Band, choir director hired

Sandusky Central Catholic School has summoned Joel Miller, a part-time Perkins Schools employee, to replace its recently ousted band and choir director.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jan 17, 2014


Brian Panetta, who was in his fifth year of employment, was forced to resign from the Catholic school this past week after he told the school’s director he plans to pursue a gay marriage with his partner in 2015.

He taught band for grades 5-12 and choir for grades 7-12, and also assisted with production of the school’s musical.

It’s unclear if Miller has taken over some or all of Panetta’s responsibilities, as Sandusky Central Catholic School president Melody Curtis did not return a call or reply to an email from the Register seeking comment.

When contacted Wednesday, Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner said Miller told him he will now also be teaching in some capacity at Sandusky Central Catholic School.

“Joel and I spoke about SCCS (offering) to have him teach their band and choir class,” Gunner said in an email Wednesday. “He assured me that the schedule proposed by SCCS would not conflict with his half-time position currently at Perkins.”

“I indicated that as long as the additional job at SCCS did not interfere with his responsibilities at Perkins, he was free to pursue what he thought was best,” Gunner continued. “It was my impression that Mr. Miller would accept the offer made to him by SCCS and still continue his half-time role at Perkins without conflict.”

Miller is assistant band director at Perkins Schools and spends most of his time teaching classes at Furry Elementary School, as well as one class at Perkins High School, district treasurer Lisa Crescimano said in an email Wednesday. Perkins Schools first hired Miller in 2011.

This past year, Miller’s full-time position with Perkins Schools was scaled down to a part-time position as part of the district’s $2 million in cost-saving reductions.

In an interview with the Register on Wednesday, Panetta said he is aware Sandusky Central Catholic School has hired his replacement, but he does not have any intentions to pursue legal action to reclaim his job.

He is studying for a master’s degree at Bowling Green State University and will graduate in May. He then plans to pursue a job elsewhere, possibly at a private, non-Catholic school.

A public records request to Perkins Schools didn’t return any emails to or from Miller regarding Sandusky Central Catholic Schools or a new job. There are also no documents filed with Perkins Schools regarding the arrangement.

Miller has not replied to an email sent to his Perkins Schools account Wednesday seeking comment.



That didn't take long. Sounds like the school had a plan and was just waiting for the right time. All that happened a little too quickly.


I don't see it as happening too quickly. I'm sure Mr. Miller jumped at the chance when he heard about the opening since his position at Perkins has been cut back. He's local and a great guy.


Moving on. Good guy, good hire.


Good luck, Mr. Miller. Hopefully people can see past all the controversy and support you.


Good for SMCC. Win/Win.


Congratulations, Joel!

Whatever you do, don't tell anybody at work, if you do anything "normal" like, use birth control, masturbate, or read Harry Potter!

Or heaven forbid, attend a gay friends wedding!

Just keep all that secret, and you will fit right in!


Where do you work? Not telling your co-workers when you masterbate is always good advice! But I'm sure he appreciates your help.


my thoughts exactly. if you don't agree with what your employer stands for then we're all in trouble!

John Harville

Really? So if your employer stands for not hiring persons of color, or women in positions of authority or 'passing along' pedophile priests you should just keep your mouth shut?
Or if your employer is opposed to hiring military veterans?
Or if your employer is opposed to hiring anyone over 35? Or with a disability?
...especially if your employer accepts government subsidies?




uhm, go have a brandy.


If being gay was God's plan it would not be an abomination to Him.


If God doesn't like gays, why does he keep making so many of them?

“If no one had ever challenged religious authority, there’d be no democracy, no public schools, women’s rights, improvements to science and medicine, evolution of slavery and no laws against child abuse or spousal abuse. I was afraid to challenge my religious beliefs because that was the basis of creation—mine anyway. I was afraid to question the Bible or anything in it, and when I did, that’s when I became involved with PFLAG and realized that my son was a perfectly normal human being and there was nothing for God to heal because Bobby was perfect just the way he was.”
― Mary Griffith

John Harville

Paul said it was an abomination.
Paul said 'Jesus will return before this (his) generation passes away'

Paul said women should be quiet on matters of Church belief and policy.

Methinks Huronguy doth protest too much.


As more stories come out about good, loving people being discriminated against the bigots will lose. Huron guy protests way too much!!! lol


Love is a choice, so is your sexuality!

John Harville

'love is a choice'? Speaking from experience? You 'chose' whom you would love and marry? You 'chose' to love your children?

When did you choose your sexuality? At what age did you sit down and decide "I choose to be...."?

Now 'stupidity' and 'bigotry' and 'hatred' - THOSE are choices.

John Harville

A plan... and Mr. Miller best be careful cuz 'comments' already are circulating.

