‘The Den’ upgraded

The lackluster scoreboards in “The Den” have probably been hanging there for a few decades.
Alissa Widman Neese
Nov 8, 2013
A substantial donation from a former Cedar Fair executive will soon change all that.

Former Cedar Fair CEO Dick Kinzel and his wife, Judy, recently donated money to install a state-of-the-art digital scoreboard, three video cameras and other equipment in “The Den,” St. Mary Central Catholic High School’s gymnasium.    

The 6-by-24-foot scoreboard will display video replays, statistics and graphics. Kinzel, school alumni and Brady Sign Company project manager Ryan Brady are all involved in the project.

Kinzel, who attended a Catholic school while growing up in west Toledo, has long been an advocate of Catholic education.

“My wish is that this gift will ultimately be used to promote Catholic education in our area,” Kinzel said. “The athletic teams will benefit, but there is a whole support mechanism for operating and working the system that will be a great learning tool for students in a variety of disciplines.”

Sandusky Central Catholic School will debut the system at the first varsity boys basketball game Nov. 29 vs. Tiffin Calvert, said Melody Curtis, its president. The girls play Nov. 30 vs. Huron.

The display will also complement non-athletic events held in “The Den,” such as assemblies, music performances, art shows and Masses, Curtis said.

“To witness the difference these gifts make to our students and facilities is inspiring,” Curtis said. “Judy and Dick Kinzel’s commitment to Catholic education and this school is truly amazing.”

Curtis declined to reveal the amount of money Kinzel donated, but she said “it’s substantial.” Because Sandusky Central Catholic School is not funded by tax dollars, it is not required to release information about finances or donations.



Thank you to the Kinsel family for supporting area students and athletics.

Brick Hamland

Very well done Mr and Mrs. Kinzel. I look forward to seeing it in action.


Sure !!!!!! NOW you get a new scoreboard and I believe backboards now that you're leaving the SBC !! Jk. Mr Kizel, ( and mrs.)I know you are 1 of the most generous people in this area and you have anonymously donated to so many more things than the public realizes ! you are by all means the true definition of a gentleman, but just thinking out loud, just think how much MORE of a gentleman you would be if you were to donate a new scoreboard and backboard to all the schools in the SBC ?? We could even rename the SBC to the DKC ( Dick Kinzel conference ) the lombardi trophy, the Stanley cup, would have nothing over the Kinzel Kettle !

Colonel Angus

St Mary's will be back in the SBC soon. When Perkins merges with Sandusky enrollment will triple at St Mary's. Thank you Kinzel family and NO voters.


now why do you have to go down that road CA ? with the no voters ? Huh ? Really ? are you one of the haters? it's too bad Mr Kinzel is not able to buy you a soul and heart


the only flaw seeing that new scoreboard and I mean the ONLY flaw is that it looks like it keeps saint mary's running score and not game by game