Drunken man charged with improper handling of firearm

A Perkins Township man was arrested early Sunday for carrying a gun while intoxicated, troopers said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 24, 2014


Ben Kimberlin, 25, 400 block Gildona Drive, was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, marijuana possession and improper handling of a firearm, a fifth-degree felony.

An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper pulled Kimberlin over a few minutes before 1 a.m. Sunday at Bogart Road and Columbus Avenue, Patrol Sgt. Brian Gockstetter said.

Kimberlin had allegedly been speeding— 55 mph in a 45 mph zone— and the trooper quickly noticed the smell of alcohol while speaking with him during a traffic stop, Gockstetter said.

While the trooper was conducting field sobriety tests, Kimberlin informed him of his carrying concealed weapons permit, and the presence of a gun inside his vehicle.

Found inside the car was a loaded .357 revolver, Gockstetter said.

Kimberlin was arrested and taken to the Erie County jail.


Good 2 B Me

He had better get the same exact treatment as the Cop from Pennsylvania. No bias for the Brotherhood in Blue.

Stop It

The cop wasn't driving the Cheers bar. This dude evidently thought he was.

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Well he did the first thing right and informed the officer he had the firearm in the vehicle.

He did the wrong thing having the firearm in the vehicle intoxicated.

Not good / not bad. His intent to brandish the firearm was not there and he probably realized he made a big boo, boo having it in the car while drinking. My recommendation would be to remove his CCW for one year, have him retake the firearms handling course and maybe community service to ride with officers who deal with these situations a few weekends and see what they must deal with!

Good 2 B Me



He will likely lose his CCW forever. If you read the article you will see that he was also in possession of marijuana which will likely result in a felony charge since having a firearm while also in possession of marijuana is a felony. Just because the trooper didn't cite him doesn't mean the prosecutor won't add more charges. These idiots are the ones that give those of us who follow the CCW law a bad name.


Take away his gun and he will be scared to death to go outside.


There ought to be safe-T classes offered for drinking and shooting so one could hold a permit for drinking and carrying.
Why take away the constitutional rights of alcoholics?
What is this world coming to?


And all guns should have brethylizers attached so only one round can be fired if you blow over .29

Don S

Yes he had been drinking and was speeding, but what he did do right, was to inform the cop of the gun, as instructed in CCW class. He didn't give the officer a hard time upon his being stopped. Where are you supposed to put a weapon, up your butt ??? Being punished for being honest !!!!!!!


Umm, as a CCW holder you are supposed to know the law, and that includes the fact that you cannot have one drop of alcohol while carrying and certainly are not allowed to be in possession of marijuana. He is being punished for breaking the law, not being dishonest.


drinking and cars don't mix any better than drinking and guns. stay home and shoot your shooters.


The first words out of his mouth should have been " I'm a CCW holder, and I have a loaded weapon within my reach, what would you like me to do?" Not wait til he is outside taking his sobriety test. He should and probably will lose his CCW permit anyhow.