SCCS losing top administrators

Curtis, Savona leaving posts at end of school year
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 11, 2014


Sandusky Central Catholic School’s top two administrators will leave their posts at the end of the school year.

First-year president Melody Curtis announced Monday she has accepted a job as principal of Immaculate Conception School in Bellevue.

K-12 principal Mike Savona, in his fifth year of employment, is set to retire from education at the same time.

Sandusky Central Catholic School board president Tamara Humphrey confirmed the departures Thursday.

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Curtis is resigning for personal reasons, including a desire to return to a hands-on job where she can interact more with students, Humphrey said. She previously worked as executive director of Monroe Catholic Elementary Schools in Michigan.

“An opportunity became available and she decided it was time to make a change” Humphrey said.

Curtis and Savona both had one-year contracts with the school, which were set to expire June 30. The school employs all staff members through one-year contracts.

The school board is now searching for permanent replacements for both administrators, as well as another principal, Humphrey said.

One principal will oversee grades K-6, while another will be responsible for grades 7-12.

“The board is looking forward to continuing on the great path Melody and Mike put us on,” Humphrey said. “Although administrators may come and go, our mission for our families remains the same”

During her short tenure at Sandusky Central Catholic School, Curtis secured new streams of funding for the school and also refreshed its strategic plan. She was subjected national scrutiny, however, following the forced resignation of gay band director Brian Panetta from the school earlier this year.

It’s unclear who was ultimately responsible for Panetta’s departure. The school attributed the decision to mandates from the Catholic Diocese of Toledo, but the diocese claimed the choice was local.

In his five years with the district, Savona implemented many service-based programs for his students, including the popular “house system,” which pairs older and younger students together to complete community projects.

A copy of the letter distributed to school families this week regarding Curtis’ resignation will be available  .





Management disaster: The so called "great path" --mentioned in the article--is that any future Google search of the school now yields "popular gay band director fired for gay wedding plans." And this will be a stain on the school, forever. Drinking from separate fountains sounds silly today, right? The school became a national example of hypocrisy and intolerance.


Only a symbol for those who don't grasp the meaning of either word.


Sad news for Bellevue. Stepping down from high school to elementary school that has been troubled several years. Is she going to commute from Rossford? Sandusky?


ContrayAnn, obviously people in Bellevue must not read or watch the news. The Brian Panetta termination story made it all the way to the front page of the New York Times!


Re"Stepping down from high school to elementary school"

I attended Margaretta High School in the 50's and the principal at the time was Mr. Stephen Acerino. He did leave the job of high school principal to become a teacher at Immaculate Conception in Bellevue.

While at Margaretta he was not only the principal but I also had him for a chemistry, physics, and calculus teacher he also was the 8th grade science teacher and coached jr. high basketball. Prior to becoming principal he coached the varsity football team.

He treated the students with respect and the students respected him in addition to teaching the school subjects he did also talk to the students about having high moral standards and respect for other persons as well as other persons personal property.


You are right about Bellevue...They are next on her reign of terror...I feel bad for the teachers families and students..


As a parent of an SCCS student, I am not sure what to make of this. When Mrs. Curtis came her it seemed her M.O. was to turn around schools, so I didnt think she would stay FOREVER, however, I didnt believe she would leave in a year either ! She made so many changes, both good and bad in my opinion, but now we are without ANY top administrators and dont know what direction the school is going. Seems she was talking out both sides of her mouth every time she spoke, she was very believable but now I realize she was just saying what she thought we wanted to hear !


Imagine that, an SMCC administrator talking out of both sides of their mouth...SHOCKER!!!!!


Curtice sure does move around a lot. She must look really good on paper (only).


I want to know who hired her? Did Savona decide to leave because of her? New band director too, young man graduating from Dayton U, recommended by none other than Brian Panetta. Well, well, well. Thanks a lot Melody. I do know the kids are jumping for joy that an acquaintance of Mr. Panetta will be their Music Director.


Sugar, the big Catholic lesson here: Brian Panetta has been more Jesus-like than anyone else at that school. He truly loved that school and the students. Sad.


He even came back to see the performance of Joseph


And he cried, he was soo proud of his students, he was the driving force behind those kids.


As I recall, at Monroe she was Catholic elementary principal who engineered consolidation of three schools into one campus with different grades concentrated in each school with her as Executive Director. The new plan took effect with 2012-13 schoolyear - and she applied to SCCS in March, was hired in May and left Monroe in July after ONE year. They won't even talk about her.
Beware ICS.


You are mostly right her Contrary She came to Monroe and started makeing all of these changes and fired a lot of staff, a lot left themselves...She applied for SCCS BEFORE March and left Monroe before the school year was out...THIS is her pattern...she did the same thing in Rossford we hear and they are still recovering from the lies and damage she did...Prayers to Sandusky but hopefully you re cover soon..




Here she goes again...why dont they wonder why she job jumps so much


It sounds to me that the board needs to be replaced with people who actually provide oversight and make good hiring decisions for the school. Agree or not with the firing of Mr. Panetta, it was handled poorly. Period. BTW, one-year tenures does not reflect well on any resume, not even in the fast food industry!


Exactly how should it have been handled differently?

Oh, and BTW back at you, there are certain very elite jobs where it looks great on the resume.