UPDATED: Missing man from Oak Harbor

Ottawa County law enforcement are looking for a father of two who has been missing since Monday morning.
Dec 19, 2013


UPDATED 2:20 p.m.: A recent post by the Port Clinton police chief states:

Oak Harbor Police Department has received two (2) confirmed sightings of Mr. Phillips by the public as being seen "alive and well" yesterday locally. 

If you know Mr. Phillips whereabouts and/or know that he is OK and just does not want any attention, please contact Oak Harbor Police Department (419) 898-2055 or the Port Clinton Police Department (419) 734-3121.

Thank you, 

Chief Hickman

PREVIOUS POST: According to a Port Clinton Police Facebook post:

Missing from Oak Harbor:

His name is Mark Phillips and he's from the Oak Harbor/Port Clinton area. He's been missing since Monday morning around 10:00am. 

Nobody has heard or seen from him since, please keep and eye out for him and please share this.

If you have seen Mr. Phillips or know anything, please contact Oak Harbor Police Department at (419) 898-2055. 

Thank you,

Chief Hickman 

Recent picture taken a week ago - This picture is of him and his two children



How about adding a physical description, what he was wearing the last time he was seen, whether his vehicle is missing and a description with plate number if it is missing.

If that information was posted on Facebook it doesn't help those of us who do not subscribe to that medium.


I hope everything is allright, and I really hope he is not abandoning his family a week before Xmas.... man up and go home


I have a feeling that is the direction this is going, taking off on his family...I hope not, but with confirmed sightings, makes it hard to believe it is anything else...


I know Mark personally and he would not run away from his family or his kids. This man loves his kids and wants as much time as he can with them. Something has happened to him. With regards to the police department the reports were not validated as no one took names to ensure the credibility. He and his brother look so much alike that they could have been mistaken for one another.
Please pray for his safe return to his family and children.


Thank you for this update.

Simple Enough II

Was he headed somewhere? If so what was he driving? Any idea the route he might have taken, if so start looking for deep ditches, creeks and or canals as that is what we have found to be the case in the past, slide off the road and no one notices till months later when the thaw comes. Just saying, hope this isn't the case.

Simple Enough II