Also: Mrs. Curtis already removed Brian from the faculty list on the SCCS website and on her website listed herself as Director of Music at SCCS.

lawsuits not involving Mr. Panetta already are in the works at the Federal District Court level and involving the Diocese - which learned 10 years ago it is not immune from such action just because of its 'religious' status.

Ask yourself why the Executive Director of Monore Catholic Elementary Schools would take a step down to Sandusky, Ohio.


Well we've found this years current big story. Step aside triple homicide and justice for jake a new spoof is in town

John Harville

Well, Jake has gone national.

Homophobia has gone national.

Is this REALLY what Dr. Tyler envisioned for the 'new plan' when he headed the Search Committee which brought Melody Curits from Michigan to see if she could make a bigger mess here?

Do not think that when the Diocese sees the lawsuits it will stand Mrs. Curtis or SCCS as long as she is employed here..

Did she REALLY think of the ramifications of her actions on students, parents, the community - and donors?

Does Mr. Miller want this national scandal on HIS record as he searches for a job later in another private school?


Attention Panther Band Members. I got this message via the Hire Brian Back blog, and I wanted to pass it to you guys!

Hi. I'm a recent graduate of a Seattle-area Catholic high school, and I wanted to let you know that there are a ton of us who support you. Just before Christmas break, the vice principal at one of the other Catholic high school in our Archdiocese was fired when it was found out that he had married his same-sex partner. Living up to Seattle's reputation for liberalism, the student sit-in at Eastside Catholic soon spread to other schools, and now there is a whole movement of young people who refuse to let this go. I only heard about what happened with you guys on tumblr and I don't think it's been widely reported, so not many people over hear have heard, but I strongly urge the Sandusky Central students to visit the KeepMrZ2013 page on Facebook or the blog on tumblr to get in contact with a huge group of people who stand with them and want to change the world. I don't know if this is the most effective way to get the word out to you guys, but I couldn't find any way that I might contact the student body or a group opposed to Mr. Panetta losing his job. I promise that you will find overwhelming support from your fellow Catholic school kids out here in Washington state if you just say hi on the movement's Facebook page. We're behind you 100%.
---- ---- ----
By the way, everyone absolutely loves the Just Dance 2011 band performance. Good job. The Panther band will be the most watched in the country!


God didn't create them to be Gay, Through their own free will did they choose to be sexual perverts. Prove to me your born Gay, Anyone???


Prove to me your GOD is real, or your BIBLE is truth. Any one?


If homosexuality isn't natural (albeit far less common than heterosexuality), why has it been observed in nature? Do you submit that monkeys are intelligent enough to look around them and then CHOOSE to cavort with another monkey of the same sex? Are you suggesting that rats are on a par with humans (at least children) when THEY "decide" to engage in homosexual behavior?

Homosexuality may legitimately be called "abnormal" if you narrowly define that as being "not the usual." It is NOT a "choice" (and for all of you in the gay community, it isn't a "lifestyle" either). It just IS.

Why so many people seem to think anybody else's sexuality is any of their business (and frankly why a very loud minority of the gay community seem to want to MAKE it other people's business) is beyond me!

I agree that religion has played a large role in the condemnation of such "sinful" behavior, but the name calling and worse isn't religion. It's six year-olds running around screaming at each other, unifying only to bully the one or two that are somehow "different."

God Of Thunder

Wow huronguy. Just because someone is gay makes them sexual perverts huh??? You have just become the leader of all the pea brained, close-minded individuals.


Best wishes Joel!


Welcome to the Panther family Mr. Miller!

Dr. Information

Sexual organs were created to procreate. Science and religious wise, the act of sexuality with someone of the same sex is anything but normal. Yes I said it, yes that is what the majority of people think move on now.


Said the most boring, non sexual, lonely, unattractive, introverted, pathetic person that walks the earth.

Haha! I pity the fool your married to! I'm guessing your a real joy to be around, you sound like the life of the party.

If science didn't want same sex, sex, then it wouldn't be possible! Where did you get that the "majority" of people think that?

I got news for you, it's Saturday night, and the majority of people (gay, straight, married, single, fat, skinny) are going to be having sex tonight, not to procreate, because it feels darn good! As a matter of fact, just for you, I'm even going to masturbate, before I have sex!

Dr. Information

As usual the intolerant left go on the attack and resort to name calling and sticks and stones comments.

thinkagain's picture

It never fails...

Dr. Information

As usual the intolerant left go on the attack and resort to name calling and sticks and stones comments.


@Dick Tracey...your first name is quite apropos


Ladydyedye, It's about beliefs not about whose right or wrong. The church believes in the bible and they follow that bible. If people don't respect it stay out.