Port Clinton police rescue fawn

Young deer gets tangled in roots while drinking water
Alex Green
May 27, 2014



The makers of Bambi had it all wrong.

Deer are sometimes on the right side of human acts — just ask Port Clinton police.

Officers Von Rider and Ryan Yost saved a deer from a precarious situation Sunday, perhaps even from drowning. The two exited Brands' Marina on their harbor patrol boat as they do weekly, expecting to only see the growing number of boaters passing by on the Portage River.

Instead, Rider thought he heard the faint cry of an animal in distress. The two looked up to see a helpless mother deer with an even more helpless fawn.

Its tiny body was in the river and its head was the only part above water. The head was also stuck in roots, which kept the animal from moving.

"It's heart-breaking when you see any small animal getting hurt," Yost said.

Their first thoughts were of course to save it. They turned their boat around and Rider grabbed hold of the tree as he kept the patrol boat in place, up against a bank.

Yost jumped up on the bank and untangled the struggling deer's head from the roots.

He then placed the deer on land, away from the bank.

"It didn't appear to have any physical injuries," Yost said. "It was pretty much worn out from trying to get out."

He said the deer initially had trouble standing because of how tired it was. As it garnered enough strength to stand, the officers were back on their patrol.

The deer was likely drinking from the water when it fell in, Yost said.

Port Clinton police Chief Rob Hickman commended his officers for their quick decision-making.



Oh, deer.


Great story. Thank you, officers!

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Its nice that you helped the deer out ..... thanx


Great to see a nice story like this!!!

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The Hero Zone

Thank you, officers, for your perception and compassion.


Nice to read something upbeat in the news, instead of the usual doom & gloom. Great job!

nosey rosey

Thank you for your compassion.