Credit card swiped

Woman gets felony charge for picking co-worker's wallet
Jun 10, 2014


A Toledo woman was arrested for allegedly racking up charges on a Port Clinton woman’s credit cards.

Katherine Mendoza, 21, of the 3000 block Chase St., was charged with theft with purpose to deprive, knowingly obtain or exert control without consent of owner.

The alleged victim told police Sunday her purse, with credit cards and her children's social security cards, had been stolen from her work locker at Edgewood Manor Nursing Center, the report said.

Mendoza was the alleged victim’s first suspect because Mendoza saw the purse get placed in the locker, the alleged victim said.

Port Clinton police viewed bank statements that found three charges totaling nearly $200, the report said.

The first two charges on the alleged victim’s credit card came from Kroger gas station. Police reviewed security footage in which Mendoza was identified by police, the report said.

She admitted to taking the wallet when questioned by police, the report said. She said the wallet was lying on a chair so she took it, the report said.

According to the report, the alleged crime is a felony because of the type of card Mendoza used.

Mendoza threw the wallet in a ditch and later helped police retrieve it when they asked her to, the report said.

She was taken to the Ottawa County Jail and released Monday on her own recognizance.



Just the sort of person I'D like to work with!


Not sure if the wallet was in the purse, which was in the locker but, even if it fell out accidently and was on the chair, that means it's finder's keepers? Good gravy. Released on own recognizance? I am sure she will be the first one at the courthouse steps for her hearing. (sarcasm)

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I had a waitress take my CC in Westlake at Ti Spice on Center Ridge Rd. She used her cell phone to photograph it. Later that night she started charging items that did not need to be delivered, she charged 2 Walmart gift certificates, some software, some music from Rapcity to the tune of $500 plus. Chase called me at 7am and we stopped the card.