Group dines and dashes at Chili’s

Perkins police are working to track down a group who dined and dashed at Chili’s Tuesday night.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 20, 2014


Officers received a call at about 9 p.m., after five diners left the Milan Road restaurant without paying their $130 bill, according to a Perkins police report.

A waitress had just walked away from the group’s table after they ordered a fourth dessert when they made their getaway. The group hopped into a Chevy Malibu and drove off toward Walmart, but restaurant workers had already taken down their license plate number, the report said.

Officers uncovered one suspect’s name by checking her vehicle registration. Another man was identified by an employee who has known him for several years. Officers are still working to find the others and are waiting to charge all of them until each are identified, the report said.



How about a description of these low life thieves??

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Pictures please!

Bottom Line

Let's be honest. Knowing the Register it's very likely that since no description of these people are given, they were probably minorities. Because stating the facts would be racist. If I'm wrong I'm wrong. But that's most likely the case.


You hit nail on the head there!! PICS PLEASE, so other places can BEWARE..


Nope, you're right.


So isn't it a tad bit scary that an employee had written their license plate # down? I mean unless he did this during the getaway itself, but how unlikely is that as im sure they would of tried stopping them,,,, N How dumb is it to go into a restaurant n do this locally? ** gets the "dumbazz" stamp out for foreheads**

Stop It

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