Off-duty Pennsylvania cop arrested

Man drinks at Milan Road bar while carrying gun
Courtney Astolfi
Mar 22, 2014
An off-duty Pennsylvania police officer was arrested Friday after he carried his gun into a Milan Road bar while he’d been drinking, police said.

Lee Bartolicius, 21, of Butler, Pa., was arrested for using weapons while intoxicated just after midnight Friday.

Bartolicius and his relatives were at Kalahari Resorts to celebrate his cousin’s 21st birthday Thursday evening, and they decided to head to Cheers in the Sandusky Mall later that night, according to a Perkins police report.

At Cheers, Bartolicius went into anaphylactic shock, likely triggered by dairy in one of his drinks. He called Perkins Township paramedics and asked for a police officer, knowing he had a loaded, holstered Glock on his hip, the report said.

Officers seized the weapon when they arrived at the mall, and informed him it was illegal to carry a gun in Ohio while drinking, the report said.

An apologetic Bartolicius told officers the act is not illegal in his home state, and he’d brought the gun with him because he was in an unfamiliar area.

His blood-alcohol content registered 0.077 percent, the report said.

Bartolicius was treated at Firelands Regional Medical Center, then taken to the Erie County jail.

He was later released on about $3,000 bond.



what happened to that perkins cop who wanted to go to work drunk with her weapon. or them cops who drink while carrying


There has to be more to the story or are Perkins cops really that big of pricks to arrest one of their brothers?

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One of their brothers!? You coward cops and your thug-blue-line gang is being exposed for what you really are... Coward thug criminals who think their badge grants them extra rights. That ship has sailed buddy, and you better get used to it. Police should be held to a higher level of accountability, not less.


Really? "You coward cops and your thug blue line gang" I sincerely hope you never need the assistance of one of these "cowards" you speak of.. Since those who speak bad of the police are the first to call them.. You're an idiot, Winston smith.

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Yeah, like anyone has ever been 'helped' by police... Police come after you need help to collect evidence so the state can collect revenue. Not only does the victim not EVER get protected, the victim is NEVER is made whole again by the 'just-us' system.
I may be an idiot, but you are a sheep and I'd rather be a free idiot than a slave sheep.


tell it winston smith!


Wow! WinstonSmith... Got a little anger issue going on ?? I for one think that they should have given him a break. He wasn't " drunk" And he didn't know the law. How many of your thug buddies have been out drinking with a loaded weapon?? I bet more than you're willing to admit.

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Me or my thug buddies don't wear silly costumes pretending that we are allowed to use force on people. Police are the only thugs in town that don't think they're thugs.... News Flash! Police are the largest street gang in Sandusky.


I'm afraid that you are mistaken, sir or madame. The man did not commit a heinous crime to warrant an arrest. You are obviously ignorant to how the world really works.

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What's good for the goose is also good for the gander... Silly costume and F.O.P sticker or no silly costume and F.O.P sticker.
If they'd charge a non-gang member, then a fellow gang member should be charged as well.
All cops are bad, all of them... Even the one's that don't commit felonies, but they provide a valuable service for their criminal counterparts... They cover it up. That's called accessory after the fact, and for a non thug-blue-line citizen you go to prison.




amen! amen!!


I LOVE IT!! Finally someone has the nerve to tell it like it is. These area cops drink and drive more than anyone I know. Watch for the swimming parties this summer at the Castalia home of a Sandusky officer, where many of the guests are fellow police buddies. Pictures of drunken beer-fests are posted on Facebook--then these upstanding citizens drive home!


So if I'm drinking in cheers (posted no gun signs) while carrying a gun (violation of the CCW laws) I should get off too right?

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Do you have a magical costume that you pin an ounce of tin to? If you do that means the oath to the brotherhood trumps their oath to the constitution so you should get away with anything you want.


Nope no magic costume. Dang I guess I'm beholden to the law


I can't believe they would arrest him. GEEZ!!!! I have a new "respect" for Perkins Police, NOT!

yea right

well Perkins cops are D**B.. i put one such "cop" in their place about 2 months ago..hahaha


You're on shaky ground. Why ask for it?


This just shows the folly of attempting to control guns. Calls for medical emergency and we try to criminalize civilized behavior. Drop charges and apologize for harassing person with health problem. If he hadn't told he was an out of state officer that was legally carrying by the laws of his state's laws, there would not even be an issue. He was not impaired, but he was harassed.


He of all people should know that you need to abide by the laws of the local jurisdiction and state. Just because you go to another state does not mean your home state laws come with you. Dumb move dude. Good for Perkins PD for arresting him. If it were me and I were drinking while armed, I would expect the same thing to happen. NEVER drink while armed.


There is no excuse, ESPECIALLY when your a cop, to say he didn't know Ohio Law. It's an easy google search on his phone while he was driving up here.

I'd say someone in the bar saw the gun and warned him, and he made the phone call, thinking the local cops would extend courtesy.

If no one saw the gun, how did he know in advance, that he was in trouble? If no one saw it, he could have given it to one of his friends to take out and throw in the trunk, before the ambulance got there.

