Newest Perkins Township firefighter sworn in

His father, and Vermilion Township fire chief, has the honor of pinning his son.
Jan 29, 2014


Firefighter/Paramedic Angelo "Matt" Triana was hired as the newest full-time firefighter for the Perkins Township Fire Department on Tuesday night.

Matt started with the department part-time in 2008. Matt is also on the Vermilion Township Fire Department, Huron Fire Department, and North Central EMS. 

Matt's father Frank Triana, who is the Chief of Vermilion Township, had the honor of pinning Matts badge on him in front of his family, fiancé, children, and fire department family.

Matt will start with shift one in February.

Content provided by the Perkins Township Fire Department





Congratulations, may you have a long and safe career.


How is it that all these family members always end up in these jobs?? Working for Vermilion Twp. Huron and Perkins??? Three govt's and three jobs. I know good kids who can't even get a sniff who are great candidates but never hear a word.
Oh wait...his dad is a fire chief... that's how. He may be good...I don't know but shouldn't there be a level playing field??


The people you know, have they been on at Perkins for six years part time? Just wondering.


Got to agree with "gennycreamale" with this, as I have witnessed this. Most fire departments are "good ole boys" clubs. Meaning, most times you dont get on without knowing someone or being really good friends with someone on the FD. Is it coincidental that his dad is a Vermilion Township Fire Chief and his son is on 3 FD's, including the department for which his dad is Chief? I am sure Matt worked hard to get on these departments, but you cant not tell me that they didnt know anyone.

I have seen most of my friends get passed over by volunteer FD's, despite being well-certified all because they knew nobody. One friend simply gave up because one chief told him living a mile too far was no good and that in his (Chief's) opinion he wasnt certified enough. Another Chief told this same friend that "you would be nuts to be a volunteer somewhere and fully-paid somewhere else." Yet, here we have it and there are more places that do this.


Matt did this all on his own. The other jobs were either volunteer or part-time. His dedication and commitment to serving is well known and Perkins is fortunate to have him. I would suggest other candidates follow his lead and earn the position by demonstrating character, patience, and professionalism. The fire service is extremely competitive. Welcome to the brotherhood Matt!

Mama T.

Congrats Matt! You deserve your new position. Hard work and dedication pays off. God bless you on your new journey.


gennycreamale. Read the article. He started this in 2008. So for 6 years this kid worked part time or volunteered his time on these dept. This adds up to not much of a paycheck and most likely struggling for the last 6 years to work his way in a spot. I know his dad Frank personally. I know for a fact Frank would not push for his kid to have this job in this industry until he was ready. The problem with a person like you genny is you think just because a good kid who is young scores high on some written test he should go right in that spot. NEVERMIND the training and internship and work one has done FOR 6 YEARS to earn the spot. And as far as you making a remark about his father, you should know a man before you speak of him. Frank has giving countless hrs to communities for free. Vermilion twp is the only fire dept he has served on. He served years at Berlin twp fire to. Congrats Matt. Your hard work and devotion to the industry had paid off. You chased a dream and now it is coming true for you. Good job. You will serve Perkins twp well. And congrats to Frank. You raised your son well and taught him to do the right things and taught him how to work for your goals.


This is a great example of a young man knowing what he wants and putting in the effort of working his way up and learning the skills necessary to become a full time firefighter.

Personal responsibility, personal effort, personal reward.

You have my admiration.

tired of stupidy

Matt has been working for this job all his life! He started sweeping floors at the old berlin fire hall as soon as he could hold on to the broom handle. Frank and Mavis always told their kids there is no free lunches in this house ,if you want it YOU earn it. Good job Mom and Dad! Congratulation Matt,You earned it. I am proud of You. WORK SAFE!


Matt's a hell of firefighter and medic. Anyone questioning his merits or how he earned a full time spot hasn't stepped foot in a fire station, nor have they ever work for something longer than a day. Good work Matt!!!


I have known both Matt and his dad Frank for close to a decade and consider them both good friends. Matt achieved the position of a ranked officer in the Vermilion Township VOLUNTEER (which for those thy love to scrutinize and think know it all, means NOT PAID) Fire Department by way of merit, hard work and dedication. I know people are safer at a scene when either one of the "Trianna boys" are there. This is not about nepotism, but about earning it and deserving it. Congratulations Matt. May the fire fear you, your senses be acute and your tank always be full. I'm proud of you!!! ANGELOOOOOOO!!!!


Congrats Matt!! But I'm hoping you will be able to keep your job now that the little weasel Jim Lang is in the commission. Talk about one of the elite members of the good ole boys club...whatta joke....but I'm sure Matt will do great!


Ok first, I made no comment about his father. I made a fact he was a fire chief. That's all. No shot at him or anything. Does the fact that he held appointed positions prior to this full time "competitive" exam position. That's how you get your foot in the door. To be level, all the positions should have been competitive, not appointed. Therefore, this position may not have been appointed but 1) was there credit on the exam for current Perkins Employees?? 2) The test was held in December and several holidays in between and the guy is put in a civil service position in less than 30 days??? When has gov't become that efficient?? That is including having the test certified, ranked and candidates notified.
3) What is the process to move from P/T to F/T.
ECFFA, hmmm, wonder what those initials stand for?? Just sayin'. He may very well be a good employee but that is how it goes. Have someone you know get you in a low paying/ranking unclassified position, get your experience there and work your way into and little bit higher position and buy your time til a higher one opens up so you can slide right in! Just saying, if he was some average Joe, he may have never been able to get in the fire service in the first place. You think any FD lets kids come in and sweep up the station just for fun??? Cmon Now!!



However, maybe they skipped some time consuming formalities since he was already on with the department.

One thing to add, I dont think you should be able to run with departments that have mutual aid agreements with each other (Perkins has with Huron) and that border each other. I know one volunteer FD that banned this because because if you got hurt they wonder which department would cover you. My response was "what ever the department name says on the back of the turnout coat" but that didnt fly.

One other thing, VTFD's website lists him as "Triana, Matt, Lt. 805, FF/EMT." The Sandusky Register pics make him look like he is 23 and if thats true, how is he a Lieutenant already? Hopefully he is older then that to be a Lieutenant. I knew a kid in high school whose dad was an FD Captain and his grandfather a former Chief. Within 3 years of him being of age and being a certified firefighter, he was a Lieutenant. Granted, he grew up there and got his buddies jobs there but still.