Man arrested for bomb threat

He allegedly robbed the smoke shop of about $600 and two cartons of cigarettes.
Alex Green
Apr 18, 2014


Alex Fletcher, 24, of Port Clinton, was indicted Thursday for his alleged role in the Port Clinton High School bomb threat.

Fletcher is already in jail on aggravated robbery charges, stemming from the robbery earlier this month of a Mickey Mart smoke shop, which came less than an hour after the bomb threat. 

An Ottawa County grand jury indicted him on one count each of inducing panic and disrupting public service.

Fletcher and his pastor met with Port Clinton police two weeks ago when he admitted to his role in the robbery. He said a friend called in the bomb threat, and he told police the intent was to divert law enforcement attention to the bomb threat.

Fletcher allegedly robbed the smoke shop of about $600 and two cartons of cigarettes.



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Let's send him out on the lake with a plastic kayak, to search for the missing fishermen. It could save some money on search cost, future court cost and his food and rent in the slammer.


About 2000 hours of community service would be far more productive and may even be legal.
He starts by picking up butts at mickey mart and street corners where the motoring buttheads like to dump their ash trays.

From the Grave

Tobacco is a gateway drug.


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