Police chief wants impound lot

Klamar requests $50K from general fund; at least one trustee says plan is a long shot
Andy Ouriel
May 13, 2014


The Perkins police chief will have to tap into his inner car salesman to get township trustees on board with a proposed impound lot.

In asking trustees for $50,000 of general fund money to build the lot, Chief Ken Klamar has presented a seemingly sweet selling point: It’s a money maker.

When the township’s officers seize vehicles after drug arrests or other incidents, they send the cars to area impound lots. The vehicles sit there until the case is wrapped up or an official signs off on the release.

Klamar wants to build the impound lot so the township can store seized vehicles, ultimately charging the vehicles’ owners for daily storage or other fees. It’s a potential source of revenue for the police department, but Klamar needs $50,000 in seed money to make the plan a reality.

Township trustee Jim Lang said it’s a long shot.

“I’ll tell you straight up — I’ll tell him I’m not in favor of building an impound lot” Lang said.

The trustees might discuss the issue at tonight’s regular meeting, although Klamar won’t be there because he’s on vacation.

Trustees have already approved Klamar’s request for the $50,000 for the impound lot, but they haven’t approved the actual plans for the lot, Lang said.

“We said we would look at it, so we (agreed) to give it to him,” Lang said. “We have not approved him actually doing it. Apparently he put that (request) in last year also, and they approved it then. They just said we approved the money but not him actually building it. We wanted more details on it. I already told him I’m not in favor of it. I just think there’s too much of a liability”

Lang said an impound lot can cause new problems, such as cars sitting on the lot for extended periods and rusting away. Lang knows this can become a problem because some years ago township officials actually had trouble tracking seized vehicles that had been sitting in local impound lots for years.

Lang is also worried about taking business away from those lots.

“Others have invested the money — they have the lot, they have the fence, they have the cameras” Lang said. “Let them take care of it”

Klamar’s request for general fund money comes about a year after township residents overwhelmingly approved a property-tax levy generating funds exclusively for the police department.

Township officials campaigned on how the levy would generate about $1.9 million a year, from 2014 through 2018. They also said the money would replenish staffing levels and revive services that had been cut in a budget crunch in early 2013.

In essence, the police department would no longer need the township’s everyday operating money, as the force would have its own revenue source. This was a major selling point township officials trumpeted during their levy campaign.

Klamar said his department’s revenue from the levy is about $1.9 million, although there’s also about $300,000 from various other sources, such as the crash-cash program that bills at-fault drivers causing car collisions who aren’t township residents.

“With other projected revenues, I am around $2.1 million to $2.2 million,” Klamar said. “The need for money from the general fund existed, and the board agreed to move this amount”

Trustees have already agreed to give Klamar $50,000 from the general fund to help pay for new cruisers. His request for money to build an impound lot means the police department would effectively using $100,000 of general fund money this year.

Lang isn’t keen on the idea.

“We basically said, ‘We might take a look at it,’ but don’t count on it” Lang said.

And at least one resident is somewhat troubled about the proposal.

“It’s a concern if they’re taking money that could be used for the highway department,” township resident Cheryl Best-Wilke said. “With the poor condition of the roads and all the overtime for the snow plowing this year, that would be a concern”



Perkins Township wants to WASTE more taxpayer money? How stupid are you people, and what is in the water making you that way? Levies to fund a school that OVER-SPENT for years, police departments with ignorant ideas (what about the helicopter and horses), and who knows what else. What's next, a wave-action pool in the former movie theater?


Don't worry about it d bag you don't live here.


D-bag? For pointing out the truth!!! Thanks Rich.


I don't know why all police agencies don't have impound lots. The tow companies make thousands of dollars on vehicle's seized by police all the time. The cities simply get a thankyou from the tow companies. 50000 is nothing for the amount of money the township would make on the vehicle's. After a few seizures it would be all profit. Only a complete idiot would not support this.


"Only a complete idiot would not support this."

Meet the idiots Township residents voted in to office



Why the complaints and negativity? The chief has come up with a source to earn money for his department that doesn't involve taxpayers footing the bill. I read almost daily how the people in Perkins don't want to pass a levy, for whatever reason, and when an idea is proposed that would generate money you don't want to support that either.
As for keeping track of impounded vehicles that should be easier if it is under the chief's control.
Consider implementing a program like Toledo uses. Toledo goes one step beyond just impounding vehicles from drug deals. Should you have an accident and the police call a tow truck to remove your vehicle you will get charged for the tow and they take your car to the city impound lot where you are billed the daily storage fee until removed for repair. If you want it taken directly to an auto repair shop or other destination, you call your own tow truck to avoid getting raped by Toledo.


Plenty of fenced in factories lying dead.Get one from a donator who can't sell it. Or just lease an already fenced lot that would work.But wait why not the old dump on old RR?


Plenty of fenced in factories lying dead.Get one from a donator who can't sell it. Or just lease an already fenced lot that would work.But wait why not the old dump on old RR? Put a detailer in the spot and have him watch it for his rent.


Billing is one thing but try to collect it. Bad idea. The government should not be in the impound business.


take money away from private businesses and grow the government. Sounds great because we know how effective, fast and organized the government works.

Ralph J.

Vehicle traffic explodes in Perkins when Cedar Point opens. It appears that Lang is totally against the idea. How about alternative methods of impounding vehicles for the short term? Wheel locks. Wheel locks can be used to temporarily disable vehicles for the short term and maybe longer. Wheel locks can also may be used for those vehicles unlawfully parked in handicap parking zones. After the wheel lock is installed, the police would post a sticker on the driver side window with contact information about getting the wheel lock removed. Wheel locks prevent damage to vehicles when they are improperly towed.