Teen charged after shots fired

A Lake County teenager is accused of firing multiple shots into the air Saturday night during a confrontation in the parking lot outside the Perkins Township Walmart.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 19, 2014


The Willoughby boy, 17, was charged with having a weapon under disability, tampering with evidence, inducing panic, obstructing official business and disorderly conduct.

Perkins police were dispatched to the Walmart parking lot at about 10:45 p.m. Saturday, when witnesses reported seeing a person fire three shots into the air following a minor car crash involving a gray vehicle and a white vehicle, according to a police report.

Officers stopped the gray vehicle on Milan Road, near Super 8, ordering the four occupants out at gunpoint, the report said.

The story played out as such: The gray car was trolling through the Walmart parking lot when it was struck by the white car. The occupants got out and began arguing, and a few other vehicles pulled up to the scene, too.

At some point, the Willoughby boy pulled out a .32-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver and fired into the air, the report said. The boy then fled on foot toward the Firelands medical building and the Super 8. The gray car then left the crash scene, but not before picking up the alleged shooter on Milan Road.

The boy’s appearance and clothing matched the description provided by witnesses. Police also viewed surveillance video from Walmart, which showed the boy firing the gun into the air before running off.

The three people who were in the vehicle with the boy said they had no idea who fired the shots. They were not charged, according to the report.

Police scoured the scene in hopes of finding the gun, but it was the boy who led them to it — he tossed the weapon into some bushes near the Super 8 when he ran from the scene, the report said.

The gun had three live rounds and three spent rounds, the report said. The boy was taken to the Erie County detention center.


Good 2 B Me

Try him as an adult! Send him packing for a LOOOOOONG time!

MI Smooth

Perhaps he was on his way to the birthday bash, I mean shootout at DJ's.......


where do they get money for bullets? where do they find a store that even has any stock of ammunition? the ammunition that is on the shelves is very expensive. i may have to go back to slinging arrows.


You think they BUY ammo? Pppfft....they trade, Yo.

Einfach genug III

Couldn't the term Boy be taken as racially insensative?


in these sad, politically correct, mamby pamby sissified days, anything can be..


He is 17, underage. A "boy". How is the word boy racial?


it's not, but, well you know..

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LMAO, stirring the racial pot today?

Wikipedia says of Willoughby:

" The racial makeup of the city was 93.6% White, 3.1% African American, 0.1% Native American, 1.5% Asian, 0.2% from other races, and 1.5% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.3% of the population."


But they were in Sandusky, not Willoughby. What does Wiki say about that? LOL

Einfach genug III

That is the 2010 census, did you compare it to the 2000 census? A majority of crime is committed by a minority of the population, is that a fair comment?


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