UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Police search for ATM thief

Culprit shattered Mickey Mart's window, abandoned getaway car, stolen ATM on Campbell Street
Alissa Widman Neese
May 30, 2014



An unknown culprit busted into the BP Mickey Mart on Columbus Avenue and Strub Road early Thursday morning, snatched the convenience store's ATM and left the store in disarray.

A manager arrived at about 4:45 a.m. and found the store's front door window shattered and its interior in shambles, with items scattered across the floor.

Watch video of the break-in in the player below

Someone severed the phone lines behind the store, deactivating its alarm, according to a Perkins police report.

About 15 minutes prior, Perkins police found what they believe to be an abandoned, damaged getaway van on Campbell Street, just north of Bell Avenue, Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

The abandoned 1992 Chevy Lumina had the top of the ATM inside it. 

Police found the remainder of the missing ATM lying in nearby bushes, and discovered the thief or thieves had gained access to its contents. 

"That takes some work," Klamar said. "It's unknown how much was inside, and we don't know what method they used at this time."

Police contacted the Lumina's owner, who lives in the 1400 block of Dixon Drive, and learned someone stole the van during the night. Police have not yet identified any suspects, but they are working with Mickey Mart and nearby businesses to obtain surveillance footage. They plan to release any videos to the Register.

Anyone with information should call 419-627-0824.




If the store owner wasn't so cheap he would've had an alarm. Go in there on a 90 degree day and they have no AC. Everything is melted. Candy bars are packs of liquid chocolate. Employees are sweating profusely and miserable.


that is funny :)


Dead give=a=way for an inside job. Not enough time to crack the safe inside of it without knowing the combo


Where does it mention anything about a safe?

he said she said

From my experience as an assistant manager at a gas station years ago, the ATM has a key access on the back which opens to a safe combination lock. You have to have the key and the combination to be able to open the ATM and put money in. Some people call this the 'safe' part. When you walk up to one of these machines, you have no idea what the back looks like, people that work there would know about the need for a key and the combination.

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What do you mean by opening? To get it to operate? I thought those security guys with the armor trucks took care of the cash.


JMOP, These ATMs are filled by the store manager. On average most of these types of ATM machines hold $10,000.00

he said she said

How the system worked where I used to work, I would run a reading to find out how much money was in the ATM and decide how much I wanted from the bank to fill it. The company would write a check to fill the ATM. When I would go get my change order and do deposit for the day, I would bring that cash back. I would then use the key to open the door, the combination to open the safe, then there is a drawer inside that is spring loaded where the money is put.

I wish the armor trucks took care of this!! I didn't like to have the deposit on me let alone coming back with thousands of dollars to put in the machine.

IMO this was planned. The two in the video watched the store to find out when the newspapers were delivered or tanker was there to drop fuel to make sure that no one would be around at the time they wanted to enter.

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I never knew that. Thanks for the info.


all ATMs have a safe inside of them to hold the cash


Read before you comment it says someone cut the phone line to deactivate the alarm


Well there the robber is in the first photo!

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Lol! Now I know why your name is observer. Nice catch!


Good eye , observer1 !
( dang, right in broad daylight too ! )


Seems a little more professional than the usual local hooliganism. I wonder if there have been crimes with a similar M O around the state.


sounds like an inside job, but I guess this person may have worked wih these machines elsewhere, and I'm sure the police already have a few suspects.


They need to update the security alarm! Most systems now days have cellular and battery backup, that's what I have in my home.


Was the one guy wearing a Halloween mask? His face looks creepy.

lunchtime 175

Yes most alarm companies now can go wireless or use a radio signal to the alarm company and not use a landline phone line. Had that been the case in this situation at least the alarm company could of notified police and maybe they could of gotten there before the culprits got away. In our town the police usually drive around at night and check business doors, etc. I am not sure where this business is in Sandusky but someone would of had to of driven by sometime after the break in and seen the doors smashed in. Anyway, hope they catch who ever did this. Maybe other businesses should take note and bolt the atm machines down to the floor with good anchors or take the cash out of them overnight and taken to the bank for overnight deposit to keep the money safe.


It is on the corner of Strub and Columbus...


These guys are good. They were in and gone in less than two minutes. I think they have done this before. I wish I had employees that quick and efficient. Even if the alarm had worked they would have been gone before the police recieved the dispatch.


Maybe its the supers from local schools trying to both get that 50 million.


Wrong...Decatur and West Washington


um no first, I can read...An unknown culprit busted into the BP Mickey Mart on Columbus Avenue and Strub Road early Thursday morning,

second I live right around the corner from it, so when I left for work that morning, I saw the police there and the debris in the parking lot...

sandtown born a...



Oooops...my bad...never been too fond of the owner of the W. WASHINGTON store...was kinda hoping I guess


Am I wrong or does the one with the fur-lined hood have the mannerisms of a female? Also, from the direction the car is coming, they must have cut the phone lines, then hid out nearby to watch for police response to any silent alarm or cut wire alarm.