Man proposes recreation dept.

A longtime Perkins resident recently pitched a revenue-driven idea to a cash-strapped township.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 8, 2013


Perkins trustees haven’t balked at the idea, but they still want more information from Todd Kreimes before pursuing his plan.

Kreimes, deeply involved in supervising and organizing area youth sports, proposed creating and heading up a township-based recreation department.

In the plan, Kreimes would schedule games and tournaments along with overseeing children playing in various tournaments — baseball, lacrosse or soccer, for instance — across Perkins Schools and other community grounds.

The tournaments could entice young athletes from across Erie County, Ohio and even the U.S. Other benefits: n Creating additional funds for Perkins. Each player or team participating in games would pay to play, with a portion of the fundsfunneling back into Perkins’ budget. The township’s annual budget is about $9.5 million a year.

• Generating funds for private businesses and other taxes.

“As we bring people in, they are staying in hotels and eating and spending money here,” Kreimes said.

• Fostering goodwill in the entire Perkins community and surrounding area.

“There are a lot of negative things going on,” Kreimes said. “We can use this as a centerpiece to reach out to the community.”

• Applying for grants to enhance venues and bolster recreational department offerings.

Kreimes recently relayed his points to township trustees.

He presented them with information, including how well other communities similar to Perkins have benefited financially from a recreational department.

At least one official seems enthusiastic about a new department.

“Perkins Township should look into having a recreation director,” trustee Jeff Ferrell said.

It’s not known when, or if, township trustees will accept this plan.



If funded by the businesses that would increase revenues from this concept than I'm all for it.

Tell it how it is.

They also increase tax revenues and bed taxes that keep your burden down. Problem I see is that this should be a county thing since the entire county would benefit from this and not just Perkins.


Contact Showboat Robbinson.

Licorice Schtick

Oh man! You just made me spray coffee all over my lap!


Good idea...PROVIDED it can be adequately shown it will either cost taxpayers nothing or will add revenue. The taxpayers are already strapped, and Perkins Schools and Township don't have a stellar record of belt-tightening! If this notion provides effectively free upkeep for sports facilities and even contributes to the bottom line, then I'm all for it. Otherwise? Well, the REST of us have had to omit extras from our budgets, and so should government entities.


I guess I don't understand or am missing something, don't we pay some guy over $100,000.00 in the high school, the athletic director, who also has a sectary that we pay for, to do the same thing ??? I don't see why for that kind of money and having a sectary the Athletic director cant do this job. I don't think this guy will be doing this out of the goodness of his hart. The Township still has Guys laid off, look at getting the back first.


Look no further than Oregon Ohio (about 45 minutes West of here) to see how one of these programs can operate successfully. It is a great idea, however, why not expand it to cover the entire county?


Hey, an actual "community" idea!

Smcc Alum

This is a good idea that could really benefit our community

local man

Have a County wide program that uses Perkins Township properties and facilities to coincide with all the hotels/restaurants.


Spend, spend, and more spending, Perkins just had to pass a tax levy to keep the police station open. Perkins needs a dose of reality. If the hotel people want these things to happen, let them chip in and not lay the burden on the cities to make it happen so they can grease their palms off the taxpayer.

Brick Hamland

Good idea. best of luck with this hope it picks up steam. I wish the baseball field complex on 250 would have worked as well. that would have helped drive a lot of business to the area. Best of luck on this, I would be happy to donate some time or money to help get it going.

The Bizness

Youth Sports is a huge industry and if we could have a facility in the county to make use of our hotels in the middle of winter to capitalize on it I think it would be great.


Wasn't the viability of a recreation complex researched amid much controversy in Sandusky?

The Bizness

I can't remember if the county or city researched it, but I think many people don't want "their tax dollars" going towards that type of project.

A lot of older citizens don't realize how big of an industry youth sports is, every parent think their kid is going to be the next super star.


If it's such a big industry, with such a big economic benefit, then where are all the private investors clamoring to pay for it? Why don't YOU make the investment? I mean, with how you're always pontificating about what's the next big thing, you must have made millions on all your prognostications by now, right? Oh, wait, you haven't, but you're always ready to tell us how those who have don't know squat compared to you in your ideas about how to spend other people's forcibly confiscated money.

That said, if it's going to happen, better a separate entity devoted to recreation than letting it distract the schools from their actual mission.

The Bizness

I didn't ask anyone to invest in this, and if I had the money I would open up an indoor soccer/football facility in a heart beat.

I don't have the capital yet in my young life to make a move like that.


Yes you did - you asked the taxpayers to, and repeated your regular claim that if they don't want to, it's just because they're a bunch of old meanies who want to make bright-eyed young people like you all butthurt.

You get the capital by investing in things that succeed. You don't have the capital because your track record for doing so is nil. Yet, you want everyone to take your word for what's going to bring success and prosperity, and ignore the judgment of those with the capital who are very pointedly NOT investing in it, because they're just a bunch of old meanies.

The Bizness

Re read my comment. I stated that people dont want their tax dollars spent on this projects.

looking around

Revenue: $10 mil. - $25 mil.
Employees: 50 - 100
Industry: K-12 Schools , Education
SIC Codes: 8211
NAICS Codes: 611110
Company Description: The Ohio Athletic Committee (OAC) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that was established in 1999. The OAC was formed to promote youth athletics by creating and providing state level events. These events aim to provide valuable transferable experiences for student-athletes. Through the previous three years, the OAC has awarded more than $30,000 in college scholarships. Last year over 90 organizations raised funds through the OAC's events.

Ohio Athletic Committee
P.O. Box 1153
Sandusky, Ohio 44870


Yeah, so, what's your point?

looking around

You talkn to me? Was I talkn to you? I don't think so.......


Yeah, I'm talking to you. Nice bit of information, but, so what? Did you have a point, or did you just want to let everyone know you discovered Google?

The information is of no value absent a point to be made. You might as well have said "wheat bread has more fiber."