$1 million gift to help English, art departments

“He was very familiar with the program, and even after he left this life, he wanted to leave these gifts for the school he thought so highly of”
Alissa Widman Neese
Jan 23, 2014


Sandusky Central Catholic School received an almost $1 million donation from a late alumnus this past year, a frequent donor with a desire to enhance the school’s educational opportunities even after his death.

Arthur F. Link Jr., 91, of St. Mary’s High School’s Class of 1939, died Jan. 6, 2013.

He willed three significant gifts to his alma mater, which were recently transferred to the school:

• Establishing the $600,000 “Arthur & Mildred Link Endowment Fund,” part of the SCCS Education Foundation.

• Endowing the $150,000 “Mildred Ann Link English Chair” in honor of his wife.

• Endowing the $150,000 “Sallie Link Fraudie Art Chair” in honor of his daughter.

The first award will fund scholarships for current St. Mary Central Catholic High School students and eighth-graders who will attend the high school the following year. The foundation, formed in 2005, currently has a total investment portfolio valued at more than $7 million, according to a news release.

The latter two awards, meanwhile, will fund the “Partners in Excellence Hands Together in Ministry Endowed Chair Program,” launched in 1999 by Mary Ann Sloan. It is valued at about $1.88 million and is now considered part of the overall foundation. Link’s gifts will provide funding for Sandusky Central Catholic School’s English and art departments, for continuous improvements and special projects.

The Link family supported the endowed chair program’s health and physical education program chairs in 2001.

“He was very familiar with the program, and even after he left this life, he wanted to leave these gifts for the school he thoughtso highly of,” said Emily Kasper, a school employee who works closely with the foundation.

During high school, Link excelled as a basketball and football player and was a member of the undefeated 1936 basketball team, who were state champions. He led the team in scoring during his junior and senior year and was named a first-team All Ohio forward after his senior season.

After receiving several offers to join college teams, Link chose to attend the University of Detroit and play football. He graduated in 1943 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Shortly after graduation, he served in the U.S. Navy.

He later opened his own mechanical contracting business, Hoyt, Brumm & Link Inc., and retired in 1987.

Sandusky Central Catholic School honored Link during its Hall of Fame induction ceremony this past weekend, when it inducted the 1938 boys basketball team.

A copy of the Sandusky Central Catholic School Education Foundation’s 2012-13 annual report is posted below. It includes financial information regarding the foundation’s overall funds.



Thank you to all who invest in our children's education.


Amen to that ~ and so selflessly. God bless him, his family and the legacy he leaves behind.




An excellent gesture :)


If he was gay, would they accept the money? Yes, undoubtedly. But if he were gay AND their band director, he would be fired. Bigots. No wonder 12 pct of Americans are former Catholics.


SERIOUSLY??? GET OVER IT...We need more people like him that believe in the future of our children!

The Answer Person

So at last the bigoted truth is out!!!
So what you are actually saying here is that no LGBT citizen of the United States could EVER "believe in the future of our children"?
Everything that Brian Panetta worked for for YOUR children was NOTHING?
Just as we ALL thought..or should I say KNEW!



WOW, talk about reading what isn't there!


I certainly don't believe in the future of our children in the hands of a bigoted institution like the catholic church. Just like I wouldn't send kids to KKK camp or a Nazi youth group. The catholic church is firing married gays left and right in this country. Those fired are losing their livelihoods and being shamed because they are different. But for the lack of bloodshed, I see no difference between what the catholic church is doing and Krystalnacht or lynchings.


You are correctly named.


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