Alleged teen shoplifter found in restroom stall

Perkins police arrested a 15-year old girl for theft, but first they had to get her off the toilet.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 16, 2014


A Walmart loss prevention officer told police the 15-year-old and Davonte D. Morris, 18, had bagged numerous items inside the store and then tried to push the shopping cart filled with $446 worth of merchandise out the store’s grocery exit. When the loss prevention officer tried to detain them at the exit, Morris stopped, but the girl ran toward the Super 8.

Perkins police Officer Marty Curran searched the interior of the Super 8 without finding the girl. As he was leaving, he learned she had gone into a restroom at Mad River Harley-Davidson. Curran and the female Walmart loss prevention officer entered the restroom, where they found the girl in a stall, sitting on the toilet with her feet up. She was handcuffed and escorted back to Walmart. The loss prevention officer then signed theft charges against Morris and the girl.

Morris was taken to the Erie County jail, and the girl was transported to the Erie County Juvenile Detention Home.



Stupid a-s kids. You are costing me lots of money.

Stop It

Why blame the kids? Lackka parenting looks to be the cause, here.


Think they're probably talking about the cost of things going up at the store due to theft. The more theft there is in a store the higher the cost.

Dr. Information

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Sorry but its plain to see who has the highest crime rate per political parties. Overwhelmingly democrat lol nice try though.


It's no longer the 1st of the month, therefore, if it ain't free, steal it. Now excuse me while I go to WORK.


Try getting a job . working for what want . you know people lose their jobs because of the theft . Stores will fire or demote store employees when the "shrink" or theft gets to a certain level. So you think about that next time your loading your pockets or purses .