Beware of parking lot scam

Law enforcement looking for women involved in possible scam
Feb 21, 2014


Perkins Township police released the following...

On Wednesday February 19th a senior citizen was approached in the Kroger parking lot by a white female. The white female told the senior she found a wallet near the seniors’ car containing a significant amount of cash. The white female asked the senior if the wallet belonged to her. The senior citizen told her no. The white female and the senior were then greeted by a black female that was nicely dressed. The black female asked to sit in the seniors’ car while they wait for the white female to check with her boss, who is an attorney, to see what she should do with the money. 

The white female returned a short time later and told the senior her boss said it was finders keepers and all they had to do was pay the taxes on the found cash. Both females tried to talk the senior into paying tax on the found cash. 

The senior told both females she did not want the money and told them to get out of her car, she wanted to leave. According to the senior, the females left the car heading toward the entrance of Kroger. There is no other physical or vehicle description at this time. This was reported to our department yesterday afternoon.

This is a scam.

Please advise your neighbors and seniors this is happening locally. No-one should ever give someone that approaches them their personal information or account numbers. We also suggest do not allow them in your vehicle as you may have information in your car, such as vehicle registration information, that these people will want to get.

If anyone has contact with a similar situation or people please contact your local law enforcement agency. We will be looking into surveillance footage and if we obtain images we will post them as soon as we are able. 



Please do not let anyone that you don't know get into your car. Not only could they take your information as pointed out, but they could steal your car or worse - make you drive them away and harm you.


Scary, because it would have been real easy for those two women to overpower the elderly woman ( OR even a younger person) and take their car or force them to drive it somewhere.


pay taxes on found cash! yeah, right. if I find cash, I'm not sharing it with strangers and not paying taxes on it. plain and simple. scammers think old people will fall for anything.

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Because they do


Wonder if these two "younger" idiots realize that seniors are a bit smarter than they are. The younger generations are complete FOOLS. Who the hell would fall for the "you need to pay taxes on money found"?

The Bizness

We millenials are far smarter than you may realize. We are the ones that are going to have to fix the messed up world the fools from older generations created.


"We are the ones that are going to have to fix the messed up world the fools from older generations created."

Words spoken by EVERY young generation since the beginning of time. Ten years from now, you'll be older and wiser. That's when you'll realize you're just like the generation before you; nothing has changed and it never will. You will be too busy raising a family and making a living. You won't have the time nor the energy to change a thing.

Stop It

+1, agreed, Lissa.

Really are you ...

Change can happen, change will happen. Are you ready for change? Probably not, because change moves people out of their comfort zone. Fear of trying something new. A "that is not how it used to be," syndrome that will keep us from broadening our horizons.

Stop It

"Change" is what Obama said. What did we change from and to? I can't tell the difference from the last a$$ clown we had.


And my children's children will inherit the world "you millennial fools" tried to "fix"....

Just saying each generation thinks they have "the answer".....


What a shame that you can't be friendly anymore to anyone. People can't go to their doors or answer thire phones any more for fear of scammers and theft. What a world we live in and it is getting worse.

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The Hero Zone

With spring (and summer) around the corner there will be a lot of white-van sales for speakers and other assorted items, too. They hit the Sam's Club/The Crossings parking lot frequently. Usually the license plate(s) are taped up and are a legal solicitor but it is shady as all get out and the potential for illegal vendors/items high.


They probably had it planned out for Wednesday Kroger's is loaded with senior citizens for that is their 5% off the total grocery bill. Sure they thought this was scam artist's holiday at Kroger.

You know hind sight is 20-20 but too bad the woman did not have a cell and when confronted with these other two women and the money found she could have taken out her cell and called to police to report the money found. I am sure these two gals would have taken off running.

I heard recently that there has been another scam going around. Its evening and dark and somebody tapes a piece of paper on your back window. You come and get in the car and get ready to leave and as you drive away you notice in the rear view mirror the note. Puzzled you pull over in the parking lot and quickly exit the car probably leaving the driver's door open with key in ignition and engine running and walk to the back of your car t check out the paper on the window. A person then comes running over and hops in your car and drives away and if a woman their purse in the car. Then several blocks later the car is left keys and all and the money in the purse is gone.

So be be aware of this scam as it happening in this area too. Many times a lot of these things go unreported for the senior citizen feels embarrassed and stupid for being taken and does not want to report it to police.


If I heard it on the internet it must be true. It never ceases to amaze me that seemingly intelligent people fall for and spread these hoaxes. Please check before further passing along urban legends. The note on the windshield story is a hoax.

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Snopes says it, so it must be true. Is that a dot com after snopes? Damn, it must be on the internet.

Edit: I trust snopes like I trust wikipedia. You can get a good start and by using their references,one can get even more. Calling snopes a god of the internet is just as unfounded as your condescending attitude towards those who don't. In this case it would be good practice NOT to get out of the car while it's running. Think on it a bit.


Next time say "yes it is mine, thanks for finding it for me" and that would be the end of it....


Good idea. I think the reason they target older people is because they are more honest than a lot of younger people. Most worked hard for their money and therefore they know what it would be like if they lost any.


Reads like a poorly executed variation of the old "Money Drop / Found Wallet" scam.

These two would be con artists need to practice more.

Many scams like this prey on the victim's sense of greed.