Rieger has 1 in 4 shot at development

Construction on the Rieger Lofts project could begin as soon as this fall.
May 24, 2010



Construction on the Rieger Lofts project could begin as soon as this fall. That is, if it all goes according to plan and developers get the loan they need.

The chances of that are 1 in 4. But city leaders are throwing their support behind the bid.

Developer Greg Spatz and architect Jonathan Sandvick met with city commissioners Dave Waddington and Pervis Brown on Wednesday night to discuss the future of the historic downtown hotel.

The duo said they hope to transform the Rieger into apartments for residents 55 years and older, with retail on the ground floor.



Where was John Lippus? Downtown Main Street was a no show.


Infoman, To answer your question, I have been in contact several times over the last few weeks with Mr. Spatz regarding his development and this meeting. I was not present because this was a meeting between a Private Development Company and the City of Sandusky. As our organization is not a dept within the City of Sandusky as many might think, I do not have to be at every meeting that takes place. I will be meeting with Mr. Spatz this afternoon to discuss the project, and am very please he and our City Leaders have reached an agreement as this story would indicate. I'm sure I'll learn of the full details at our meeting.

Raoul Duke

Who will manage the apartments?

If they could get everyone from Viewpoint to move to the Rieger, then Viewpoint could be turned into large condos for sale. I assume that the lot across the street will be available for them to park?


Hey Jimmy, why would the residents at Viewpoint give up their priceless view of the water to move to a view of a parking lot, the Sandusky Register building, Care and Share or whatever else they would see?


Don't tell the State Theater, they will want to charge for parking again in that lot. But this is just what the city need, MORE RENTALS!!

Raoul Duke

gryphyn: I never said they SHOULD move. If it's a lot cheaper, they might not care about the view. I just hope that it would be run be a reputable organization.

hancrack me up

re: jlippus:
I am very please to see you can spell so professional-like. Deliver me.

T. A. Schwanger

Hang onto your wallets Sanduskians


Infoman and Jlippus, Who ever is right, just do something! John Lippus is 99% hot air. I work in the banking industry and he has no game.