Catholic schools extol differences

The Catholic Diocese of Toledo boasts its almost 200 schools across the region are “different by design” according to its slogan.
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 5, 2014
Each year, students at those schools — including several locally — set aside the final week of January as Catholic Schools Week to celebrate those differences and thank the individuals who allow them to happen each day.

Catholics nationwide have recognized the weeklong celebration since 1974.

“I’ve always told our kids the reason we celebrate Catholic Schools Week is because the education they have is truly a gift,” said Rita Dominick, coordinator of special activities at Sandusky Central Catholic School. “It’s a spirit-building week with a purpose of giving thanks, so we can appreciate that gift”

Treacherous winter weather and numerous school cancellations cut the Catholic Schools Week celebration a bit short this past week, prompting some schools, such as Immaculate Conception School in Port Clinton, to extend their much-anticipated activities into Monday and Tuesday.

At Immaculate Conception School, activities included Mass, a book fair, fun dress-up days and a pajama day paired with popcorn and a showing of the movie “Despicable Me 2” in the school gym. The students also collected donations for Heartbeat of Ottawa County, to benefit new and expectant mothers in the area.

On Tuesday, the celebration finished with Bible bingo, a variation of the traditional game using symbols and images from Bible stories. Students in older grades paired with students in younger grades to complete their bingo cards.

“We look forward to Catholic Schools Week every year” fifthgrader Garrett Hirt said. “It’s fun, and it makes us thankful, because we realize how lucky we are to go to school here”

At Sandusky Central Catholic School, the week’s activities also included dress-up days, as well as a scavenger hunt and a Mass with students in all grade levels. The school invited three alumni who are now priests — Charles Singler, Jeremy Miller and Ken Lill — to participate.

A highlight this year: When the school gathered in “The Den” on Friday for a concluding pep and faith rally, they used their new video scoreboard with Margaretta Schools student Ali McKean, 7, through Skype chatting.

Ali’s mother visited the school in the fall to talk about her daughter’s rare genetic condition, which makes it impossible for her to attend a traditional school. Since then, Sandusky Central Catholic School students have rallied to support the family.

During the discussion, the group presented the McKean family with almost $1,000 to help with medical expenses, offered words of encouragement and also prayed for Ali’s strength and well-being.

Elizabeth Ficocelli, a nationally known speaker, was scheduled to speak at Sandusky Central Catholic School, but her visit is postponed until next month because of weatherrelated cancellations.


John Harville


SCCS gets federal subsidies.


No, some of the students do. The federal government has been very careful to make sure that is the case.

John Harville

No... it's administered through the schools. Having worked in a school cafeteria I can assure you the federal money comes through the lunchroom budget.


Yes, THROUGH. It's a pass through.

But I get it, John - the careful reasoning of all the lawyers from 535 Congressional offices, two cabinet departments, and all the federal courts is meaningless because it doesn't support your need to attack an institution with which you have a bone to pick.

John Harville

yeah. you get it. The school budgets $506 million in STATE FUNDING as part of its overall budget.
The cafeterias utilize federal subsidies.
The state specifically is creating more legislation to give private schools money for administrative and instruction cost.


"catholic schools: different by design, and proud of that difference" may be their motto, but here are a few examples of that difference:

1--Pedophile priests who get moved to another church rather than being punished for their CRIMES;
2--Extremely low pay for their employees;
3--EXPECT the employees to donate their time and personal resources for the benefit of the school, and not provide the same philosophy when said employees ask the school / church for the same in return;
4--Preach love and harmony while practicing the exact opposite;
5--Recruiting of student athletes (St. Ignatius, St. Ed's, Bishop Ready, Moeller, SMCC wrestling, etc.);
6--I could continue with several more examples, but think you get the point.

The catholic church is the most hypocritical organization on Earth. It preaches one thing (treat your fellow man well, follow the Top Ten, etc.), but practices the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. It's a shame so many catholics still have their rose-colored glasses on and are blinded by the teachings of their puppet masters / CULT leaders.

John Harville

"Different by Design" is worn thin in 40 years.
The 'design' really isn't that different anymore.
Looking at the SCCS schedule, you'll discover there isn't daily mass any longer - only special masses. And several students have reported there is no daily prayer... which would have been the key difference.
Throughout the Diocese Catholic schools are not bound by employment laws (ie: seniority) and illegally claim being above state laws and standards.
Catholic Schools Week for years has been a recruitment tool and quest for fundraising (says the former Boosters chair) - and a tool for retention.


Again John, YOU ARE WRONG!!! Students go to mass every week. They haven't gone to daily mass in many, many years (at least prior to the 1970s!) And, show me where "several students have reported there is no daily prayer?" Because, again, it's just not true. It happens there every single day. I know because I've actually been there and HEARD it.

I'm not sure what your issue is with SCCS. It's obvious you continue to lie and "brew" er up stories. Why not focus on what is happening in your own community of Clyde?

John Harville

ya know Sandy... you can play your brewer game all you want. It gets you no where. You can think you are identifying me... and if you were I would be proud of that. I think you should re-read the privacy policy and understand your responsibility for violating it.

"When you participate in comment discussions attached to blog posts, you are responsible for what you post. Although we will not screen all contributed content, we reserve the right to remove anything we deem inappropriate, without any possibility of recourse or redress on your part.

"Be aware that some users will rely on the content of your posts. You – and not Mollom BVBA – are responsible for your posts, and you hereby fully indemnify us from any claim we might receive from third parties harmed by your content."

John Harville

NODERATOR... remove Sandusky Mom or face potential legal action.


Get a life, Harville. Quit trying to silence those who disagree with you.

John Harville

My children attended Mass every day in the 80s and at least twice a wee in the 90s. So sorry about SCCS.

