday.

A copy of Sandusky Central Catholic School's new pay scale is available below.

Teachers on the lowest end of the scale, with a bachelor's degree and one year of experience, will receive $25,000 a year, according to the document.

Teachers on the highest end of the scale, with a bachelor's degree and 30 years of experience or more, will not receive more than $40,000 a year. A master's degree tacks on an extra $2,000 annually.

Sandusky Central Catholic School awards all its employees a one-year contract each year.

Any Sandusky Central Catholic School teacher who received more than $42,000 in the current school year will receive a pay cut, effective for their upcoming contracts. 

The teachers who spoke with the Register said they wonder if the new pay structure is designed to drive out older, more experienced teachers.

Comparatively, an average teacher salary in Erie County's five public schools is $59,046, according to the Ohio Department of Education.

Tad Windau, the school's chief financial officer, as well as other school officials, allegedly gathered the teachers in the school chapel May 29 to deliver the unanticipated news of pay cuts.

After a heated discussion, one school official told distraught teachers to "open their own school" if they thought they could manage one better, according to the teachers who spoke with the Register.

"It's discouraging to see an extension of the church showing no compassion whatsoever to people who have literally given them their lives," a teacher said. 

Windau did not return two phone messages or an email Tuesday seeking comment on the matter.

Teachers and community members are reportedly emailing letters of protest to the Rev. Joe Steinbauer, pastor of Sandusky's Catholic parishes, as well as Christopher Knight, superintendent of schools for the Catholic Diocese of Toledo, which includes Sandusky.

"No one will talk to us about it, and it's created an atmosphere of mistrust among everyone," a teacher said. "I love these students and I believe in this school, but I have no confidence in the people running it right now."

Note: Because Sandusky Central Catholic School is a private school and not funded by tax dollars, it is not required to release financial information the Register.


Dwight K.

Its a shame they're getting treated that way, but that's sure more money than I make in a year


This article isn't about you!

Dwight K.

Uh yeah...don't believe I said it was


Dwight: They have 4-6 years of additional training plus a college degree or two.

From the Grave

They can take other, higher paying jobs then, if they have the credentials.


No, they can't. No public school is going to hire a teacher with all those years of experience and degrees. They'd be too expensive versus a teacher with just a few years of experience. The veteran teachers at St. Mary's are stuck there if they want to stay in teaching.


Well, the article says they aren't paying that much either. So what is the difference. Other options are always a possibility.

Common Sense

Having invested four to six years to earn a degree, the first thing you need is a job. A steady paycheck, no matter how small, allows you to start paying off loans and making small purchases. That is how many teachers start off in a Catholic school system. They often stay because they learn to deal with less pay than their peers and they love their students and can live with the "moral contract" they are required to sign.
The unhappiness that we see is not only about the money. It is the idea that, despite sticking with the school through good and bad times, your worth is limited. Retirement pay may also be determined by the pay of their final years of work. Finally, to receive full retirement (which is also very small), a teacher must work for forty years. Not much positive to say about loyalty.

Smcc Student

@ From the Grave "If they have the credentials"

Don't quit your day job, you'll never make it as a comedian.

From the Grave

Who said I HAVE a job...I'd take their jobs(at the new pay rate)in a heartbeat.


I think the cemetery is hiring.

From the Grave

My point anyway, was that they "CHOSE" a job at PRIVATE school. Tough break. So, choose a different job. Other people do it all the time.


BS, most have a bachelors, some Masters. WTF do you think social workers and nurses have? They work way more hours than any teacher.


Some do, some don't. Nurses as a whole make good money, and most do not have a master's degree. The ones that do usually are in administration or teaching, often in nursing schools.
Social workers, on the other hand, make terrible money unless they work for a for-profit company. But not all social workers have master's degrees. The ones that do have the option of working for insurance companies and private practices where they can make pretty good money.


...and most nurses have unions. Nurses with MSNs don't work with patients in direct-care.... they are in administration and work 40-hour weeks. The same with a masters in Social Work - few are in direct care.
If direct-care nursing staff work more than 40 hours (doesn't happen) they get additional pay because, guess what?, they are hourly employees.
Are you an MSN or MSW? Do you know one or more? From what experience do you speak?
I wish teachers only had to work 40 hours a week and got paid overtime. It's more than 8 hours in the classroom. Grading papers, preparing tests, providing breakfast, enforcing custody agreements, and... oh WTH. You're too much a dolt to understand.


You are dead wrong. LOL Master prepared nurses work right along side nursing assistants. Most healthcare institutions are not unionized. SW must have a Masters in SW or a MSSA , it's basically required. You're condescending, arrogant, indignant post is one reason why teachers get the attitude they do from a lot of people. 180 days a year. Hmmmm


In public school contracts teachers negotiate "contact time" the amount of time they have to actually spend in the room with students and it is nowhere near 8 hours a day but usually 5 hours. They then have time during the day for which they are paid to grade papers and do lesson plans etc.

They are paid a lot more per actual hour worked compared to nurses and social workers who have to take a much tougher educational program to earn their licenses than teachers and work under much more difficult conditions.

People seem to forget that teachers have great working conditions (hours, building conditions, coworkers, staff) and gain a lot of satisfaction or should from molding young lives. Nurses and social workers on the other hand have to put up with adults under difficult circumstances.

From the Grave

If you don't think that being a teacher at any level is difficult, then you are obviously NOT a teacher, and also don't know any. "The grass is always greener..."

Common Sense

Yes, but at least nurses are compensated for their extra hours at work. Neither social workers or teachers enter the field for the money. For those who think it is a 3-month long vacation, they learn quickly the fallacy of that statement. Open Houses, conferences, teacher meetings, professional development all figure into the school year as part of the salary. How do you know that these workers work "way more hours than any teacher"? have you walked in each of their shoes for at least a year? Are you basing it on familial experience? Let's face it: all these, and many more professions, do not receive the pay they are worth.


Does this have anything to do with all the lawsuits over the perverted priests? Maybe they're hurting for money.


Of course it does! Melody (?) left Monroe Catholic Education the lurch to come to SCCS and destroy the place. Now will someone warn Bellevue ICS?


Well said Contrary....I fell bad for Bellevue they do not know what is coming. She is a nightmare. I don't understand why people keep hiring her she has never stayed anywhere more than 2 years! She claims she wants to be more involved with the students I call BS..a demotion is what it is I feel sorry for those families....


Pay teachers at least as much as the politicians make. Teachers deserve more across the board. Catholicism is an insult to my intelligence. I went to catholic school and paid the price.




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