Rieger building project slated for November

An iconic Sandusky structure may soon transition into a vibrant living space for senior citizens.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 18, 2012


An iconic Sandusky structure may soon transition into a vibrant living space for senior citizens.

Earlier in 2012, Columbus-based housing developer Buckeye Community Hope Foundation secured $8 million to renovate the Rieger Hotel, located on Jackson and West Market streets, into a 37-unit apartment complex sculpted for senior living.

Buckeye is a non-profit organization aiming to providing affordable housing in urban and rural markets.
Plans also call for commercial activity, such as a restaurant or office space, on the first floor.

Construction for the year-long project should start by November.

“The redevelopment of the Rieger is going to be great in terms of serving the unmet needs of seniors who want to live downtown,” foundation vice president Roy Lowenstein said.

Tentatively, available space and rent will be:
• $389 per month for a large studio apartment, four in total;
• $499 per month for onebedroom apartments, 16 in total, from 650 square feet up to 751 square feet.
• $599 per month for twobedroom apartments, 17 in total, from 850 square feet up to 1,000 square feet.



Phil Packer

 I thought they said "affordable"...


Yeah, right....  How many times have we heard this story over the last 15 years.


Wow, I expected the rents to be much higher.



too high priced for that  small amount  of square footage.    Anyway, good luck with that.


Reads like another NGO gettin' rich by having it's hand in the taxpayer's pocket.

Wonder what the pres., Mr. Boone brings down in salary annually?



The Answer Person

OK.  Senior housing will help downtown how?  They notoriously spend little.

Nice that it is FINALLY going to be fixed up, but how it will help the downtown economy escapes me. 

Maybe the $3.00 breakfasts they want to purchase will help?


I'll believe it the day the doors open.


While I'm thrilled to see something FINALLY happening (it's a lovely old building, or COULD be lovely), I'm also unsure that senior housing is the way to go. We already have senior housing in the immediate downtown area, and due to fixed incomes, limited mobility, etc., it hasn't exactly been an economic boon!

I don't oppose senior housing by any stretch of the imagination. It just seems to me that there's a better use that would promote further economic development rather than a use that would maintain the status quo at best.

Retail on the first floor? Good! But is it enough? I'm a whole lot less enthusiastic about that...

Maybe the only way the developers could get grant monies is with certain usage(s). I understand, but again: Something else would have been better for the City!


 The only way this project comes to fruition is through taking money out of the taxpayers pocket. No private business would take the chance with this risky venture.

Of course we loaned taxpayer dollar to the Krunchie Pickle. How'd that go?

Keep your hands out of my pocket.

Good 2 B Me

Good luck! Sandtown needs some Downtown love!

The Bizness

 I am happy to see this project continue!

I just wish it was geared towards attracting a younger crowd who would help put some young blood back into the city.


Let's see, which pays more in taxes a parking lot or renovated occupied building?

The ongoing "Whine" festival in Sandusky sure doesn't offer much encouragement to potential investors or residents interested in investing in or moving to the city.

A successful downtown should be a mix of stores, restaurants and activities that will draw people of all ages.  When was the last time you shopped downtown, instead of Sprawl-Mart or eaten at one of the restaurants instead of the fast food joints on Perkins Ave or Milan Rd?  

These things won't happen without your POSITIVE input and participation.  Stop waiting for someone else to do the job, get off your back side and get involved.  Promote the positive that is happening, clean up the business district and the neighborhoods, support your local businesses and take pride in your hometown.

As a recent retiree, I'd like to see this project succeed, so I could sell my house to a young couple or family and move back to the most beautiful location on Lake Erie.


bayshore writes:

"I could sell my house to a young couple or family and move back to the most beautiful location on Lake Erie."

Good luck finding a "young couple or family" that has the cash or that can qualify for a mortgage to buy your house.

Get involved? Taxpayers ARE "involved."

Based on my reading, this project is a taxpayer financed boondoggle and targeted primarily at low-income people.


@ Kimo:

As a millionaire-next-door, have you begun donating your SS check to charity?




What would Romney do??

Most of "Them Seniors" live off the government.

Scum of the earth..........



The Bizness

 Good stuff Bayshore

I am a young single and I just bought my house in the City of Sandusky....there are young people in the area but it appears that people like Contango don't really beleive it for some reason.


@ The Bizness:

Nope. I speak from experience as the seller.

So did you qualify through FHA or did mom and dad give you the down payment?

You bought in Sandusky???? Enjoy the rising crime, property, income and service taxes and trying to sell in the future.


Mrs. Smith

For those of us too young to retire...making too much money to live at the highrise and too old to keep up with a large house and yard, I think this is the perfect answer.  And, you won't have to go tell your neighbor he's playing his rap-crap music too loud, the TV maybe...  

And, to all you senior-bashers, take one to lunch, we may surprise you.


@ Mrs. Smith:

Take one to lunch?

If you're on SS and Medicare, non-recipients have already helped to pay for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This project is being funded by taxpayers and also helping to line the pockets of a crony not-for-profit.

Heck, Medicaid pays for the majority of nursing care in the U.S.

Continuing the redistribution of wealth from the youth to aging baby boomers will help to bankrupt this country.


The Bizness


I obtained a private loan and used my savings for my down payment. Do I have to tell you that im also paying off my private student loan too?! It must be terrible to live in a state of mind like yours where every young person is sucking the teet of big government and the world is destined to explode from the younger generations ineptitude.

I am 25 and I cant wait till my generation helps fix what people with a mind set like yours have done.


The Bizness writes:

"I am 25 and I cant wait till my generation helps fix what people with a mind set like yours have done."

Good for you! I admire your positive attitude.

Based on the projected $100 trillion plus unfunded liabilities for SS, Medicare and Medicaid alone, the entitlement "fix" will cost more than 100% of your income.

Keep a stiff upper lip and work real hard - the govt. needs every penny.



so what is your answer Answer Person. Government Offices??/


Mrs.Smith who'd take Contango?   Heard he was moving  to Texazz anyway.

T. A. Schwanger

Answer Person......

An earier commenter asked what your answer is for the Reiger Building----more non-taxpaying government offices???

T. A. Schwanger