And again you want me to be like you and 'name' people who have their own 'daily experiences' in SCCS schools and know that other than 'Bless us o Lord and these thy gifts' before lunch and a morning "Our Father", there is little in the way of prayer. We also know that non-Catholic teachers cannot lead Catholic prayers or teach religion.
But obviously you are content in the 'fullness' of your knowledge.. so, why don't you try some other way to 'reveal' my identity.


"Throughout the Diocese Catholic schools are not bound by employment laws (ie: seniority) and illegally claim being above state laws and standards."

You mean the same laws that violate our constitutional right to freedom of association, and which have largely been responsible for making the quality of our manufacturing sector an international laughing stock? The same laws that cause the NYC schools to have a room where teachers that they can't fire sit all day because they won't let them near a classroom? The same laws that get a cop reinstated after he's fired for driving drunk at 70 mph above the posted limit?

Now I finally get the source of your Catholic-bashing, John. You're a marxist, and marxism places the state as supreme, so it cannot tolerate the concept of God.

John Harville

Don't like facts?


I love facts, and most of yours are false. Your comments on articles about economic and political issues telegraph your philosophy; they are full of leftist, statist agitprop.

John Harville

ENROLLMENT IS DROPPING locally and nationwide.

"Enrollment in Catholic schools nationwide declined almost 12% for the 2012-13 school year compared with five years ago, a National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) report says. About 2 million children, from pre-K to 12th grade, attend Catholic schools across the U.S. In 2007-08, there were 2.27 million, says the report, released in February.

That's consistent with other enrollment drops over the past 10 years. Since 2003 the number of students attending a Catholic school has fallen nearly 22%, according to NCEA's Annual Statistical Report on Schools, Enrollment and Staffing.

Or don't you believe the NCEA either?

Enrollment at the local high school, according to one of its students who wrote here, is about 200. 20 years ago that figure was almost double - according to a CSW article in 1994.

Ned Mandingo

Babo, i used my computer to look up the facts, duh
Who in their right mind would have anything to do with a organization like that.


Cite? I've already quoted multiple sources to the effect that your statement is patently false.

Ned Mandingo

I feel sorry for the good people this religion has taken advantage of.
Your whole religion is based on a fairy tail and is a scam. Just keep your head buried in the sand and keep supporting the largest sex abuse ring ever you sheeple.
Remember a man in the sky who just happened to be born the same day as the winter solstice wants you to support creepy looking guys in dresses.
You people are hilarious. Instead of making excuses for criminals do some research on your beliefs. Jesus was not real, it's a astrology story. The SUN not son rises back to the north from its lowest point on the horizon on dec. 25. The three wise men is a constellation of stars that point to where the sun rises that morning. The story go on and on. And he is not the first son of god with that story,he is the 25th. Egyptian god Horus was the first followed by many others.if you don't believe me research it for yourself.


Ned the problem is secrecy, that's the cancer in the church. The paradox is that in protecting its reputation, the bishops have been destroying the church's moral authority. Truth is always of God, and evil thrives in secrecy and silence.

John Harville

shhhh. you might get excommunicated for letting out the secret.

"Excommunication" is another example of the church's attitude of superiority. A priest can 'excommunicate' a person, thus making it impossible for the person to enter Heaven. thus the priest has more power than God.


Excommunication only bars one from the sacraments.

John Harville

The Sacraments include the MASS OF CHRISTIAN BURIAL. Do you know the sacraments?
If that's all it is, the why did the Church only recently lift the "excommunication and eternal damnation to hell" of Copernicus? Ya think he was anxiously awaiting his chance to go to Reconciliation?

John Harville

Amazing, isn't it? I posted facts that support the Catholic schools - and even public schools - legal right to employ as teachers individuals who don't have teaching degrees and teaching certificates; who only have bachelor degrees (like me).
For that I've been called a Marxist, a heathen, and accused of being some thinly veiled name from another city.
Some people just want to hate.
That's okay. The Great Moderator knows...


John, I've read your comments on the ACA and the economy. I'm sorry, but it's too late - you've telegraphed your leftist, statist views.

The fact that you've correctly pointed out that they may legally hire teachers without an education degree is redundant and superfluous - since they have such teachers working for them and no legal action has been taken, it's obvious without your pointing it out. It's also irrelevant, since it doesn't address the salient question, which is not the legality, but rather the value proposition of said transactions.

John Harville

So.. "leftist, statist views' are a bad thing to your libertarian mind?
Good! Yes I am on the side of responsible members of society who accept their obligation to work for ALL the people in this great democratic republic.
Better! I am opposed to those who cry about the 'state' and its unfairness while still taking every advantage of life in this great democratic republic - but thinking they don't have to pay for it.
So, thank you for 'callng me out' as a Progressive who believes it is more important to live and respect the Constitution than accuse others of trying to abuse it.
Again I say a resounding THANK YOU!


"Yes I am on the side of responsible members of society who accept their obligation to work for ALL the people in this great democratic republic"

No, you are on the side of those who use coercive force to make OTHERS work for those you seek to help. You are a marxist who seeks to redistribute wealth. That explains your hostility to the RCC, since any church stands as a rival to the state. According to your ilk, we can't have private, VOLUNTARY cooperation to help people, because it competes with the state's coercive measures which depends on the threat of violent force.

John Harville

And when and where do we have 'VOLUNTARY Cooperation'?

John Harville

I understand persons like SM have to resort to any means to try to silence critics because their way of life is disappearing.

But perhaps SM should realize what her status would be if someone were to post here the names of the SCCS teachers who are divorced and remarried without annulments,.. and similar details.


So, would that be anything like your resorting to implied blackmail to silence your critics?

Kettle to pot, color check, over.