Boy arrested for overnight crime spree

Charged with aggravated robbery, multiple other crimes.
Courtney Astolfi
Jun 3, 2014


A 14-year-old Sandusky boy was arrested early Tuesday morning for allegedly breaking into the Perkins Avenue Hy-Miler around 1:30 a.m.. He then attempted to steal an energy drink from Wal-mart before threatening an employee with a knife. 

Check back later for more information. 


Ralph J.

He then attempted to steal an energy drink from Wal-mart before threatening an employee with a knife. What has American youth become? 14 years old.


Obviously he has wonderful know...being 14 and out at 1:30a...


Big boy crimes result in big boy time.

lunchtime 175

Sandusky must not have any curfew for underage people as the article does not say anything at all about that?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I believe Sandusky does have a curfew.


Babymamma didn't know she had to watch the kid all the time. After all she probably is only 22.




check back for more crimes he's committed....


Was it really a Perkins kid perhaps? If not, how was he getting around? They should be charged with Delinquency Of A Minor

2cents's picture

Been there with one of those, they are creative, they put footballs under the bed blanket for their head, stuff the covers with clothes and you think they are asleep when they snuck out the bedroom window. They grow pot down on the railroad tracks, steel cars that have keys in the ignition and get caught while the detention people do nothing. They have a special drink they buy at the head shop that lets them pass the pee test for pot. Oh yes, I went thru it in Sandusky with a friends kid. It happens daily and the system just passes them thru until they are 18 and then they go to jail. So sad!


I always get a kick out of the comments: "what has become of the youth today." I tell you, over 90% were home in bed because they have school, extra curricular activities and part time jobs. As my grandfathers both told (one currently 91 and the other would be about 110) kids have always gotten into trouble and parents have always been unable to control them. More beatings in the day but still kids that exploded the new plumbing in schools, put farm equipment on barn roofs and outhouses that were poorly placed in the middle of the night. Drinking (not drugs) including spiking the opposing teams water supply at a football game. These are just the ones that come to mind this morning.

From the Grave

I was searching for a relative's obit one time and came across a story about a kid that shot his parents because they wouldn't buy him a new gun. It happened in 1935 or 36. This crazy new generation...


SOME of you people kill me with your comments. If you have no idea about the families background why even comment on this. I have known the family of this troubled teen for years. There are 4 kids all together and they live with their grandparents, the mom is a drug addict and their dad is dead due to drugs. The grandparents do the best they can, sometimes no matter how hard you try or what kind of environment you raise them in the kids will do what they want. He is a troubled teenage boy whose parents turned their backs on him and his brother and sisters for drugs. So before you go blaming anybody make sure you know who to blame, and don't be so quick to judge when you do not know somebody's circumstances.