Police investigating alleged child abuse

Suspect questioned multiple times on past sexual abuse accusations
Alex Green
Feb 15, 2014


Port Clinton police are looking into new information in an alleged child abuse case they investigated multiple times in recent years, according to police reports.
Officers investigated allegations against the same man three times since 2008, and each time the evidence did not merit charges, the reports said.

The allegations were reported by the same woman or one of her family members each time, according to police reports.

Police would not specify what the new information entails, but they provided multiple reports from the past cases.

Officers were first contacted in the case in July 2008, when the then-2-year-old girl’s mother took her daughter to the hospital because she suspected the man had sexually abused her, a report stated. A doctor examined the child and could not determine if the child’s injuries were the result of abuse or a medical problem.

The mother lives in Wood County, so social workers there opened a case. Charges were never filed.

Less than a year later, two of the mother’s family members reported hearing the child say the man had touched her in a sexual manner, according to a report. When the mother reported those allegations to police, officers brought the man in for questioning. With his attorney present, the man denied ever touching the child, the report said.

Charges were never filed and the man also passed a polygraph exam, the report said.

The case resurfaced in 2010 when the child’s babysitter said she heard the girl tell another child the man had touched her sexually, a report said. Social workers and detectives investigated the allegations and again determined charges should not be filed.



was this guy a state trooper VETTE?


Please do not ASSume. We all have our constitutional rights which includes innocent until proven guilty. I know the accusations are ugly & I would hesitate to offer an OPINION based on limited info. So please do not condemn until charges are proven as fact. Any one of us could be put in a similar position w/a finger pointed our way which could devastate our lives innocent or not. Bottom line, Do not speak until the FACTS are on your side


Vette vette vette vette vette


still charge him and let him defend isnt that how law enforcement works


so how exactly does a young child, I'm assuming less than 6 years old from this story, know what sexual touching is and how to effectively communicate it? and if the mother suspected it, why would she subject the child to being in that man's presence any further? this story obviously has some missing pieces.


unassumer. Not sure there was several visits through they years the way the story sounds. This is a witch hunt. How can a 2 year old in 2008 who would be 8 now remember this unless they was coached into saying it. The man has been cleared several times and not charged. When does the police look at this woman and start to investigate her?


yeah, that's what I was thinking too. I live in PC and have known people to accuse others of sexual improprieties just to get them in trouble. I have also known people to outright lie to discredit others, so it would not surprise me if this were all about a vindictive woman trying to ruin someone else's life. it's such a shame she is using her child to do it.


Sounds like kid is a liar


If the mother thought he was touching her daughter (no matter if its true or not) why is he still in the childs life??


As a mom, I can not see why he is still in the childs life either. At that age, starting at 2, a child doesnt make something like that up on their own. Where there is smoke, fire. Unless they were coached. Either it is harmful for this child. Someone is a horrible person.