Sleeping children found in parked car

Walmart employees paged the car’s owner, and a man met up with police 16 minutes later by the car.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 25, 2014


A Sandusky County couple was arrested Friday evening after they left two small children sleeping in their unlocked car in a Walmart parking lot, according to a Perkins police report. Kaila Greathouse, 23, 100 block Nelson St., Clyde, and Terry Green, 25, 600 block Sunset Lane, Fremont, were both charged with child endangering.

Green was also charged with marijuana possession, as officers found a joint in the car he was driving. When a good Samaritan spotted Green’s trunk open around 7 p.m., she went to close it and found two girls, 3 and 1, sleeping in the back seat, the report said.

Walmart employees paged the car’s owner, and Green met up with police 16 minutes later by the car.

He said he and Greathouse just ran in to use the bathroom, but later said she was inside getting her eyebrows done at the salon, according to the police report. Officers informed Sandusky County social workers, and the couple was released on their own recognizance.


he said she said

what? did she have a unibrow that needed taken care of immediately? buy this female some tweezers so she can pluck to her heart's delight AT HOME!!

Simple Enough II

What a couple of young moron's old enough to breed but not mature enough to know how to raise a child.


I bet she looks good for her mug shot.


"Just ran in to use the bathroom"? That was his excuse. They couldn't have taken turns? Then the truth comes out and she was getting her eyebrows done??? What was he doing ? OMG...get a babysitter. Or better yet some BIRTHCONTROL!


It is NEVER okay to leave a child unattended in a vehicle, even for a minute.


you are right. however, when i was a kid, my mom left me and my brothers in the car if it wasn't too hot or cold. of course, she took the keys. i guess she knew that nobody would be foolish enough to want to have to deal with us hooligan kids..

Peninsula Pundit

Same here,mikey.
Some folks feel their irrational fears should be cause for everyone to fear. I don't think the cases of child abductions is any higher now than it was then, it is just reported much more widely these days.


Yes my mother would send my brother and I to the car when we were acting up also. We were not 3 and 1. BIG difference. Many a day we spent in the car while she was in the grocery store. LOL.


Same here mikeylikesit. I got my A$$ whooped for screwing up too, but do that and you go to jail also. I think people need to stay out of peoples business.

Peninsula Pundit

1 thumbs up!


going to the bathroom? most of the junkies go there buy their needles and go to the bathroom to do their dopejust wonder if that is why it took the one so long or they did the dope and had to go the eyes done once they looked at themselfs


If Im Just running in the store, I set the alarm, use automatic start to keep the climate consistent. Nobody can take car, alarm goes off if you touch the vehicle, and the kids stay cool/warm. It's not the end of the world. These people I can only assume did not do that. Druggies!

Peninsula Pundit

One doobie does not a druggie make.


There are so many other things that could go wrong. The vehicle could catch fire, the heating/cooling system can fail, or a child could put it in gear.


with remote start soon as you hit brake car shuts off, and to put car on gear you have to hit brake so kids can't put car in gear


You can't reason with old people, they don't understand technology. It's a lost cause.


So miss momma you are OK with them leaving the kids in the car? It doesn't matter you don't leave young kids in a car alone. Your kids are really in more danger than I thought.


Cocoa butter

LookingDown the same thing but mine are far from that age and I do whip their butt older one told me it was against the law since! Handed him the phone and said call the police the think you got it bad wait till foster care! BTW. He is just a smart mouth honor roll student. . Could be worse!


NEVER leave your child alone in the car! PERIOD!


You are literally scared of everything aren't you. A world class PU$$Y. If I stop at a gas station for a gallon of milk, I'm not dragging 3 kids in the store for 1 minute. I would never leave them to where they were out of my sight. If someone did try to get in, my alarm would alarm me, and I will come out and beat peoples heads in, not a big deal.