Mom: Woman, 26, sexted with my boy

Police investigate alleged relationship between boy, 16, and 26-year-old woman
Alex Green
Feb 26, 2014


The mother of a 16-year-old Port Clinton boy wants police to file charges against a 26-year-old woman accused of sexual interactions with the boy.

Police have turned their attention to the boy’s cell phone, which they’ve sent to a Toledo crime lab for analysis. They’re trying to determine if the woman sent any explicit photos of herself to the boy, or if the boy sent similar photos to her.

“We are investigating something on a (cell) phone the mom turned over,” Port Clinton police Detective Corbin Carpenter said.

The age of consent in Ohio is 16, so in this case, any charges would likely be related to disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, not unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, according to police.

Carpenter said his department is still investigating the case. The mother said the boy’s phone contained photos of the woman, and the woman may also have photos of the boy, according to police. Port Clinton Officer Ralph Edmonds is still investigating the case, so Carpenter said he couldn’t provide further details.

Regardless of the age of consent, it would still be a crime to possess nude photos of a minor. “Kids have been getting in trouble, getting involved in ‘sexting’” Carpenter said. “Especially sending these to a minor, (it would be a violation)”

The mother said her son and the woman were together on multiple occasions prior to the boy’s 16th birthday, and the mother suspects sexual activity was amiss, the report said.

Edmonds told the mother charges cannot be filed unless investigators find illegal content on the cell phone. The boy recently turned 16, police said.



Ah for the old days, when a 16 year old boy in Port Clinton would have been taken by his father or a father figure to Rosie's.


I guess its better then having a state trooper show him how to jerk the gherkin.


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Stop It

It isn't illegal if you are a state trooper.


Where were girls like this when I was 16???? Oh and where were cell phones when I was 16??!!


I fail to see the problem here. Get over it mom! Your little boy is not a baby anymore and you can't do for him what she can!


this mother is overprotective. face it. your son is going to have sex with someone eventually and she will probably be older and more experienced. you cannot shelter your children and expect them to be able to deal with life later on.


Hit it and quit it bro. She too old to keep.


With all the murders, and unsolved crimes, this is what the Cops focus Our tax dollars at work.


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Wow, how would you all feel if your 26 year old dude was banging your 16 year old daughter?


Wouldn't care. The law says a 16 yr old can consent to sex, and 16 yr old girls can get married in Ohio. Quit acting like 16 is a baby, it isn't!


Oh I know it isn't. I am just saying most of those on here are usually screaming for a hanging when someone touches a 16 year old GIRL, but when a boy get some everyone high-5's him. I know what 16 year olds do....I was blessed with twins who happen to be 16...the best of both worlds.


I'm with you, ladydye. Not to mention, from the sounds of it things were going on before the boy turned 16.


There is a double standard.


16..... no I would just kick that woman's butt myself and not deal with the police because mom just got her son in trouble too for the pictures.....its illegal for him to send them too! Stupid!


My mom would have called the police on me herself if I had broken a law! Parents today stand up for their "perfect" kids no matter what! No one chooses to believe their kid is a piece of garbage. I'm not saying right or wrong on this story, just that no matter how nasty of a crime someone commits. There is always an Aunt, Mom, Sister, Grandma, or someone who says how thy are good kids that just happened to beat a man half to death with a baseball bat


Why do mothers always have to c**kblock??????

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lol @ Whopper2013 good one!


As per the one comment..

How many pregnant 16 year olds get married , nowadays? It's pretty much the grandparents who end up supporting and raising the kid.


I think the problem is that kids ought to be focusing on school rther than sexual relationships. If this relationship is coming in between the boy and his responsibilities it should be stopped.