Having said that, what kind of pus$y needs a gun in a Mall sports bar?

I've been in the back woods of Pennsyvania in dive bars that don't even take credit cards and I have more teeth than every one in there combined and I never once thought to carry.

Alpha Dog

The law is the Law, no discrimination here. If I go to another state, I educate my self on what I can and cannot do!
No one should consume alcohol and carry a weapon, no one!!!!!


Gun laws vary from state to state. The average gun owner knows that. How could the average cop NOT know that?

I respect that the man requested a police officer along with the medical aid since it's better to be safe than sorry. There's no question he did the right thing THERE! But once the local police knew he'd broken Ohio law, it doesn't matter whether you, I, or they agree with that law. The only thing to do is to charge him with the crime he committed.

It's entirely possible he'll get off with a warning or a slap on the wrist. Since no trouble was caused, since there was no criminal intent, and since he now knows for sure what at least ONE gun law in Ohio prohibits, I'd be okay with that. What I WOULDN'T be okay with is if the Perkins Police treated him differently than they would you or me just because he happens to be a cop somewhere.

P.S. Lots of people who carry concealed do so on a regular basis. It's not a question of whether or not you go somewhere that you think you might NEED to be armed. I doubt diners at Luby's Cafeteria thought they needed to be armed, either! Criminals are often successful not because they confine themselves to "bad" areas, but because they DON'T. Regardless of your skills or your mindset, however, you still can't carry where it's prohibited without breaking the law yourself.


Sam: That's the first sensible post of all the comments above.

Tru Grit

When I read the comments on here my first thought was how do such moronic and dumb people even have access to the Internet. I then remembered Obama gives out basically free cell phones and the Sandusky Library has Internet access and I answered my own question.

It's sad that people have such a hate for LE and even worse hate for the good ones, because yes being one my self there are good ones and dirty ones. People like Winston while he could be a law abiding citizen who just has a taste for bashing LE, I just think he has been on the wrong side of the law so many times he is not only biased but has a hatred for them. It happens that's life, some people rape kids, some people rob banks, Winston in his own way broke laws and had to deal with the police, he is some definition is a criminal I get it, but don't be biased about it.

Sounds like this young cop because 21 is young for being a cop made a poor choice and hopefully he learns from it. I also think Perkins PD did the right thing. It didn't matter that he was a fellow LEO, he broke the law an was held accountable for his actions, plain and simple.

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Nice attempt at deflection PUBLIC SERVANT... How about this angle:
I'm the beneficiary in this equation. You, public servant, are the trustee and are to abide by the will of the holder of the equity (the beneficiary). I, among a majority of the equity holders, are not happy with the less than quality service you provide PUBLIC SERVANT, but there are no obvious alternatives being you operate under a monopoly.
And before you accuse me of stealing girl scout cookies, or masturbating with a preteen, or being supported by Obama you might want to take a 2nd glance at your paycheck bub. The only difference between a welfare check and your paycheck is you are brainwashed enough to believe you earned it.

And concerning your mythical 'good cop'... Why are there not regular news stories everyday about a good cop arresting another cop from his department for a felony?
I'll tell you why, and I know this first hand.... Those cops who would turn on their felonious 'brothers' end up being sent on a call where they need backup and backup never comes.


Mr. Smith, despite your feelings that all cops are bad, they are not. Not ALL cops are bad any more than all people arrested have done the crime. To lump everyone together like that is just not so. Some people are worse than others and to make such a broad statement is not only unfair it is unjust as saying that every person being arrested should automatically go to jail.

You said in one post that the police don't protect the innocent...that isn't true either. They have helped my brother and his wife out a couple of times in their home ( I know that for a FACT) and rightfully so. So you will never convince me that ALL of the SPD is corrupt, on the take or drunks. They aren't. A few have been and are gone now if I am not mistaken and you want to beat the entire department up for what they have done. Unfair again. Should the entire city of Sandusky be beat up for people like Dunn's killer or others? I don't think so. So why lump everyone together? It would be JUST as unfair. You can't do that.

It sounds like you have a PERSONAL axe to grind against cops for some reason and that is on you and no one else, so if you know for sure that some cop is bad and can prove it, turn them in. They deserve to go to jail, but don't do it by innuendo and general complaints on all of them. There is a thing called citizens arrest. If you see a cop driving drunk , call the cops on him and file a citizens arrest complaint. They can't wiggle out of it then. You got them dead to rights.

You should be applauding the Perkins PD for what they did here which was the right thing to do. Instead of complaining about them. They did what was right, not what was popular. And don't think when that young man goes home he won't have to answer to his own captain either. I am sure he will.

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I'll bet the farm the cop(s) that helped your brother and his wife have watched fellow cop(s) commit a felony and did nothing about it.
All cops are bad and you will not convince me (or anyone that understands what police really are)otherwise until you can point to an example of a cop arresting another cop (from his own department) for a felony.


Better idea, if you are going to be out drinking, leave the gun home, or someplace safe. Common sense goes a long way here. I see he is 21 yrs young, which tells me he is a rookie, making rookie mistakes. Probably will never make it as an Officer unless he wises up.