Commissioners OK intersection work

Project at Hayes Avenue, Strub Road expected to improve safety.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 19, 2013


Erie County commissioners green-lighted a $1.5 million project aimed at enhancing a congested, compact corridor.

Steve Poggiali, Erie Regional Planning director, provided some specifics about scheduled improvements at the intersection of Hayes Avenue (Ohio 4) and West Strub Road:

• The three-month project should start in May 2016.

• Plans call for construction crews primarily widening Hayes Avenue at West Strub Road, including adding a turn lane.

Motorists, at times, have difficulties maneuvering onto the narrow West Strub Road from Hayes Avenue.

• All work planned piggybacks off $1.48 million worth of upgrades completed in 2013, when crews began widening portions of the intersection.

“It will complete the work done on the Strub Road portion of the intersection” Poggiali said.

• Local planners pegged the project at $1.5 million, split between engineering and construction costs.

• County officials obtained a $1.2 million state grant for improvements. Local funds are covering the remaining $300,000.

“The project is necessary to relieve congestion and maximize the safety of those using that intersection,” Poggiali said. “There has been increase traffic due to the development at that location”


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They really need to do something about the summer bottleneck at Perkins and Hayes. Traffic has been backed up to route 2!


It would flow a lot easier if people didn't bring their cars to an almost stop to turn right on the green.

If I can turn a full sized pickup without stopping, they should be able to do that in a Honda.

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the unsilent ma...

About time. I cant understand why they just didnt do it when the had it ripped up earlier this year

Good 2 B Me

Money money money!