Man accused of force-feeding, injuring grandson with fork

The boy did not want to eat the waffles his grandfather made him, prompting the man to criticize the child and call him names, the report said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 8, 2014


Social workers are investigating a complaint that a Perkins Township man forced a fork into his grandson’s mouth, injuring him.

A 56-year-old Cedar Point Road man was watching the boy at a Boston Road home Tuesday morning when they realized the boy was running late for school, according to a Perkins police report.

The boy did not want to eat the waffles his grandfather made him, prompting the man to criticize the child and call him names, the report said.

He then allegedly grabbed the boy’s waist, threw him onto the kitchen table and began forcing waffles into his mouth with a fork. The man continued shoveling waffles into the boy’s mouth, holding his hand over his mouth while he chewed, the report said.

Officers documented small cuts on the boy’s upper and lower lips, but the grandfather told a different story. He said he told the boy if he wanted to act like a baby and not eat his breakfast, that he would be treated like one, the report said.

The man then picked the boy up, sat him on the table and put the waffle in his mouth using his fingers, the report said. He denied covering the child’s mouth.

Officers will send the case to prosecutors to determine possible charges, and Children’s Services workers were made aware of the complaint.



Doesn't present an image of "leggo my eggo" huh?


SICK. The man has issues, I wonder how long this abuse has been going on.


Why isn't his name printed? I'm guessing had he lived on Hancock St. (instead of Cedar Point Rd.), there would have been a name and (probably) photo. Nice hypocrisy once again, Rag.


I so agree!


This is child abuse and I hope grandpa won't be watching or feeding him again.


Guess no more babysitting gigs for grandpa and I also see an end to any inheritance for the mom who turned her dad into the police. This should have been handled by the family without the involvement of the police.

What's happened to us. Can we solve any problems without the police and lawyers ? Yikes !


If anyone, including my parents, did that to my kid, police would be involved. That's abuse. Plain and simple.


Agreed. ANYONE hurts my child like that the police would be called.


What are the police going to do ? There is no way he will go to jail over this. Maybe probation.

Just tell grandpa that his action were unacceptable and he will not be able to be alone with your children .


Sprinkles, you know your opinion would be different if it were your child. If the kid did not want to eat there probably was a pretty good reason. Forcing a fork into a child's mouth is child abuse and torture if you do it to an adult.

"Eat the cake Annie Mae, eat the cake"


Sorry but I would not have involved the police. That's the difference between us. I believe in personal responsibility and you want someone else to solve your problems .


Would this be your same response if a day care provider had done this to the child? The grandparents might not be getting paid but I would expect someone who loves and cares for my child to treat them better than someone I'm paying to take care of my kid.


It would be wise to let the cops handle it because I would have probably been very angry and irrational. Your idea of solving the problem is to keep the kid away from grandpa, in other words, do NOTHING! You can't let anyone abuse your kid sprinkles.


That's the problem dumbnuts has the opinion if its not their child the kids don't matter.


Things like this do not happen only once. There is probably a history with abusing the parent. Enough is enough


Perhaps it was a teacher or other school official who called the police after the child told them what happened.


I'm curious too as to why his name wasn't printed unless it's a case that the parents didn't want charges pressed and the city coldn't do anything about it until the prosecutors have reviewed everything. It is definitely in my opinion as well though a clear case of child abuse. I wonder how old the child was? Not that it really matters much.


Who is THAT angry, THAT early in the morning? An abuser.

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I remember the Register made a statement that they don't print the names if no charges were filed. So far there are no charges for this guy.


Hate to say it, but why is grandpa watching the child? Was the mother at work? How old is the child? Did I miss something? It seems to me that the mother should have know what kind of man "grandpa" was. After all, he either raised her or the father of the child. Maybe the mother should find another sitter (one that she has to pay).

he said she said

No matter who the person is watching this child, this was plain and simple abuse--force feeding, name calling and criticizing. I would get the police involved because not only is there a record of what happened this time, but who knows what else this man has done to his kids, grandkids, or neighbor kids throughout the years because he was 'angry'.


I would guess that his name was not published to protect the identity of the child.


If for some reason I chose not go to police and my child told someone else what happened, I would be in trouble as well should someone report it to child services. I'm not going to risk losing my child because the abuser is family. As a parent, my child comes first. I love my parents but I love my child more. It's my obligation to keep him safe.

Erie County Resident

This grandpa is also not from Perkins but Sandusky.
Cedar Point Rd is NOT in Perkins.


Perkins is Sandusky.


find this story a little amusing! My opinion is kids need to learn to listen. Grandpa says eat your waffles than u better eat your waffles. Same ppl commenting on here our the same ppl commenting on other articles talking about where is the parents, charge the parents,What a joke!


Nothing like jumping to assumptions. If grandpa was there in the first place, it raises a lot of doubt about any history of abuse. Fact is we don't know grandpa, we don't know the child, we don't know what other family members may be involved, we don't know who made the call, we don't know the history, and we don't really know the situation.

I agree that it does sound like something that probably just should have been handled privately.