Hotel guest robbed at gunpoint in Perkins Twp.

A man was robbed at gunpoint in his Milan Road hotel room early Sunday morning, according to Perkins police.
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 25, 2014


Russell Setchel, 44, called police from Econolodge just after 3 a.m. Sunday to report the robbery. He said he was in his rented room when an acquaintance showed up with a man Setchel didn’t know and brandished a weapon, a police report stated.

The pair made off with $1,500 of Setchel’s cash. When officers arrived, Setchel told them one of the men pistol-whipped the back of his head, but the only injuries they observed were multiple lacerations on his nose and eyebrow, the report said.

“The injuries would be indicative of a struggle, a fistfight perhaps,” Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

Officers called an ambulance to the hotel to treat Setchel for his injuries.

“This is not a random incident. It was not like a stranger forced his way in. It’s believed that (the suspects) are known to the victim,” Klamar said.

Setchel knew his acquaintance was on the way, Klamar said, but ran into problems when two men showed up at his room.

“He’s familiar with the subject, however, that subject didn’t come alone and that’s where this starts to unfold” Klamar said.

There could be other suspects involved as well, according to Klamar.

“There are multiple people possibly involved, more so than just the people (at the hotel),” Klamar said.

Seven Perkins officers rushed to the scene after Setchel reported the assault and theft, scouring the area for suspects. But the pair had already departed in a red minivan, heading north on Milan Road, the report said.

Officers didn’t locate the vehicle, and as of Monday no arrests had been made.

That’s not to say investigators have no information. They’ve set up interviews with possible suspects at a later date, Klamar said.



Smells like a drug deal gone bad.


Hotel room -Check
3:00 AM - Check
"Acquaintance" - check
$1,500 cash - Check
Unknown person with "acquaintance" with weapon - check

Yep, It's a drug deal.


Yep, hit the nail right on the head .. IF this is the same Setchel , we used to know his family when he was a kid. He was a martial arts teacher.

From the Grave

Maybe next time they will all shoot each other dead.


That's a lot of cash to be carrying on your person.

Little Giant

With $1,500 he could have stayed at the Hampton Inn or even Howard Johnson's since they do leave the light on.


I think that's Motel 6.


The nicer place you stay, the less money you have to buy drugs with :)


Drugs or not, this is why I have a ccw and carry at all times.