Shots fired at Fairfield Inn

“(He) pulled out a chrome handgun, yelling for everybody to leave because his baby mother was pregnant”
Courtney Astolfi
May 21, 2014


Gunshots were fired early Friday morning at a Milan Road hotel after a dispute among Cleveland-area teens who were staying in Perkins Township after their prom, police said.

Michael Kidd, 19; Jaqueze Dudley, 20; Trevon Johnson, 18; Richard Lee, 18; and two boys, 16 and 17, were all charged with disorderly conduct. Lee, Johnson and the two boys were also charged with underage consumption.

Perkins police never located a weapon at the scene, and the people involved had no weapons. Officers did find one spent round lodged in the side of a vehicle, according to a police report.

Shortly before 6 a.m. Sunday, numerous residents reported hearing multiple gunshots near the Fairfield Inn at Milan and Bogart roads, the report said.

When officers swarmed the scene, they found Dudley, Johnson and a woman. Dudley had just emerged from behind the building, out of breath. He said a group of teens in a Black Escalade just shot at him, then peeled away from the area, the report said.

Johnson then explained 12 different Cleveland-area schools had just held proms, with many students traveling to Sandusky-area hotels afterward for trips to Kalahari Resorts and Cedar Point. He had received a text a short while before the shots were fired from his pregnant girlfriend, informing him that people were smoking marijuana and drinking in a hotel room with her, the report said.

Angered that people were smoking around the pregnant teen, Johnson went to the room and yelled for everyone to get out.

The group Johnson later accused of shooting at him claimed Johnson was wielding a handgun when he entered the room, the report said.

Johnson, however, said several of the men he’d kicked out of the room were actually the ones who fired on him, the report said.

When he left the room to give a friend a ride, he saw Kidd staring him up and down. When Johnson asked Kidd what he wanted to do about the incident, Kidd walked away as if he was going to retrieve something, Johnson said.

Johnson said he then heard gunshots, but didn’t see where they came from, the report said.

Erie County deputies located the second group and their Black Escalade at a U.S. 250 hotel near Mason Road. That group said everyone was hanging out in the room when Johnson “pulled out a chrome handgun, yelling for everybody to leave because his baby mother was pregnant,” the report said.

Kidd also had what appeared to be counterfeit bills printed on copy paper in the Escalade, the report said. Kidd told police the bills were for a class project.

Officers conducted gunshot residue tests on all those involved, so additional charges could follow. Officers plan to contact Kidd later regarding the currency, the report said.



I thought you had to be 24 to rent a hotel room?


18 is the usual age

MI Smooth

Another MENSA meeting gone wrong?

Stop It

Dunno what happened...prom just went and turned bad. We blame baby mother.


More fun on the north coast with the extraordinary cast of thug life in Sandumpy!!


Agreed!! ^^^^


Damn Baby Mama drama always bringing the man down !


The summer is just beginning and they are shooting at one another.


Why doesn't anyone ever talk about " the elephant in the room"? I mean I know why, but why is it no one ever mentions that 90% of the time whenever shots are fired, you don't find Asians, or Indians or dare I say it, white people?? Perkins twsp too close to that toilet bowl if a city sandusky, now were getting them from cleveland....thank God for places like Castilian and Huron


Shots were fired from his pregnant girlfriend? Misplace your clauses much, Courtney? Either that or the unborn are now shooting up Sandusky!

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JohnDorian12. I'm pretty sure they were Amish as I know many young men named Jaqueze and Trevon. I'll bet if the other names were listed in the article you would find a Daquan, Dontay and perhaps a Shaniqiua.

Stop It

Once those Amish started flying around the globe, bringing back diseases from foreign countries and started using electricity and drugs and started cutting beards and hair, it was just a matter of time. Now they are the enemy of the "english". Freakin' terrorist Amish!

William Jeffers...

Yet another Prom ruined by baby mamas and gun shots...and if not bad enough, the Econ project using counterfeit $$ and the chemistry project with the inverted Bunsen Burner (the cops called a crack pipe) are all ruined too. Oh well, at least there are 3 or 4 more senior years ahead to get it right.


whattheBucks that was hifu*kinglarious, but so so true.


I could barely afford to send my twins to prom in our little hometown. Dinner and the dance was at an American Legion and afterprom was in the school. How do these kids afford to come from Cleveland for Prom (in a Escalade?), Kalahari, Cedar Point, Hotels, Drinking, Smoking.

Why didn't baby mama just LEAVE the room? Did she need to wait for baby daddy to get here from Cleveland to save her? This all happened at 6 am? What teenager is up at 6am? LOL

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The 42%


Ladydye, the answer to your question is: your tax dollars at work.


Baby daddy is a third generation product of LBJ's Great Society.... stick around, it gets worse... there's a baby on the way.


.. and a wad of counterfeit money to boot.. WOW.