Police do gun swap

“We are seeing some problems with our guns,” Klamar said. “There are failures with the triggers, failures with the springs, failures with the ejectors. There’s not one specific failure that we can pinpoint to get back with the vendor to say we are having this continual problem”
Andy Ouriel
Mar 14, 2014


Perkins police commanders hit the bull’s-eye in finding a great deal for some new firearms. Township officials negotiated an agreement in which they can acquire new handguns, holsters, magazine pouches and ammunition without spending a penny of local taxpayer money.

Representatives from Kiesler Police Supply, a firearms company solely providing guns to police departments nationwide, said they’ll provide this equipment at no charge so long as police commanders give them their current arsenal of handguns, shotguns and ammunition.

In terms of value, the trade’s basically a wash. Both sides are swapping about $17,000 worth of weapons.

“This is a good move,” Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said. “It’s a wise move. It’s fiscally responsible”

Klamar spearheaded trade talks for several reasons.

Among them: Some of the force’s current weapons, at least a decade old, often fail to fire.

“We are seeing some problem with our guns,” Klamar said. “There are failures with the triggers, failures with the springs, failures with the ejectors. There’s not one specific failure that we can pinpoint to get back with the vendor to say we are having this continual problem”

Klamar and other officers just want reliable guns to use in case of emergencies.

“I don’t need to stress (the importance of) a functional firearm” Klamar said. “The safety of the community is what’s most important. If there ever were an occasion when an officer would need to pull the trigger, we don’t want to anticipate a failure”

Perkins Township trustee Tim Coleman empathized with Klamar.

“When I’m hunting, I want to make sure my rifle or shotgun goes off,” Coleman said. “I know when it doesn’t, it’s very frustrating”

Klamar also wants to get rid of unused guns scattered throughout the police station.

Today, each officer receives multiple guns, including one to take home while off duty. But at least 50 percent of the officers don’t use their off-duty guns, Klamar said.

“It’s a liability to keep those guns in a safe,” Klamar said.

Once officers obtain these new firearms, they won’t be issued off-duty guns.

All three trustees seemed supportive of Klamar’s proposal and gave him the OK to proceed. It’s unknown when an official deal will occur.



Sweet. A mis-fire could mean a loss of an innocent. Nice work not spending money too!


if it sounds to good to be true it is
and yes even a obama fool would know this
perking are the only ones that they are high and mighty on POWER(they think) they will be getting the TANKS the GOVERNMENT is giving out to local PD'S

Pterocarya frax...

I have no idea what this comment is trying to communicate, but it does appear that Taxpayer is back...with all the CAPS.


I concur. I read abigbear's post twice, and I still have no idea what they weren't trying to say.


Too much alcohol way too early maybe! Step away from the keyboard abigear!


abigbear, pretty sure the power trip is over in Perkins. The new police leadership is doing a great job. He isn't in the paper everyday and keeps a low profile and if you ask me the police officers no longer have the chip on their shoulder like they use to when McClung was in office. So far as a taxpayer in Perkins I supported every choice this chief has made and think he has done a great job,


Worthless article. What is the brand(s) involved in this situation? Has anybody bothered to teach the Perkins force how to clean, lube and inspect their weapons?
Example: some vehicles last 150,000 mi while others crap out around 60,000. Guess which ones were maintained properly.


Worthless questions. Of course they know how to clean and lube their weapons.


NEVER question the actions of police. They ALWAYS get it right.

Simple Enough II

So from what I read in the article they are turning in all of their handguns, shotguns, ammunition & assorted odds n ends for new handguns. Wonder what types of firearms they gave up, how many and how much ammo in exchange for what type of handgun and how many. They might have been able to sell those for more and bought new for less, but we wont know that will we.


I remember back in the days of Chief Dietrich, we had to buy our own service and off duty weapons. While that may seem like the dark ages,1974 sure came and went fast.
Today's Officers are better trained and equipped, and far better paid. Glad to see the department remaining progressive when it comes to the safety of the public and the Officers. Thank you for your service.


