Police target snowmobile trespassers

“Safety of the rider and the motoring public are paramount. Respect for (private) property is the obligation of the operator of the recreational vehicle”
Andy Ouriel
Mar 3, 2014


Perkins police plan to plow forward to prevent snowmobiles from illegally trekking across private property.

At a recent public meeting, township resident J Franklin complained about snowmobilers constantly whizzing by his house.

Franklin asked trustees to consider opening up dedicated pathways for snowmobiles so they could travel away from his property.

Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar trumped the request, offering up more aggressive patrols by officers seeking out trespassers on certain vehicles.

“Even though we have not received an abundance of complaints with regards to snowmobiles, off-road motorcycles and ATVs, it is important to address the operation of these vehicles on private property,” Klamar said. “Safety of the rider and the motoring public are paramount. Respect for (private) property is the obligation of the operator of the recreational vehicle”

Anyone found cruising on these listed vehicles in unauthorized areas, such as private property, could receive a trespassing charge, a fourthdegree misdemeanor.

If convicted, fines could reach $250 coupled with a potential 30-day jail stay.

“We want the owners of these vehicles to follow the rules set forth in the Ohio Revised Code, respect private property and operate safely,” Klamar said. “Our goal is not to cite or arrest persons operating these vehicles, and as long as they follow these rules, there should be no reason”



A group of five went through Huron recently and they were never stopped while in the city limits because we don't have any crime over here or they would put it in the paper.

Whiskey Tango F...

Drug sales, drug manufacturing, drug abuse, theft, and all other crimes.... AND SNOWMOBILES GET EXTRA PATROLS??? The ground is frozen and snow covered. Damage is minimal at best. All summer long harleys rumble down the road and make 3x the noise of a snowmobile. Get real people... Snow like this comes once every 10 yrs. Let someone have some fun. Soon it will be hot and you can complain about that.


It's not the noise and Harleys ride on the public streets. Some snowmobilers ride across private lawns and damage them.

Whiskey Tango F...

If the snowmobile is riding between the edge of the road and in the first 10' of these properties, then the rider is legal as long as the machine is registered. It is referred to as the road's right of way. The township owns it for underground utilities and such. It has the same laws as the road. If they are cutting through your back yard... Then I see your point.


A utility easement is not for snowmobile usage. That is still considered trespassing.
The operation of such vehicles is prohibited under the following conditions:

1.On any limited access highway or freeway or the right of way thereof;
2.On any private property without special permission of owner or in any nursery or planting area;

#2 states prohibited on private property, nothing about allowed on the easement or "right of way" you are talking about. the 10 foot you are talking about is for utilities, sidewalks, etc. Not for general public use. That would allow anyone and everyone to just congregate in your front yard. Also states you cannot ride in a planting area, or field with out a farmers permission. You are illegal there too.
#1 speaks of your "right of way" to any highway or freeway guess that kills that idea too.



Hey, in the summer. let the harleys have there fun, there not hurting anyone.

Whiskey Tango F...

"Hey, in the winter. let the snowmobiles have there fun, there not hurting anyone."
Now, only because I still see my seventh grade english teacher from time to time, and I don't want to be assaulted with a ruler...
Hey! In the winter, let the snowmobiles have their fun! They're not hurting anyone!

yea right

i believe someone on here said that they had the right to "trespass".. hmm i guess he was wrong..lol i hope him and his buddies get the first tickets..


Hey Ohio.....how about solving the issue by making some state owned riding trails worth a darn! As far as charging with trespass it was my understanding that the landowner must sign the complaint on a trespassing charge not the police. Maybe different on a snowmobile so correct me if I am wrong.
Don't agree with wasting resources on this. I will agree get a life!!!


Because I don't want my tax dollars wasted on something only a few people can use, people own the property & have a right to keep people from driving/riding on their land.
How hard is this to understand?
Find a legal place to ride!

31 Fountain

We are not hurting anyone,point is people we are just haveing fun, we ride in mich ,canada , no issues but when we ride here someone aways complains ,so Now we are forced to take alternat path and someone gets hurt or killed. ohio should just let us ride when weather is permitted Maybe we should have a benfit ride for a police man or fireman that would be ok then right ,WTF


You have no business and no right to be on someone else's property without their permission. It's that simple.

Stop It

I have a fairly big lawn that is mainly open space. About 3/4 of an acre with trees and shrubs on the borders. Every winter I have tracks all over it and listen to the whining motors. I didn't care then.

Last year it stopped. We only had one snowfall worth anything but someone hit the 4" thick concrete (old) cistern cover. I heard it and looked out the window to see two people laying in the yard and the snowmobile on it's side. By the time I got dressed and got out there, they were gone, with my cistern cover in three pieces. So tell ME how it doesn't hurt anything or anyone? Yeah I called the cops. (for nothing) This year I've only had one just passing through.

Edit to add: I could have a lawsuit filed against me if anyone gets hurt on my property. It doesn't matter if I had sanctioned it or not.