Port Clinton man arrested for trying to buy gun in 2012

On one form, he answered “no” to a question asking if he had court order restraining him from harassing, stalking or threatening a relative, the report said.
Courtney Astolfi
May 5, 2014


A Port Clinton man was arrested last week for a 2012 incident in which he allegedly violated a protection order by trying to buy a gun in Perkins Township.

James Neff, 33, 400 block Adams St., was charged with one count of falsification, a fifth-degree felony.

In September 2012, Neff went to Walmart on Milan Road and filled out paperwork to buy a shotgun, according to a Perkins police report.

On one form, Neff answered “no” to a question asking if he had court order restraining him from harassing, stalking or threatening a relative, the report said.

But in July 2012, Neff was charged with domestic violence for an incident in Port Clinton. Neff’s victim filed for a temporary protection order later that day.

One of the conditions of that order prohibited Neff from possessing, carrying or obtaining a deadly weapon.

A detective with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office reached out to Perkins police about the incident in February 2013.

This April, an Erie County grand jury opted to indict Neff on one falsification charge for the incident.

He was arrested Friday and taken to the Erie County jail. Neff later posted $5,000 bond.



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