Rieger developer obtains funds for senior living complex

A Columbus-based housing developer secured enough money to revitalize an archaic, but iconic, downtown Sandusky structure.
Andy Ouriel
Aug 6, 2012


A Columbus-based housing developer secured enough money to revitalize an archaic, but iconic, downtown Sandusky structure.

The Buckeye Community Hope Foundation booked $8 million to transform the Rieger Hotel, located at Jackson and West Market streets, into a 37-unit apartment complex sculpted for senior living.

Plans also call for including some commercial activity, such as a restaurant or office space, on the first floor.

The year-long project should kick off in November, the foundation's vice president Roy Lowenstein said.

Read more about the project in today's Register or e-paper.



 What age does  "senior" start? 50? 55?  65?  Would be good to know what ages are in, which ages are out...Thanks for the info (in advance).  

mimi's word

I am glad something is coming to use with that old building.  However with senior housing aren't these people on a very strict budget (aren't we all?)  People complain that no one comes downtown to spend money...why is it people are making it easier to bring more people down with no money.  Wouldn't a hotel actually be better.  Different flow of people...going to bars and restaurants, not worrying about driving home, go to Cedar Point ...real close or hop the island cruises???  I am all for using the building but I just think for senior housing it is not a boost for the city at all.


Awesome something "clean" coming to downtown Sandusky. For those who oppose it, you just might wind up there someday.


 So where does the Buckeye Community Hope Foundation get their money?  Yep, you the taxpayers.

 Your tax dollars are being used to help a developer add 37 apartments to a city that has already too many apartments vs homes.  This balance is so out of whack the city can never return to its past glory.

Who wants to take bets this development never is completed or become an white albratross ?



I won't have enough money to afford these apartments.  


 With the amount of senior citizens on the rise-I am tickled to see this venture.  So many times these folks are sitiing at home either by themselves or with family who begrudgingly takes them in.  I hope they thrive in this environment. They will be among common folk who know just what the trials and tribulations of growning old is all about.  Someone will actually listen to the stories they tell and be there to laugh with them.  Good luck and I can't wait to see the finished project.


 Odds are the people that can afford to live there are the same people that did well through their lives and are in a position now where they can afford to sell their homes, (sometimes even cheaply to their children) that are too much for them to take care of now but they also don't need to go into any kind of assited living or any other kind of situation of that nature and they also have the money to frequent the various coffee shops and restaurants downton on a regular basis so it will still help the downtown economy. 


I'm not sure about this.  Isn't there better uses for that money?

The Bizness

 I am both happy for this but at the same time I am a bit upset.

This city needs to attract a younger demographic and it won't do that by just building more and more senior living centers....I guess they will at least be able to bring in younger nurses and doctors?

I just hope that the people in charge realize that more mixed use/urban development needs to happen for people of my generation (18-35 yo) to be attracted to the city.


When you go with tax dollars, you have to go with what is needed and available for the particular area.  These developers use other people's money so you just can't pick and choose what you want to build.  The tax dollars are available for senior housing and that is what you are going to get. 

mimi's word

I understand that Darkhorse, however I still feel that when you have such an empty downtown Sandusky and what is still here is struggling why not boost the area as well.  I do not see senior housing boosting the area businesses.


 Well for sure we don't need another drunken establishment or attraction of the sort along the waterfront.  All that is doing is giving the water front a bad rep ensuring that no one want to visit.

The Bizness

 No offense Reva but liqour = money so a hotel with a bar would do nothing but good downtown....

How about a rooftop bar/restraunt somewhere downtown....imagine the views that would offer!


reva - drunken establishment along the waterfront?  please explain how you can characterize the restaurants downtown as drunken establishments that no one wants to visit?

T. A. Schwanger

Plans for the new City Hall on the ground floor perhaps.

car 54

  John Lippus will make this happen. Ask him.

4-wheeler al

good idea ,but turn it back ina hotel again look at the money the city can get.Instead of 250 perkins township.

God Of Thunder

Nobody is ever happy with what people do downtown...You p*** and moan about the dilapidated buildings, and then you p*** and moan about what someone wants to do with the buildings once they come along and announce plans.

There are worse things that can in there...How about another halfway house???  Would that make you happy???

Get over yourselves, quit trying to develop your own thoughts...If you want something there, then put up the money and make it happen..That rat hole has been sitting empty and deteriorating for years, and someone wants to come along and do something with it and you cry...Cry me a river..

Uncommon Sense

Senior living is not the answer.  I'm not opposed to senior living, but let's look at what Sandusky has to offer for living in the downtown area:  Bayshore Tower run by Erie Metro Housing Authority, Viewpoint for senior housing and Harborview also for senior housing.  Enough is enough... stop trying to revive the waterfront by creating more low cost, low income or senior housing downtown.  Instead, continue to make changes that make it worth while for people to go there.



I can remember when the Jackson Hotel was "senior" housing.

Muscatel was the drink of choice. (65 cents a bottle).

Muscato, same wine new name.

I knew a few of those "seniors", they were an interesting group.

Rieger Senior Living and Wine Bar does have a ring to it.




The Bizness

 God of Thunder (thor) 

I am happy there will be development but we can still offer other ideas, and for some of us this is one of the only ways we can be heard.  Maybe someone will read these and an idea will be sparked :P