Perkins Township hires on

Highway position filled, fire department adds seven part-timers
Andy Ouriel
Mar 14, 2014


Perkins Township trustees hired a batch of new workers to represent the government. Among them:

Highway superintendent
The three trustees unanimously selected Al Jackson to fill a vacated highway superintendent’s position.

Jackson stands to obtain $60,000 annually. He’s a longtime Erie County employee who most recently served as facility’s manager before retiring in February 2013.

“We went through a process of advertising and doing interviews with a number of candidates, and we feel very comfortable with the choice we made,” trustee Tim Coleman said.

Jackson is replacing Eric Dodrill, who left this past November to take a position with the Erie Soil and Water Conservation District. The position had been vacant since Dodrill left.

The township’s highway superintendent supervises roads — including overseeing paving projects, leaf collection and snow plow patrols — and cemetery and park operations.

Part-time firefighters
Perkins fire commanders replenished a depleted part-time fire staff.

Trustees authorized hiring seven new part-time firefighters, upping the amount of auxiliary officers to 25.

“We were so low because we had several guys move out of state, go to the military, etc., but this will take us back to 25, which is actually our normal amount,” Perkins assistant fire chief David Murphy said. “They augment our normal string. It’s additional staffing without the additional cost”

In October, trustees approved a new wage scale for part-time firefighters including those working:

•Less than two years — $9 an hour, up from $8.50.

•Between two and five years — $10 an hour, up from $9.50.

•More than five years — $11 an hour, up from $10.50.



Jackson=Double Dipper. Yup, need more of those.


Hire another retired public employee? Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're gonna say it saves them money on his pension; heard it all before. BUT it can also keep another person who can't retire from getting the job. It might keep another person in the unemployment ranks. It might keep another person from moving up the ranks thus creating an opening for yet another person to land that first job.


I agree with samiam 100%


@samiam...I totally agree. I think ALL municipalities should be forbidden to hire or rehire anyone who is already collecting a pension. They should make that into a law within each state that way it makes it easier for younger people to get hired or "move up" as you stated. I think a referendum is in order and the sooner the better.

I also think if you have served in a position or councilperson before or in any position like bookkeeper or tax collector before you should NOT be allowed to run again.


You are wasting your time applying for a local city or township job.They already know who they are going to hire when they post the job opening.If you don't work there or know someone who works there you stand no chance even if you are the most qualified.The job posting is just for show.


I agree! The job posting is a formality.

Most FD's are "good ole boys clubs." You typically need to know someone to get on most times.


@smoke....exactly right. That is why no one should get a second bite at the apple. No one should be allowed to hold an office once they have served their time on a council, retired from a job, lost their seat on council or fulfilled an office time. Let someone else do the job. That is it for you. this double dip stuff sucks and is unfair to others.


hmmmm...."additional staffing without additional cost".


@fireside.....didn't they get a levy passed and have money to pay for their guys without touching general funds??? Aren't these guys fulfilling old positions that were not filled when others left???????


Not sure about the levy part. My point is they are part time to supplement the full time firefighters. What a novel idea! A win-win. The firefighter get's his/her foot in the door for a full time spot while working elsewhere and keeping/improving skills and the Twsp saves some cash while grooming the firefighter. I am sure with a LITTLE bit of an open mind, SFD could figure something like this out too.


@Fireside....I get what you are putting down. Yes,nice idea. Why isn't Sandusky doing this same thing? Great idea


Why doesn't Sandusky Fires Training Academy aka.. Perkins Fire have all of their officers be part time on call to command their part timers? Sandusky doesn't have part timers because they are to busy, now if you want to supplement what they have now with part timers to cut down on overtime that would be a Nobel idea. Oh wait cant they cut overtime to save positions, but the city is still going to lay off and take more EMS money!

"Save City Services Tax the Tourist"


Once again SIMPLETON where do you think these part time firefighters go from LESS busy departments? To BUSIER departments like Sandusky.


It's not as simple as that you SIMPLETON. They run a lot less calls then Sandusky.

Ralph J.

Who else besides Al Jackson applied for the position or was interviewed?

red white and blue

Well looks like nepotism is alive and well!


Tell me how FIREFIGHTERS are being paid around $9.00, regardless of experience?! For a position that risks their lives in the line of duty, this is a joke. Some states pay higher for minimum wage. No wonder so many people have moved on. I'd rather risk my life in the military and be rewarded than for a community that refuses to fork up a decent living. SHAME>!@

Mr. D

WOW!!! Extremely low pay for part time firefighters. . . That is just shameful!!!


If you work here as a part-timer you are a SIMPLETON!!

Johnny tell the part-timers what they get for $9/$11 an hour.

1.Heart Disease. Heart attacks account for 45% of all work-related deaths among fire fighters. This risk is high during fire fighting itself. It may be caused by heavy work near hot fires, exposure to carbon monoxide, and other stresses associated with the job. High levels of physical and mental stress make the heart need more oxygen, but at the same time, breathing in more CO reduces the amount of oxygen a fire fighter gets. This can cause heart attacks from both coronary artery disease and from abnormal heart rhythms.

2.Cancer. Fire fighters can come into contact with dangerous, cancer-causing materials when they fight a fire, and the cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco smoke may add to this risk. Fire fighters are at increased risk of getting cancers of the colon, brain, bladder, kidney, and Hodgkin’s

3.Chronic Respiratory Disease The worst impacts of lung illness can strike experienced fire fighters who smoke. Fire fighters are exposed to numerous respiratory risks that can cause permanent lung damage.

4.Hepatitis B and C. Fire fighters are often the first emergency workers to arrive at a fire or a medical emergency. They can then come into contact with blood that may be contaminated with the hepatitis B and C viruses.

5.Stress Fire fighting causes stress.

Also for the reasons listed above the Fire Chief's selection committee
should not be made up of a rag tag team of puppets who's only experience in leadership is running a bunch of high school workers six months out of the year serving ice cream and swinging a mop cleaning hall ways. It should be made up of individuals who understand what the job of a firefighter is all about.

"Save City Services Tax the Tourist"