MAN FOUND: Police ask for help in search for missing man

Elderly white male last seen carrying blanket near Bogart and Taylor roads
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 8, 2014


UPDATE FROM THE PPD:  The listed subject has been found safe and returned to his family members. Thanks for all the help.

A release from the Perkins Township Police Department

The Perkins Township Police Department is currently looking for an elderly white male last seen in the area of Bogart Road and Taylor Road. The subject is identified as Clyde Ayers (age 80) last seen carrying a blanket. Please contact police at 419-627-0824 with any information. More to follow.



Isn't this the same guy from winter that walked away from his home? Hope he's ok. May be time for a retirement home


camero there are things that the family can do if this man wants to live in his home and having just lost my mom to Alzheimer's a little over weeks ago I know how devastating it can be and how hard it can be on the person that's going thru it. Unfortunately they reach a point where putting them in a home does more harm them good to their already confused sensitive state. I really hope this guy is found and quickly. While the weather is finally starting to cooperate, it's still not the best and probably the last thing he needs is to catch the flu.


No this isn't the same man. His last name was smith and he was from huron