Remember when and why we switched to 9mms?


I'm not sure if I read this right. It seems that officers were issued 2 fire arms. One for personal use (at home) and one for while on duty. So is the plan to trade in a 2 for one? That is what it sounds like since the article states that officers will only be issued one new side arm.


It is not for "personal use" per se....some departments have an on duty and an off duty weapon. It looks like Perkins was one of them, but will be going to a single weapon department with this trade.


Babymomma, please tell me that was sarcasm! I know plenty of LEOs who can only qualify if the stars and planets are all aligned. I guessing they would have a hard time field striping their weapon and cleaning it properly. Getting it back together is a whole another task!


Clean and lube their weapon? Really? Really? Would Babymomma ever be sarcastic? Ever? No seriously? Lol


Why doesnt the article state the brand currently carried and what they are getting? Lots of details left out.


By the look of that chic holding that gun she probably can't do much more with it than use it as a paperweight! Control the shotgun dont let it control you!! Someones life may depend on it!!! And get those stupid boots off....scary man!!!

Pterocarya frax...

Umm...that "chic" is a reporter for the SR....doing a story.


I thought Perkins had Sigs as primary and Glocks as back up? That many problems with two of the most reliable (and expensive) weapons on the market? WOW.

Simple Enough II

Wow, SIGs & GLOCKs? You are right very reliable and not cheap!




Why are the guns used by the Perkins Police not better maintained? Many people have guns for DECADES, and they function just fine. Sure, a part needs to be replaced here and there. Sure, maintenance is an important factor. But there's no way the police should be having so much trouble with weapons unless there are other factors involved.

I'd also ask just what they're trading FOR. While I appreciate that it's a trade and won't cost the taxpayers any NEW monies, I want to know if the guns they'll be getting are good and reliable weapons. I ALSO want to know if those NEW guns will be properly maintained so we don't hear this same story 5, 10, or 12 years down the road!


Wonder the same thing. Most PD's have an armorer who is well versed and skilled at maintaining the departments firearms. I have both Glocks and Sigs. NEVER had an issue with either and clean them after each shoot. If officers are neglecting their firearms, they need to be reprimanded accordingly. They need to be regularly cleaned and inspected.


Why hasn't there been a call to go after the conduits for the stolen guns in the McClung case? As I recall US District Judge James Carr was appalled that Baxter wasn't prosecuting those guys on state charges. On the other hand I never understood why the Feds didn't charge them along with McClung.


You people crack me up on here. Perkins chief cuts a great deal that won't cost us a dime as taxpayers to receive new weapons and you ##tch about it. You are the same one's who if had someone breaking in your home and Perkins responded and had to shoot and the gun misfired would be screaming something should a been done with these bad guns. Some of you if giving a golden bar would ##tch there was a scratch on it.


Maybe if they went back to revolvers they wouldn't have problems with shells ejecting and what not. I see they say the price is the same as far as the trade goes, which means the township is sending in $17,000 worth of 10 year old guns and getting back $17,000 worth of new guns. It sounds to me, the police department just got some lower quality guns. Or have I missed something here? How many less guns?

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Police are the biggest street gang in America, I'm not comfortable at all with giving any thugs tools of destruction or feeding into their already inflated egos. Silly costume or no silly costume.

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OK sovereign citizen....I mean Winston Smith. Get out of here with your garbage way of thinking!

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You got a problem with my sovereignty? Too bad if you do, you can't do anything about it kinda like you can't force me to 'Get out of here with my garbage way of thinking'

I'm guessing you're just a coward cop who's salty that your thug-blue-line criminal brotherhood is getting exposed.
deal with that too, just something else that you can't do anything about... Even with new guns.

Molon Labe

Haha I support what I believe in. Sorry I don't believe in domestic terrorism! What's to expose? I think the police do a very good job babysitting large children! This article is talking about the degradation of their tools. Speaking of tools......have a nice day Winston smith. :)