Parent info night to address school funding, state testing

The presentation is 6:30 p.m. in the Meadowlawn Intermediate School auditorium. It will include giveaway drawings for those who attend, with a grand prize of an iPod, valued at about $230.
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 12, 2014


Managing a school district is a costly, complex business.

Perkins Schools administrators hope to boil it down to the basics at a parent information night Tuesday.

Their goal: provide parents with a crash course on the connections between school funding and student performance.

The presentation is 6:30 p.m. in the Meadowlawn Intermediate School auditorium. It will include giveaway drawings for those who attend, with a grand prize of an iPod, valued at about $230.

Want to go?
•WHAT: Perkins Schools parent information night 
•WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday 
•WHERE: Meadowlawn Intermediate School, 1313 E. Strub Road, Sandusky

Although the event is geared toward district families, anyone can attend. Topics to be addressed include:

•School funding, both state and local.
•State testing requirements.
•How both intersect to impact student achievement.

District administrators Chris Gasteier, Halley Leffler and Paul Daugherty will lead discussions for about a halfhour and answer questions.

Their overarching theme: Is your child ready for the future?

“We want to show parents that the things we’re doing and dealing with in schools aren’t some abstract concept,” Daugherty said. “They all connect, and they all have a direct effect on their children”

To accommodate families with young children, the district’s parent-teacher organization will provide free on-site child care during the event, including games and refreshments.

After Tuesday’s gathering, the district hopes to host additional “upbeat and informative” public meetings, Daugherty said.

For more information about the parent information night, call 419-625-0484.




It is so sad to have to bribe parents to get involved in THEIR child's education. Yet we sit here and ask ourselves what's wrong with society???


I agree. It is sad.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I completely understand your sentiment. It's something that seems to cause some grimacing, however, I'd rather parents show up to events like this than not so that they can get the information, meet each other, and perhaps network a bit as a community. Incentives like this I can see overshadow the purpose, it is ultimately for the best.

The responsible parents already know or will come to the meeting anyway. But if the iPod is a deal breaker in favor of a parent who wouldn't otherwise come to learn...I think it's a bargain for the information that could be gained and save much more in future costs to society morally and economically from ignorance.

In my opinion, of course, with the additional note of us probably talking about hypothetical, very small amount (if any) of parents who attend the meeting.


Wrong. In the real world everything is incentive based. Even going to church has the incentive of saving your soul perhaps. Politicians know that swag buys votes and that money does the buying. Offering some swag is a way to boost numbers without having to spend too much on advertising. Goodies probably donated.
Seems shallow?
Have you looked at the world we live in lately?
We worship athletes and villify community organizers.
'nuff said!
The negative commenters here really need to get a life because anything and everything needs to be done to improve education including getting parents more involved, and robbing the pentagon budget for school use immediate!
BY the way, turn off faux news for just a few hours once in a while.


What the he** are you yapping about? Fox News? Honestly, you liberals ate insane.


"Wrong. In the real world everything is incentive based."

The incentive is your child's future. Any parent who doesn't grasp that is just polluting the gene pool.

Stop It

The ones that went for the free iPod could care less about the rest of the meeting. If you don't believe me, have the drawing first and see how many leave after it's done.


That was my thought. Do you really think those that show up because there is a free give away are really paying attention? Are they taking notes? Listening or scrolling thru facebook on their smartphone.

Perkins Resident

Vote no on this levy and any and all government levies.

Dr. Information

If it takes bribery to get people to show up, they won't listen. They will just play on their phones until the drawing. So very sad.

The Big Dog's back

Why would anyone be against more parent involvement either being for or against?


Because it's not involvement if they just show up for the prizes and ignore the content.


How about it just adds an element of excitement, it is just fun. As a society we give door prizes out at many events such as baby showers and family reunions, do you think that is the reason people show up to those events? People only seeking the prize don't show up, people who show up don't need the prize but it is fun to win, even if we don't need or like what we win. Just ask me, I am dusting off a musical instrument I can't play.


Sure, that's great, if you want a generation raised by shallow, immature, focus-challenged overgrown children. Maybe you should also serve punch spiked with Ritalin. This meeting was about what they could do to insure their childrens' futures. It's not a party. If the parents are a bunch of magpies who can't constructively engage without sparkly gee whiz trinkets, what hope is there for educating the kids?

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I think the real point of this meeting is to garner support for the Perkins Schools tax levy on the May 6th ballot. It's sad that a school district that contends that they need money for operating and teacher salaries are resorting to giving away prizes. Even if the prizes are donated, what lesson does this teach our children?


You hit the nail on the head. After all, how can we expect the kids to display more maturity than their parents?