Yard waste programs set

Perkins Township officials recently announced various yard waste and leaf collections programs for the fall. (Includes link to Sandusky schedule.)
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 1, 2013


Yard waste drop-off event
Perkins residents can dispose of all yard waste free of charge Nov. 9-10 at the Barnes Compost Facility on Camp Road in Huron Township.

Waste can include brush, plants, clippings and leaves. Residents must provide photo identification at time of drop-off. Please identify that waste is being hauled from Perkins Township so proper tracking can be done. For more information, call the township’s highway department at 419-609-1433.

Year-round leaf disposal
Perkins Township residents can drop off their leaves at the Barnes Compost Facility year round free of charge. All leaves must be clean and separated from all other yard waste.

Leaf collection program
Residents should place leaves along the roadside away from parked cars and other obstacles.

No other material can be collected on the street. The leaves should also be free of other plant materials, such as sticks and debris.

If debris is placed in the leaf pile, crews will not collect the pile until foreign debris is removed.

Crews will make several passes, from east to west, across the township from now through early December.

Residents should watch the township’s website for updates on the collection program.