Robbery, bomb threat charges pending

Police: Man who admitted to smoke shop holdup also involved in bomb threat at high school
Alex Green
Apr 8, 2014


Charges are pending for a local man who admitted to robbing a Port Clinton smoke shop with a baseball bat last week, Port Clinton police said.

The man will also be charged in connection with a bomb threat placed about 30 minutes prior to the robbery, police said.

Police said the man has not been arrested.

”We did not feel he posed an immediate threat” Port Clinton police Detective Corbin Carpenter said.

Carpenter said a grand jury could indict the man as early as next week on charges of inducing panic, disrupting public service and making false alarms, all related to the bomb threat. He’ll also be indicted on armed robbery charges for the incident at the smoke shop.

”He will be held accountable,” Carpenter said.

Police are still trying to determine if anyone else played a role in the incidents.

Just before 10 a.m. April 1, a man called the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and said he was bringing a bomb to Port Clinton High School.

The call prompted the school district to implement a lockdown, keeping all students inside the school. Port Clinton police, Ottawa County deputies and U.S. Border Patrol agents all swarmed to the scene.

About 30 minutes later, a mile down the road, a man dressed all in black — a sweatshirt hood hiding his face — walked into the Mickey Mart smoke shop on East Perry Street. With a baseball bat in hand, the man ordered the clerk to hand over cash and two cartons of cigarettes. He made off with about $600 and the cigarettes.

Carpenter said the man who admitted to the robbery was also involved in the bomb threat, even if he didn’t make the actual phone call. The call was placed from a cell phone.

Carpenter said he contacted several phone representatives, but there was no subscription information associated with the phone.


Peninsula Pundit

Since so many want to laud the journalistic acumen of the PC Nude Harold and Fremont Nude Messenger, neither mentioned any possible connection between the po-po playing public defender in front of the TV cameras at the school and a two-bit thief who robbed the city while they were on parade.
They did not want to make the cops look bad, as it undoubtedly does when this guy can outsmart 3 police departments with one phone call and leave the rest of the city defenseless.
Good Job, Boys!
Keep Up the Great Work!


I pity the poor detectives in Ottawa County. "He will be held accountable," is all these guys are left with while they wait on Mulligan to do his job. Promises, promises.

Charges pending, it may go to the grand jury as early as next week. Promises, promises.

The detectives have to answer to the victims family and the press, while Mulligan hides.